Horse Sense....




I told you that the Interest Rates would go up.

ASB housing variable rate will go from 5.85% to 6.35% as of 20th July, and it's Orbit home loan rate will increase from 5.95% to 6.45%.

Kiwibank's variable home lending rate will go from 5.50% to 6.00%.

Actually, I spoke to a shopkeeper today and he told me his mortgage just went up another $600 per month.

But Countdown Pukekohe, Auckland:

Mainland Tasty Cheese is $20 per kg.

Fresh Cauliflower $5.15 per kg and $4 for half.

3 litres of Meadowfresh Standard Milk $7.30

Anchor Butter, 500 grams $8.50.

And wait...

Diesel is $2.96 to $3.10 per litre depending on where you go.

Thanks Cindy.

I fucking told you this would happen.


I can't believe how cool it is to have both Belle and Boo-ba-licious at home.

It took me a while to get used to it, but I can't believe Belle's Horse/human door.  It has far exceeded my expectations.

She is definitely doing a growth spurt on me, but she's so damn clever.  

She'll be like, Tarns...Tarns...over here.  Can you please go get me some food, my bones are growing.  I need extra food.

Or I'll be like, Belle's...come here...I want you to have this supplement.

And she just silently comes.

Boo-ba-licious on the other hand doesn't understand silent or stealth.

His go to words are First.  Mine.

But I am getting the feeds as I want them.  Changing those things last week did amazingly.

Az literally comes trotting over.  Chew is almost back to his Terrible Two's and Suz is just her adorable self.

Ralphy poo is always gorgeous.  He is like that person who always wears white and looks fantastic.  

Mumma is way better, Cappy gives me a kiss every morning now and Belle and Boo-ba-lious are growing in ways that is blowing my mind.

What I'm also loving is that they are full and content.  So they're flowering from the inside out.

I was worried that someone might get hot, but no one did, they just got content. 

And the rain and wind is having absolutely no negative effect on the babies whatsoever.  They couldn't care less.

Nothing.  Nada.  Zero.

I can't wait to take photo's to show you.  Last week you could see that Boo-ba-licious was noticeably bigger, but as I'm writing this, I'm not sure that will be accurate this week.

I am interested to see what the difference in feeds does, but early signs are saying I can expect big changes.

But I'm not cancelling out that Belle will shoot up too, and they will be back to looking like twins again. 

Or maybe not.

This is a wait and see jobby.

The eye watering supplement is still eye wateringly expensive, but even at this early stage, results are looking excellent.


Two things I need to clarify from last week when I was talking about the Horse/human door:

1) From the time the foal is born, from the absolute minute I am physically there, which is within an hour and a half, I touch her or him.

All over.

2) I never tie Mumma up when I am touching the Foal.

Not at the birth.  Not later.  Not ever.

I've noticed a couple of things happen because of this:

a) The foal learns that humans are no one to be scared of.  They're good.

So the foal is not just willing but desires, the human touch.

b) Mumma watches over us to make sure that things don't get out of hand.

She actively encourages the horse-human relationship.

There's no amount of money in the world that can buy that relationship.

Oh wait, there's one other thing...

I am so careful of the people I allow round my foal in the early days/weeks because what I allow in, is what the foal will take as normal.

NO druggies allowed.


And I love Chew.

He's like a really, really old man that has lived at the track all his life.

Been there, done that, seen the best and worst of people and luck has both come and gone and come again for him.

And he's seen every shady fucker you can imagine.

Chew's just got that Energy.

Love.  Love.  Love.


And the last couple of days have been awesome.

Not only have I been able to spend it exactly the way I wish, I also spoke the words that I really meant.

In the way that I meant them.

Then hung out with my horses and finished the last of our trees on the deck.

We now have in no particular order:

Peaches x4 (normal and Black boy), plums x2 (yellow and Black Doris), peacherine, nectarine, pear, apples x2, mandarin x3, limes (normal and Kaffir) x2, avocado, blueberry and apricot.

Not to mention:

Cauliflower (of which the chickens love), brocolli (see chickens again), spinach (chickens hate), bok choy (same), lettuce, tomatoes (the deck is such a sun trap I got my last tomato yesterday), carrots (my horses love that I pull them out of the pot and give them to them directly), garlic and of course, all kinds of herbs like rosemary (great in a tea or for your roast potatoes), sage (remember: plant by main door on left, awesome for money luck and if your sage starts dropping off so does your money), mint (for mojito's - either alcohol or non), parsley (if you want to fall pregnant, come see me and I will gift you some parsley - apparently freshly picked parsley given to a woman, brings on a pregnancy), and cilantro (I was gifted this just recently. but in all the years I have cooked, I have never used it once.  Maybe this will change).

Oh and raspberries and passionfruit are growing wild.

Straight out from the French Doors onto our deck.

This is where I put pear, plum, Boo-ba-liciou's birth-sack-apple-tree and we think, mandarins.

All the little plants in the pots so nothing interrupts the horses being able to see us outside or us from seeing and chatting to the horses.

Herbs and some flowers.  Coule be edible ones.

Coming round the corner...

To the left - could be limes, lemons, plums...

On the right whatever trees I haven't mentioned.  I took all the tags off, so it is literally is a wait and see jobby...

Round the corner to our front door that no one ever uses - eveyone comes in the French Doors.  However, you can see my beautiful Amethyst cave.

Oh wait...that's a crap picture.  Let me try again.  Crystal cave front on.

And close up...

Wait, and if you are wondering if they are actually growing...


House, front on.

And back to the deck where Mumma, Cappy and Boo-b-licious came up to hang out at the house as per normal. 

Belles not in picture as she was snout deep in baleage in the open stables.


In the NZ Herald today, Tuesday 19th July, 2022:

Covid deaths are noted as Covid deaths IF you tested positive for Covid in your blood at time of death OR tested positive for Covid within the previous 28 days.

No matter what you actually died of.


Trying to get good pictures of babies, but not having much luck, however, I did get a nice one late this afternoon.


Oh wait...and I've just got some more....

And when you finally realize you really do have an indoor chook...


So that's been our week:

More rain, better sunshine, Soul contentment, food and well, mucho horsey love and cuddles.

Big kissy hugs