Horse Sense....




There is this split second of a second moment, when I'm physically watching the horses race, where magick happens.

It is about the 700 metre mark when they're just about to race for home.

I've found myself standing there, and then at that exact split moment, I find myself yelling at the top of my lungs, Run!  Run!  Run!  Go, baby, go!!

And I watch whatever horse is hearing me, boot it for home.

Nose forward, ears back and booting it.

Ha!  I nevver get tired of it.


I knew as soon as I spilt the jug full of fresh urine that I had perched on the bath (to check my Ph level), and it literally fell over, off, and somehow managed to power chuck everywhere, that my day was going to be challenging.


Az is getting better by the day.


Now I just have to track down our farrier who has gone AWOL on us.  

I really, really do not want to have to find another farrier.  

And there is nothing which I have done, said or even thought, that could possibly be the reason for his AWOL-ness.


And bloody hell, Marmite is on the missing list.

I thought maybe she had karked it, but no, I saw her yesterday and then she disappeared from sight again.

I think that bloody rooster has little mini-roosters and little chickie babes cooking.

But I can't find Marmite for love nor money, to see whether she's sitting or not.  But this is what happened last time. 

One disappears, then does the 5 minute feed run, then disappears again.



Spoke to someone else who uses the same farrier.

Same issue.

Gone completely AWOL.


So your bloody Government is trying to pass the Therapeutic Products Bill.  

Closing date for sumissions is 11.59, Wednesday, 15th February, 2023.

What is this Bill you may ask?

It is 300 Traditional herbs to be restricted.

Including: Kawa Kawa, Comfrey, Neem, Aloe Vera, Cinnamon, Jasmine, Tamarind, Almond, Hibiscus PLUS another 291 herbs.

Here's the link:

Therapeutic Products Bill - New Zealand Parliament (

Do you really believe that your Government wants you well?


Catch up on the No-poo.

It has been a real eye-opened.

If I had known what kind of chaos it was going to cause, I most probably wouldn't have started it.

However, now I have, I'm running with it.

First I was too oily, then too dry, then over-compensated, got itchy and I mean ITCHY everywhere.  On my head, on my skin, it literally drove me nuts.

My skin was so sensitive at the end, even a drop of water hurt.

I now believe as I got rid of some toxins and started re-balancing my body, everything went into chaos.

I got offered antihistimines, but think about it, they stop me worrying about the itching, but do not stop the original cause of itching.

Well, what bloody use is that?

I can't fix what I don't know.

I stopped using the shampoo bar, conditioning bar, and liquid soap.

I bathed in a hot bath with epsom salts and Tea tree oil (one of the banned substances if your Government has anything to do with it) first thing in the morning and at night before I went to bed, dunking my hair in the water three or four times, and it was absolute bliss.

It stopped the itching.

Then my feet swelled.

Completely stopped the strawberries and that made a huge difference to the itching.  I think that last lot was sprayed.  

Changed my food - added pineapple and more blueberries, blackberries, plums, watermelon, grapes and avocadoes.  Lots more kimchi, little bit of chicken, little bit of salmon (but will be adding more).  Also, hemp hearts (sometimes, not every day), pumpkin seeds and 3 almonds. 

Tweaked my morning chocolate smoothie.

Added Wall Pilates.

And Googled all the bloody time to see what new thing was happening, and what could possibly be causing it.

It was the toxins coming out of my body.


I have re-started my natural liquid soap but will see how it goes, and am not due to wash my hair for another day or so, so will see how things go then.

However, my hair is feeling amazing, 

I'm feeling good.

My body is changing - it's becoming more in-tune and somehow falling into it's right shape.

It's starting to feel amazing.

This has been a huge journey, but I'm so pleased that Spirit said that I could be, and do, better, and shoved me in a new direction.

Fingers crossed, and holding my breath in a certain direction, that the toxins are almost out.

Blackberries made me itch. 

It is becoming obvious that some of this itching is related to sprayed fruit.

Especially strawberries and Blackberries, that have humpy skin where the spray can get stuck.

The things you didn't realize you didn't know.


Finally tracked down my farrier by calling from another number.

He didn't recognize it so picked up.

Then pretended he didn't know me, spluttered a few times, hung up, then turned his phone off.

Well, that answers that question.



On a positive note they are damn cute, and I've found out what the fluffy tail feathers are for...

So you can tuck your chickie babes under and keep them safe and warm, away from predators.



Boo-ba-licious now has his own Chiroprator/massage therapist. 

We understand how unbelievably lucky we are that he can race at 2, and we are trying to do everything in our power to respect him, and look after him emotionally, physically, Spiritually and mentally in the best possible way.


I'm going to kill every fucking pukeho on this property.

They have swooped down, scooped up, then killed, 5 of our baby chickies.


The Energy is so freaking loud and hard and wired at the moment it's insane.

I must have 20 plus things at any one time demanding my attention, so today, as all good Psychics do, I stopped.

Literally, 100%, stopped.

In this kind of Energy, I'll make mistakes and as much as there's stuff I want to do, none of it is really important.

I'm not going to buy someone elses yearling. 

I'm not going to buy cutie stud stallion semen sight unseen.

I don't need to be seen.

I  don't need to "look" busy and as if I know what I'm doing re babies.

I don't need to be available for everyone 24/7.

I do not need to be abused because you fucked up.

I do not "have" to work for you because you pay me.  I work for Spirit, if that includes you, excellent.

And I also do not need to be told to, "Hurry up" because you have other things to do.

So I went back to my Book of Life which reminds me the three most important things in my life:

1) My son - so we had a video chat.

2) My horses - I shut the door on every single horse thing unless it directly involved my horses and

3) Spirit - I love working with them.

My life exponentially improved within minutes.


Rest in Divine peace, HJ.  

Your Daddy's Teddy bear has a very special job now keeping you safe and warm.

Love us xx

4 and a half months, passed in the womb due to genetic dysfunction.

No known family genetic dysfunction in either family.

Stillborn twins.

Passed in the womb due to genetic dysfunction.

No known family genetic dysfunction in either family.

14 year old (now ex) surfer.

Sudden and life threatening Anaphylaxis shock to all and any, cold water.

No known family Anaphylaxis shock to anything pre this.

69 year old man mowed the lawns, sat in the chair to have a cold drink, died instantly of a heart attack.

No previous heart issues.

62 year old man, died instantly of a heart attack, in the car, on the way to the shops with his wife.  His wife was driving.

No previous heart issues.

61 year old man, died at work instantly of a heart attack.

No previous heart issues.

Kissy hugs

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