Horse Sense....




And I got  my horses (all 7) wormed within 15 minutes.

I tell you what, that was no mean feat.

Last time I wormed it took 2 bloody days!!

To be fair, I fucked it up then.  I did Belle first and when Mumma and Cappy found out they were all, Hell no! Talk to the hoof... and refused to come near me.

I eventually got them, but it was unpleasant for all concerned.

So, good on us today!  Huge achievement.


Racing night tonight!

It had been truly crap weather but come 3pm, I  literally turned everything off and went horsing.

Best.  Decision.  Ever.

Love.  Love.  Love.


Y'all know what I love the most about Belle?

Her Horse/human door is so open.

I mean, all my horses speak.  Every single one, and you know that Az came to live with us because he was the very first horse who I was able to communicate freely with.  

From the moment he saw me.

For both of us it was love at first sight.

But Belle....

I created her.

From before conception, through the womb, talking and Touching and Miri-Miri-ing, and to her actual birth.  Then every single day after.

So Belle is phenomenal in her door.

She understands words, phrases, can actually hold a conversation and can also, wait for sign language.


Love.  Love.  Love.

Boo-ba-licious door is also super open.

However, where Belle is willing, Boo-ba-licious can be a bit, No, I don't think so...

Which is kind of funny.  Not, when you are trying to do something, obviously, but it is interesting that the boys training have also spoken of that he understands what he is supposed to do.

And when.

I can't wait until my next foal.

Mumma's getting a bit womb excited too.


OMFG, now I know where the ducklings are disappearing to!

So there I was outside this morning, and the next minute I saw what I thought was 2 ducks fighting.

This is not uncommon, ducks are not peaceful creatures.

Normally I just yell at them to cut it out, and everything is fine.

But these two were going hell for leather, then, OMFG I realized that one was a pukeho and he had a duckling in his mouth!!!

The little bastard had grabbed the little one and Mumma was fighting to get him back.  

She lost.

And the pukeho ran at full tit with the little one and I lost him too, I couldn't find him.

That was a very unplesant experience.

Best that I don't have a gun, because I would have shot the bastard.

And if I hadn't got him before he killed and ate the baby, I would have then hunted down and killed every pukeho on the property.

Really best I don't have a gun me thinks.


So we've been talking about Az quite a bit recently, so I'm thinking about how I can show you how intelligent Az is.

How open his door is.

I don't know how, as I'm writing this, but I spoke with Az earlier and we're going to have a think about this and come back to you.


Two super interesting things have raised their head here:

1) Cadaver dogs

Ok, now before you think I've completely lost the plot, hear me out.

You've heard me talk about how intelligent horses are and I have been working on, and playing with, the psycology of a horse in racing.  

Particularly in the dressing of them.

The process of getting them race ready on the day.  Literally, dressing them.

And why this has consistently bugged me, is that when Chew and Ralphy-poo used to work with their little ones, and you know what Chew is like with open gates, he's Houndini on speed, well, with these kids, I had a completely different horse as soon as I put on their named bandana around their neck.

Open gate? 

Tania, please (with a speak to the hoof!) I'm working...

In fact, we have worked on open fields, with a busy main road on one side and grass as far as you could see on the other, and Chew and Ralphy-poo still never moved an inch away from their kids.

Cadaver dogs are exactly the same.

As soon as they're dressed, they know they're working.

And I'm pretty sure that race horses work the same.

Well, I've watched the horses which are dressed, work harder, stronger, clearer and be more put together.

Not because they are better bred horses, or have better trainers, purely because they are dressed and psychologically it changes their head space.

They think like a winner.

And if you put your human limitations to one side, we as humans, do this, why wouldn't horses?

2) Mumma feed regulation.

Since I started with the horses everyone has banged on at me that horses eat only a little food and to stop feeding them like I do.

Apart from our Trainer, who is super supportive of my feed regime.

Anyway, my big thing has been, But horses aren't greedy and if you feed pure food, they will self-regulate, which everyone poo-poos.

To be fair, Boo-ba-licious hoovers down food.  If there is food to be had, he's having it.  But he's not fat in any way that you would judge these things.

In fact, he's doing a growth spurt on me at the moment, so I'll up his food so he can grow as he needs with as many vitamins and minerals as his body desires, to help his journey.

But anyway, apart from that, since I do not use Soy, it's being proved to me, and especially since I changed their food and how I was feeding over the last few weeks, that horses self-regulate.

All three of my horses here, Cappy, Mumma and Belle, once they have got what they need, walk away.

And none of my  horses are fat.

Cappy, to be fair, can get a bit juicy, but Mumma, nope, and definitely not Belle.

The purer the food, the more the horses can self-regulate. working at their full potential.

It's super interesting.


OMFG if I didn't know that it was only a ripped muscle I would think I had cracked a rib.

Fuck me, it's sore.

Anyhou, I only heard a rip, not a crack, so you know, more balm, more hot stones...

All jokes aside though, all that's happenned is Spirit have made me slow down, which is not a bad thing.

Turn down the volume of the world and listen to the rhythms and vibrations of that which you cannot see, hear or Touch....and that's kind of cool.


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So, that's our week:

Just doing our thing here, letting human limitations go, thinking outside the square, looking for things that don't fit, and praying, that's praying that the Sun stays and stays and stays.

Kissy hugs

Caps, me (T - she/her), Spirit, Az, Ralph, Chew, Suz, and of course, my beautiful Mumma Bear, Belle and Boo-ba-licious, Pat, Chuck, Rose, Pepper, Shelley, Marmite, Geraldine, Milli, Bessie, Raz, Sugar, Butter, Cookie and Cinammon, and the cows, Mickey, Mikey and Moose.

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