Horse Sense....




So the Wet, wild and scary weather turned into just a snotty Winter's day, part night, part day...

A bit disappointing really.

No thunder.  No lightning.

A little flooding, but nothing more than usual and to be fair, even a little less.

And when I went to go out later this afternoon, all the horses stood at the fence chowing down and waving a hoof, See you...have a good time...

I do wish these weather peeps would start getting it a big righter.


Oh wait...of course, the sand worked up by the feed bins at the house.

I don't do Spit and pray jobbies.


And I read an interesting article on Foal Imprinting.

Basically, they were talking about how you must touch the foal within 3 hours of he/she being born.

And if you do that the foal will love you and treat you as part of their herd forever and a day.

Yes, I agree and no, I don't.

Yes, because I was there touching both Belle and Boo-ba-licious within an hour and a half of both of them being born.

Belle is amazing now.  Her horse/human door is open and she listens, hears, communicates and wants to do what you want.

Boo-ba-licious hears but is still emotionally young. But he understands exactly what you want. 

It's still 50/50 whether he gives it to you though.  

But to be fair, I think that's just his personality. 

He came out the womb knowing he was, Tenfoot tall and bulletproof, and the feeling never really left him.

Anyhou, moving right along, I don't think that it is Foal Imprinting as such, I believe there is a Horse/human door and if you get to it early enough, and consistently work with it, it never shuts.

And there's documented cultures that talk of this:

The Red Indians for one, apparently they had an amazing connection with their horses.

The Bedouin Herdsmen are another.  

Men who have a synergestic relationship that transcends species. That together they are greater than the sum of their separate efforts.

The second thing they talked about re Foal Imprinting was the relationship with Mumma.

If you have a great relationship with Mumma, then the foal will trust you.  Will wish to be with you.

I've spoken about this for years.  How you treat your Mumma makes a HUGE difference with how your foal is.  

More work needs to be done round this and I would like to hear more people speak about their experiences, but it is interesting that the same things are starting to come up all round the world.


And after saying all those good things about the Horsse/human door, I think I frustrate Mumma a little bit.

Well, today I needed the babies to move and well:

a) They are not babies anymore and

b) Everyone wants to snuggle.

Yes, I like to snuggle, but no, not when the babies are pushing and shoving to get closer to me.

So there I was giving a little wave with my hands to get them to move.

Mumma was like, What are you doing?

Getting them to move.  I need to be there... and pointed.

Mumma sighed.  I swear, hand on hoof, an actual sigh.

Then went, Look...ears...then flapped them back and forth a couple of times to show me how ears are supposed to move.

Then went, Next...head down... and showed me the correct down height.

Then she was like, Now, move forward like this.... and showed me the correct head-down-move-forward motion.

And then she just stood there, guarding my space so I could do my thing.

The Law of Averages says that eventually if I do this enough times, somehow I have got to get this right but you know what, I'm not going to be too hard on myself.

This thing that I can do with the horses, I can do it because of who I am, not in spite of.


Number 61 (Mikey) has calmed down a bit now.

We are respectfully attentive to each other.  We are aware of each other's personal space and do not invade it.

But that sounds a bit harsh, and I don't mean it too.  I mean that literally, we are respectful of each others space.  Mikey does not kick, buck or throw herself around and leaves me alone for a few minutes in the stables to muck out and re-stock. 

However, she does see me from paddocks over, and comes wandering up.

She also eats out of the wheelbarrow and from the hanging baskets.

However, not until I have finished. 

She makes sure that she does not crowd me, in any way that I might feel crowded.

I also, do not scare Mikey with sudden moves or stop her eating food, which she is allowed.

It is odd though, no matter which way I look at it.


And OMFG everyone is complaining because only dry baleage is left, no wet.

I tell you what, if you think that your horses don't know food, just try to tell them baleage is good when it's not.

Even the cows are refusing to eat it.

Text baleage guy and he is dropping new wet baleage round tomorrow and also swapping the dry stuff for other wet baleage.

A good end result.

Well, if you don't count everyone getting on my ass about sorting this before they needed it.


So I'm needing to tweak the young one's food.

Mostly because I get on top of Boo-ba-licious's feed, then he loses weight again as he does a growth spurt on me. 

This tells me I haven't got it right.  

Or not the rightest.

And Mumma keeps snaffling their food if I move out of sight.  So I'm not on top of things no matter which way I look at it.

But tonight I was freaking out and thinking that I should just give in and do a Soy feed.  But you know, Spirit tell me that's not the right way to go.

And I know this, because all is does is make the horses look good, but they're not strong.  

And my horses are strong. I just need to round their butts up and keep the weight on.  But they're not under-weight, if that makes any sense.

Remember, how I say I can See and See?

Well, it's like that right now.  If you see my horses you would go, They're amazing... but Spirit are like, What are you Seeing?

So, back to the drawing board.

I'm going to try two new products that I have used before and had excellent results with.  One I'm already using in a different form, and it may be that I am not using the best quality of it.

So I'll use another form/brand.

But these products were with Mumma in foal with Belle, so I don't know how that is going to translate to one full-of-himself-stallion-not-stallion and my most-delicious-filly.

I guess we'll soon find out.


Ok, new plan A.

Had a chat with someone today who is highly successful with horses and he said, Use this and this and this.  

One product I've used before, but he also told me of another way to use it which I didn't know of, another product I have used before but didn't think much of, however, he swears by the stuff and reckons he buys it by the barrell so I've re-looked at that again, and one product I've switched brands.

I also spent an eye watering amount on a supplement that I hadn't seen before.  

I'm a bit embarrassed that I had to go see my girls to see how to do things re this one product, but you know, you can't be perfect in everything.  And they were very helpful.

Extremely so, actually, so I came home with very precise directions and the offer to come back tomorrow if somehow I muck it up.

I did not, however, I have a better idea of what I'm doing for tomorrow now.

Everyone loved it tonight though and I think I'm on a winning plan, as their tummies were full and warm and toasty.  

Just as well, it's bloody freezing and wet.

Day 1 - after 5 of the new feeds (2 yesterday and 3 today).  Forgot to take a photo previously, but you know what they normally look like.

This is Boo-ba-licious.  You can see Belle's legs but nothing else now.

Dark missy is Belle, and the sandy bits are Boo-ba-licious.

Close up. 

You can now see how much Boo-ba-licious is growing on us.  

In having said that, Belle is about to shoot up, too.


Just heard back from our Foresenic Toxicologist who said, 

I am not confident just testing for *** is giving the full picture.

I have told the analyst developing the method for *** and *** metabolites that I have some blood samples he can experiment with.

Methods take several months to develop.

So when I get results for the other bloods I will let you know.


Liam says, Hola! from Virginia.

Here's his Sunset and Summer thunder storm last night.


So, that's been our week:

Things had been slowing down, but then got crazy again.

But crazy in a good way.  I love working with horses like this, running with Energy. 

I have to be on my game but more than that, it is a deepy Spiritual experience.

......When I'm not soaked to the bone for hours at a time, and swearing like a trooper.

Or maybe, especially when.


Big kissy hugs

Caps, me (T - she/her), Spirit, Az, Ralph, Chew, Suz, and of course, my beautiful Mumma Bear, Belle and Boo-ba-licious, Pat, Chuck, Rose, Pepper, Lily, Shelley, Marmite, Geraldine, Milli, Bessie, Raz, Sugar, Butter, Cookie and Cinammon, and the cows, Mickey, Mikey and Moose.

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