Horse Sense....




So Lil's was well enough to spend time outside on the deck today.

Not long, mind, as unbeknownst to me Pat the Rooster was lurking outside, spied Lils, pounced, and there was a flurry of feathers as the shag fest commenced.

Apparently, species aside, women who are not feeling their best do not wish to shag.

Lily then sulked.  Then wanted to come inside after 20 minutes and sit by the fire.

There must be internal injuries, as I cannot see anything wrong outside now, but she is certainly not 100% yet.

Maybe tomorrow.



We're onto a new Plan A for fermenting.

I knew it sounded too easy.

Well, to be fair, it is fairly easy.  There's not many steps to it.  However, those steps are a little tricky re liquid quantities, salt, AIR (that one's a huge one), weights and, well, that's it.

Really simple, but a right bastard.

And I found out that I had got it wrong when I got up two mornings ago and there was a very bad smell in the house.

I tried to think that it was just a process, but the smell kept getting worse until today I just gave up and realized that even if it was the process, there was no way in Hell I was eating that smell.

But then I had to pop out to one of my human stores for horse things and Hello! what did I see?


A fermenting pot.

So I bought it, brought it home and have my first batch of Red Cabbage sitting fermenting on my bench.

And the finished product...


I'm not sure I massaged the cabbage long enough, ok fine, I know I didn't, but I did put in a vege culture this time, so apparently I might still be all good to go in 5 days...

But while I was standing waiting to be served in the shop, the lady in front of me was talking to the owner behind the counter, and they were talking about this amazing product.

Uummmmm excuse me, but what product are you talking about?  I missed the first part of your conversation...

Yes, I am aware that I was not part of the conversation, nor should I have been listening and...but anyway, they were both super helpful and I bought both kinds of this product.

Well, I had read an article just yesterday about a similiar but different, product, so that's what I'm trying next.

I love being around people who are so much into Mind-Body-Soul-Physical Health connection.  


And then I made Ginger Beer.

Remember when I tried making it ages ago and;

a) It didn't bubble and

b) Didn't taste right 

So I refused to make it again...and sulked.

But having got the fermenting bug again, and understanding (read into that actually did some work re why it didn't bubble and taste right) I did it again.

And look...

And all bottled...


And on a surprising but totally awesome thing, Mumma and I are going through a growth spurt.

As I've mentioned before Boo-ba-lious just speeds everywhere and he's big.  Really big.  He's not naughty, just young...and big, so I do not like him rushing up to me.  

So Mumma took it upon herself tonight to start teaching him boundaries around humans.  The extra part that horses do when they like you.

But I've also been trying to work really hard with Mumma so that we are communicating in a way which is both respectful, but powerful in it's integrity.

And in a weird way we're seeing results.

I'm seeing Mumma see where I am emotionally and communicate, while I see Mumma and how she is trying to run the herd at home, and I'm trying to help her. 

So that the other horses see the respect I have for her, the bond that we have, and the little ways that we communicate to get things done.

It is a beautiful way here at home right now.


All the little ones are getting bettter.  

And I swear, hand on hoof, Az hears a chippie bag being opened 3 paddocks over.


Liam's all good and Covid free.


Ok, so I need to talk about this, and I'm not happy.

Well, to be perfectly honest, I'm glad it's only you and I talking because, well, I'm all weird on something.

Remember how over the last few weeks I've been saying, I'm doing really well with Boo-ba-licious but Spirit keep saying, Look again, you can do better.  

So I have been.

I've gone over minerals, vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, oils and anything inbetween.

And he's good.  Seriously, you've seen him.

But I keep getting nudged, and in the end the only thing I hadn't tried was Soy.  Which meant that I needed to try it.

And that broke my heart a little.

Because, actually, let me take you through the issues I don't use Soy and why:

1) It is a known Hormone Disrupter.

Correct.  Big time.  It is full of estrogen properties.  

My big thing has been in the womb and in the first 2 years of a horses life.  And humans, but I'm not interested in humans here.  You do you.

But you cannot put a known Hormone disrupter into a mare in foal and not expect big problems with the DNA.

I stand by that.

2) Since Soy has come into our food we have had an exponential increase in sexual gender questioning and idenitity.

I have no problem with whether you are a boy, girl, boy being a girl, girl being a boy and anything and everything in between.  You do you.

However, what has caused this exponential increase in Gender Fluidity?  These hormonal changes started happening as Soy became popular in our food.

That's popular as in added to all our food, not popular as in choosing to eat Soy.

3) Men now grow breasts and develop breast cancer.

It is a physical impossiblity for a man to grow breasts if the DNA balance is right.  To have breasts you must have an exponential amount of estrogen.

4) They call Soy "Round-up Ready".

Because chemicals are put around Soy to kill every bug and weed, apart from Soy.  Just for a minute, think about that.

5) Most of the Soy we get here in New Zealand is the crap variety.  Not organic so has all the nasties in it, is Round-up ready, and the part that is put into horse feed is the shitest shite part of Soy.  

It is so bad.

But on another note, the Soy Protein Isolates in most of the Health Industry stuff is also bloody atrocious for you.  There is nothing good, healthy or nuturious in it.

Well, think about it, a Hormone disrupter PLUS all the chemical nasties.

But don't think you have Soy in your day-to-day life? 

Well, think again, buddy.

It is in almost 100% of the food you eat.

Bread, crackers, museli, breakfast cereals, any packet sauces, any products that come in a container or box,  ice cream, chocolate, sorbet (I was really upset about that one!) and just about anything and everything, you can think of.

If you don't believe me, and you won't, check the back of everything you eat for the next few days.  There's a lot of numbers and stuff so just go down to the Allergens bit where it will say: Milk, Soy etc.

That Soy that you are eating every day, well that's not organic either and is Roundup Ready.

Ever wondered why you found it hard to lose weight?

Well, it's almost impossible when your estrogen levels are too high.  Estrogen is responsible for your Feel good hormones, but is also noted for it's weight gain and hormonal mood swings when you eat too much of it.

6) Horses look good - great condition in coat and shine, however, they are NOT strong.  They get cold's/flu's and cannot heal properly, or quickly.

At the first hint of a cold, flu or even a sneeze the horses fold.

And I don't know whether it is because your supplements, minerals and Vitamins (especially Vitamin C) are such low quality (and that does need to be taken into account, I can't just blame Soy), but your horses literally cannot Heal themselves. 

If my horses even think about getting a cold, I'm embarrassed, let alone the bloody flu.

And your horses are stabled for weeks and weeks and weeks because of leg/hoof issues and/or accidents.

That's wrong.

Horses, when their bodies are working at full capacity, Heal phenomenally.

Every time I hear you say you've stabled your horses for weeks because of colds, flu's, hoof/leg/tummy/whatever issues, I'm embarrassed.

For you.

And while I'm on my soap box today, the biggest load of crock is that you shouldn't Power feed because it makes your horse fat.

You're an idiot.  Seriously.  Idiot.

But wait (and this is where you get the steak knives) another extremely popular product, mimics Estrogen.  

So you have Soy (Estrogen) and you don't know the dosages on any pre-mixed feeds, then other products which mimic Estrogen.

Honestly, when I first met you, I just thought you were a bit thick. 

Works out that is not true, the people you trusted to give you the right advice, lied, and keep lying.

Because they are the ones getting money from you.  

So much money, they are laughing all the way to the bank.

7) Feed companies talk about that "Horses are not humans" or "We know Scientifically how to feed" and/or "We also know the correct dosages".

You may do, however, you also think horses don't talk, so you know, you lost me there.  And you also put Soy in everything and don't tell people that you have.  You lie by omission. 

So these dosages are not really correct because, and I only found this out the other day, Unless the feed actually says, NO Soy or Soy by-products" it has Soy in it.  

Honestly, don't you even feel slightly ashamed of yourselves?

Also, there is a One doseage for all which quite obviously does not work.  You would give less to nil, to a highly strung (because they already are extremely high in estrogen levels) horse, more to someone like Boo-ba-licious and stallion types.

So doseages in a pre-mixed feed will not work correctly, no matter how much you follow the directions.

And cycles.

Feed to your Mares cycle.  

That one is a bloody lost cause though.  I can't get you as a human to look further than, I'm craving chocolate and carbs, so you're certainly not going to look, or work with, the intricate and complexities of a horses cycle.

Ok, so those are my reasons for not.

The reasons for giving Soy a go are:

1) It is the highest form of protein you can get.  Boo-ba-licous needs as much protein as he can get.

2) I've tried every other single thing on the market apart from Soy, and that's not cool.

The pure form needs to be given a decent go, just like everything else.

3) For well over a year now, maybe longer, I have worked with micro-nutrients.  Mainly focussing on estrogen/testosterone/steriod levels.  

And I've got, and consistently get, fantastic results.

That's it.

That's all I've got.

But I still couldn't go the Feed Company way, for reasons stated above, so instead I looked outside the square and tracked down some Organic Soy. 

Found the purest, organic Soy product you can buy (obviously not in horse shops) and there I was in the shop, eating this product with the owner, chatting about horses.

It's delicious and crunchy.

I had to stop off at my local Feed Store on the way home and I had to hide the bag...because I was so embarrassed that I actually had some in the car, when I have been so vocal for so long.

Anyway, got home, chatted to the horses about this new stuff and hand on hoof, they were eating it out of my hand.

Boo-ba-licious included.  Mumma was the last to try, but was then, Hello!

Put some in their food and they chowed down, happy as.

I'm embarrassed writing about this, and I'm glad it's just you and me talking, because I'm going to get shite from here to Africa if I start using it, but you know, I work, live, love and play on the, Do I want to be right or do I want success? Philosophy.  

Today is no different.


And if I read one more bloody article about Menopause and how it fucks with your depression, anxiety, weight gain, loss of hair, looks, aging, loss of sex drive and/or hot sweats, I swear I'm going to scream.

And today's article was Women, Menopause and how it fucks with your ability with horses.

Yes, my anxiety comes and goes, some days it's high, some days extreme and others not as much.  However, I have not, nor have ever, had hot sweats, weight gain, depression, loss of hair (apart from a crap hairdressing jobby), a low sex drive, aged unbelievably, and/or had hot sweats.

Yes, a lot of times I can't do much physically with my horses at all.  Some days even less, but you know what, on those days, I build our emotional relationship.  I find another way to be awesome.

And I can absolutely promise you that not one of my horses would prefer to live with someone else.  Not one.

Also, if you actually know anything about horses at all, you would know there is no one more intune and nurturing than your Mare, and no one who's more unconditionally loving than your gelding.

So do not, and I repeat, Do-fucking-not tell me that Menopause hits and you're fucked.

That is a complete and utter, fucking lie.


We've hit a bit of a snag with Lily.

Mainly that her injuries are bigger than what I first thought.

And I almost killed her again today.

Ok, maybe that's 2 issues.

First off, her hip is badly damaged.  She can't walk properly.  

I am, fingers crossed, hoping that is not a non-sustainable injury.

Secondly, I gave her another bath today, and because it was so warm outside, I just popped her out in the sun on the deck and obviously didn't dry her properly.

Within 20 minutes she was shivering, shaking and it took us nearly 3 hours of wrapping in towels and by fire for her to get warm again.

However, broken bones heal.  She may have a limp, but if we can keep her warm and dry, eating and drinking, she should be fine.

These are not small injuries that we are dealing with though.

So I'm banging the Kawa Kawa tea into her now, too.  She gets a Kawa Kawa spray twice a day and the tea.

But her desire to live is phenomenal to watch, and as I'm writing this she is parked up in front of the fire, snug as a bug, watching tv.


Belles feeding, Boo-ba-licious's head.


Also, Belles


Also Boo-ba-licious


And against anything possible in this world, because she can't walk still and is literally only having a daily bath, eating, drinking, Healing and napping by the fire...Lils is living.


So that's been our week.

I'm feeling both a little weird and a lot blessed.

It's been a stunner of a week for my horses.  Me, not so much.

Because of Soy, yes, but it goes deeper than that with my horses.  Cycles, rhythms, flows of highs and lows, moods, seasons and daily weather.

Not to mention quality, and quantity, and time of day of food.

These are the things which I, and my horses, love and run with.

It's a daily journey where we pro-actively learn how to be smarter, cleaner, clearer and more put together.

And through this, have better communication.

Smarter communication.

But I don't think that's what people are going to hear this week.

They will focus on the, I started using Soy bit, and every other single thing like, The Soy I use, and the dosage, is a galaxy apart from a pre-mixed feed, but especially cycles, rhythms, highs and lows, moods, seasons, daily weather, quality, quantity and time of day of food, will get all messed up and thrown out.

I hate that.

Big kissy hugs

Caps, me (T - she/her), Spirit, Az, Ralph, Chew, Suz, and of course, my beautiful Mumma Bear, Belle and Boo-ba-licious, Pat, Chuck, Rose, Pepper, Lily, Shelley, Marmite, Geraldine, Milli, Bessie, Raz, Sugar, Butter, Cookie and Cinammon, and the cows, Mickey, Mikey and Moose.

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