Horse Sense....




The Energy is so weird here, it's a little mind blowing.

First off, not only did I not get to Cambridge, I actually cancelled at 11am the day before, knowing that I just couldn't get there.


Then we've had photo's falling off walls and smashing, mice (in the wrong place, at the wrong time - or right place, right time, depending on which way you look at it), 9 lightbulbs blowing in the space of 24 hours and 1 flat tyre happening, 3 km's from home after I had done horse feed buying, appointments, shopping, two different stops to pick up 2 different things, and then, Hello!

Not to mention finding out people (That's multiple, not just one) have been Googling my home to see when I moved in, who with, and whether I have money.

That last one was just too weird for words.

For a start, Who the fuck does shite like that? and secondly, Who the fuck admits to doing it?

I just don't get people.  

And to be fair, I don't want to.  I don't want to know, associate, date or sleep, with peeps like this. 

Keep that ugly to your own damn self.

The funny thing is, when you've been in my business as long as I have, you realize that money means absolutely nothing...apart from being able to pay bills.

There's so much more that you need, and absolutely should, judge a person on.

But anyway, intersperse that with people charging (an extra) $230 for courier fees for a $175 product, then not actually refusing to refund money, rather just, I'll get round to it... other (completely different and unrelated) peeps stating that, I didn't make the mistake, so...  

Correct, you didn't, but you do own the business, so you know...

And the list goes on.

But there have also been businesses that have really stepped up, like the one that I went to at 5.20 and they were full on buzzing. I asked what time they shut.  5pm.  You would never have known, it was crazy busy and not one person was standing with the hump, they were all as friendly and happy, as if it was 9am.

The businesses that drop stuff off after work on their way to somewhere else.

The businesses that squeeze you in, like my hairdresser, who I love (and she loves me back), and all the other businesses that I frequent who go the extra mile.

But people are odd at the moment, their intentions are not clear or pure.

I know, right?  Pure is such an old fashioned word.  But it is exactly what I mean.

Honey words which are spoken, because of what you can give someone.  

But this Energy is just so bizarre, on every level that you judge these things on.

But anyway, let's just say with this much Spirit Energy, I am spending as much time as I can at home with the horses, Spirit, in the garden, and just keeping an extremely low profile doing my work.

When the Energy is this loud, Stand the fuck still.


Queen Elizabeth just died.

If we are talking about women who are powerful and empowered and made a huge difference to the world with their being, while juggling work and family, she's top of my list.

Love.  Love.  Love.


Ooooooohhhhh wait...had a craving for Raspberry and White Chocolate muffins.  

Had to re-assess, still can't find the bloody muffin tins.

On a similar but different note, when do you think muffins go into cupcakes?


The Raspberry and White Chocolate cake was a fail.

Not in taste, no, no, that was delicious.

But in relation to how my body reacted.

Which was both disappointing, and not.

Disappointing in the fact that I hate making something delicious and for one reason or another, it not work.  But not, because I want my body to tell me when something is not working.

However, eating the cake came directly after eating a plant based product.  

And that really, really didn't work.

I am consistently surprised about products which toot themselves to be healthy, but really are not great for your body.

So I've started two books.  One of products that I know are amazing, and the other one which does the opposite.

Because over the last month I've found things which are literal powerhouses of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.  Which encourage the body to work at maximum capacity.

But I've also seen products which my body reacts to.  Sometimes very badly. 

That tells me that there is a new chemical in town that I haven't seen before, that is being sprayed on our food, or our food washed with, and that's causing mucho trouble.

This will show up as a new rash, itchiness, shortness/tightness of breath and/or pollen allergy like symptoms with swollen glands, stuffy nose etc.

Be super aware of anything out of the ordinary.

But I've found a funny thing happens when your body reacts to an off food or chemincal in food, or when it has been sprayed with a toxicity, it goes into panic mode and literally floods your body with cortisol.

Cortisol means that, no matter what you eat you will put on weight.  

Because the body is in crisis.

I've known this for years - the link between cortisol-crisis-weight gain and this is sort of connected to Adrenal Fatigue.  Similar, but different.

Or more to the point, it's a super more fine tuned version of it.

So it's really interesting here at the moment, well, interesting to me. 


Mumma bloody munted her jacket.

Then she didn't want her jacket off, but it was a little scary on.

Had a little tussle about how she couldn't drag jacket around with her, and she very ungraciously let me take it off.

It had actually got itself stuck on the clips under her nose as well, so it wouldn't have just fallen off.

Fuck knows how.

Anyhou, jacket off and let us just pray that it's warm, as she might go a bit muppety otherwise.

However, she is looking mighty fine.

As per usual.


My fermenting worked!!

And my most delicious salad/fermenting bowl, consisting of: 

Raw red and green shredded cabbage, fermented red cabbage, raw shredded beetroot (that was just today, I often leave that out), Granny Smith apple, Murray River Salt, lemon juice, my most delicious home-made granola and grapes.

It is mind-blowingly good.

There is something delicious about making your own food.

Cashew creme cheese, granola, fermented red cabbage, tamarind chutney (not home made by me, but by someone else and super delicious!) and of course, salmon, and no smarty-poo, I did not catch it.

Anyhou, my granola goes with everything - hot, cold, sweet, sour, salty and can be eaten at any time of the day or night.  

Because of all the different flavours, it co-joins and complements, whatever you put it with.


Check out my Lemon Tree!



Ok, so I'm hearing about a lot of sick horses at the moment.

So since I'm being stopped at every official level, let me (hypothetically - as I do not use banned substances nor would I encourage you to) try another way to help the horses.

For anything serious - pneumonia, accidents - minor or major, broken bones, tendons, blood everywhere, Mumma's grief of losing a foal, and anything which is making you read this right now and think you'll try it. 

'Cause if you are thinking that, you're in trouble, baby, and I'm here to help your horse, and you, to not be broken.

1) Power feed.

Give your horse four or five meals a day with ONE vitamin, mineral or supplement PLUS 2 small handfuls of HUMAN GRADE HEMP HEARTS.

Your horse will get well.  Guaranteed.

If there is an open wound just keep the wound clean - our go to is an Epsom salt and hot water mix to draw the ugly out, then Kawa Kawa boiled in water, and sprayed on wound.  

Using this mix we have never ever had a wound go septic, dirty or have maggots.  We have also, using these methods, never needed medication, although we have the Vet come and do well-ness checks every few days to make sure everything is Healing as it should.

This Hemp is what you are looking for though, and you can find it at any shop because it is Human Grade, and DOES NOT HAVE THC in it.  It literally cannot, as to be sold in New Zealand for humans, it has to have less than a .03 THC level.  

It is full of protein.  It is the best protein you can get apart from Organic Soy.

The product is fucking amazing.  It literally hits the body and goes direct to the part which needs fixing.

No, I am not a Scientist, so am unable to clarify why this might be, the best I can say is that it is a Living Herb.

This means that it does not have just one designated job, it is living and goes to where it is needed, gives immediate help, then calls in other cells to specialize fix.

Hemp hearts are also a better, and more pure product, than Hemp Oil.  

And gets better results by a hundred times.

Can also be sold as Hemp seeds, but this is an inaccurate name as seeds are not allowed in the country.

Because you can grow Hemp (the kind with THC in them) directly from the seeds.

And close up...

2) Final feed of the day has to have 1 teaspoon of PURE ASCORBIC VITAMIN C as well as the Human Grade Hemp Hearts.

* Please take pictures for me then send to me, once your horse is happy and healthy again.

** You also cannot get a positive blood test because there is NO THC in it, however, this substance is banned by the Powers that Be.

*** There is also NO horse lab in the whole of New Zealand that can test for THC in Horse Blood.

And the ONLY Toxicologist in New Zealand that could, and did, run blood tests for horses and THC, then literally created more tests to double check...HRNZ completely fucked off.

You're welcome.


RASPBERRY LEAF is what you start using now with your pregnant mares, to help you with an easy and stress free birth.

One small handful in every feed.

Use also to GET your mare in foal, but stop the exact day you inseminate otherwise your Mare can miscarry.


Oh, and two more snapshots.

One ended up being a woman in her late 40's with a heart attack, and the other one a much older lady who slipped in the bathroom and knocked herself out for 20 minutes.

Both one person away from me and it happened within 20 minutes of each other.  

I thought I was just having a flashback.

Bloody great.

This is a cool new party trick to add to my social awkwardness, phobic shyness and complete inability to form any coherent sentence that doesn't revolve around magick, herbs, magick, more herbs...

Actually, talking about that, if you wish to date me you need:

a) Two (2) verbal references, preferably from someone I know, but I will also accept a sister, best friend or work associate.

I won't accept your Mum's reference, however, I am totally cool with your Nana's.

b) One (1) hand written Letter of Intent.

And you need to be able to carry a conversation on all by yourself until I can speak.  Sometimes this will take months.


In the NZ Herald 14th September, 2022:

Hep A warning after 3 cases linked to Frozen Berries.

I guess that will include frozen raspberries like the ones I put into that stupid Raspberry and White Chocolate cake.


Do you remember that poetry book I got given way back when I was 21, and the poem went like this:

Everytime you look at me, I see dollar signs in your eyes.

Well, that poem is doing my head in right now.  I'm so sorry I lent the book to someone and never got it back.

Anyhou, just another of Spirits little nudges at the moment to re-remind me, Energy doesn't lie.

People will always show me the way they are.

My bad if I don't listen.


So, that's been our week:

This Energy, especially re people's greed around money can't last forever, well, that's what I'm praying for.

I have never seen Energy like this before.  Bad?  Yes.  Greedy?  Yes.  Like this?  No.

So I'm just running with this Energy and seeing where it goes.  

Hopefully, fingers and hooves crossed, once the numpetys who are rubbing their hands with glee in deluded grandeur of untold riches piss off, some place bloody fantastic.

Kissy hugs

Caps, me (T - she/her), Spirit, Az, Ralph, Chew, Suz, and of course, my beautiful Mumma Bear, Belle and Boo-ba-licious, Pat, Chuck, Rose, Pepper, Shelley, Marmite, Geraldine, Milli, Bessie, Raz, Sugar, Butter, Cookie and Cinammon, and the cows, Mickey, Mikey and Moose.

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