Horse Sense....




Karaka check out the babes.

I got smart and went early yesterday morning and got to see everyone I wanted, had a bit of a chat to those I needed to, and was back home a couple of hours later.

It was a little frustrating because people just don't get the physiology and psychology and most importantly, personality and how important these qualities actually are, and how a jigsaw really works, so you know, there was a lot of, What is the Mum like?


But you know, my people are not the ones that are on show at Karaka, talking nicely with pretty smiles.  My people are the ones with mud and horse shite, have no people skills and sit a little out of left field. 

These are my jigsaw people.   

And when I am doing my jigsaw, all the information I need, appears.  

Mostly because I ferret it out like white on rice.

Anyway, all jokes aside, I learnt today that a stallion I had had recommended I would never use, yet I saw others with potential that I hadn't looked at, and another one again that had potential in a way that I hadn't thought of.

I can't wait for the sale.


Karaka buying day!!

I love this day, well I love all of Karaka days but this one is always good to see what I think vs what people pay.

It was interesting that as I was leaving the house Mumma is standing at the fence and she is like, Don't you bring back a baby!  If you want a baby, I will make one for you.  You are just to check out stallions...

Jeez, Lousie...keep your damn hair on. 

However, I appreciated her speaking and didn't buy, but did see a couple of stallions that I think have potential.

Two horses went for way less than what I thought.  

One passed at $7,000 (but stallion fees had cost a lot), one passed at $1000 and didn't even have an offer at all (that was really surprising), Boo-ba-licious's half brother (same Daddy) went for $6000 - good breeding, that was a good buy and I wasn't too fussed about any of the others.  They were nice, but nothing I craved to buy.

What I did notice is that one breeder noticably lied about their horse, which was stupid and really annoys me.

However, I met up with some of my amazing people and that was fun.  Lots of random conversations which led to new things.  One thing which did pop up which I am super interested in, is being on a committee.

But as much as I'm a really good person, I'm not, in any way you judge these things, a people's happy communicator person. 

I am extremely literal, very alternative, too outspoken, and I don't put up with any shite.

So this may not be a good fit for me.

I have put my name forward, as asked, and if Spirit want me to move forward, it will go ahead, but to be honest, I'm not holding my breath.

Actually, let me be brutally honest here:  

Apart from the above, the feed companies hate me because of my Soy stance, the Studs aren't keen because I want transparency re stallions and an actual jigsaw done like Sweden, but better, re: physiology, psychology and personality as well as the normal blood lines.  The old breeders don't want to change their ways, the herb and supplement people certainly don't want me on board because I am extremely vocal about how they are ripping you off re: price and especially quality, and if that wasn't enough, a couple of the board peeps may not be too happy if I did get on.

Add onto that:

I have good support from one single person who can't outwardly support me, Spirit - who other people literally can't see and the horses, whose first language is not English.  

So you know, I have two chances, the first once being slim.

However, the horses keep pushing me forward.  They're like, Here, go speak...

To be fair, I've worked with less.


So I'm standing at the fence today, me on one side and Boo-ba-licious on the other and I say to Boo-ba-licious: Do you think I could pop you in the paddock here by yourself for like 20 minutes.  You can see the other horses...

Boo-ba-licious: Sure... 

2.3 seconds later (I'm still on my side of the fence and absolutely nothing has changed).  Freaking out!  Freaking out!  Freaking out!

Let's just say it was a no.


Awesome night at the races.


Ralphy poo waiting for me to do feeds...

And his, I am the bestest and most well behaved mini in the world...while I am doing feeds.

Chew, and the reason they are out, the grass levels are insane here...


Oh, and because life is no good without chocolate and bananas...

A banana-chocolate cake.

Best.  Decision.  Ever.



First lot of results have come back from our Forensic Toxicologist and they are awesome.  Super happy.

But really really happy when I found out that new tests are being developed as you and I speak, and those ones will also be used on us.

You know, there are times that I believe in Magick, more than anything else in this Universe.


So, it's a little weird here at the moment.

Actually, let me re-phrase that, because maybe that word is a bit too loose.  Boo-ba-licious is doing a growth spurt on me, so I need to step out of how I normally feed.

Now, before I go any further, I have never seen a horse eat like he does.

He is WOW.

But anyway, I work with the belief that him and Belle are Elite athletes in training so they need all the vitamins, minerals and awesome great quality feed, and in the quantities that they need it.

And therein lies the issue.

He's now on three full meals a day, but I also stand there after I have mucked out and re-stocked hay and balage (a 4 minute jobby as I am damn organised), and he then tells me when he needs more feed as he is chowing down.  

He'll be like, Over here, sister! and I'll go over with this extra bucket of deliciousness and give him, scoop by scoop, more feed until all of a sudden I hear his Energy change, and I know he's had enough.  

The Energy literally changes.

This way of feeding goes against everything I have heard, read or been told.

But Boo-ba-licious is also growing at a phenomenal rate and I want to feed the bones of him.  They physicality of him so he can grow as he should.  So he can reach his full potential.

So I either have to listen to the humans or listen to the horses.

Obviously, the horses won.

It's a little odd though and only time will tell if I've done the right thing. 

However, he is not wormy, skinny OR fat.

He's just perfect.


So that's been our week:

Life is crazy good here.  Super busy and just a little random in every way that random is good.

I'm super interested to see how the next month goes though.

Big kissy hugs 

Caps, me, Spirit, Az, Ralph, Chew, Suz, and of course, my beautiful Mumma Bear, Belle and Boo-ba-licious, Pat, Chuck, Rose, Pepper, Lily, Shelley, Marmite, Geraldine, Milli, Bessie, Raz, Sugar, Butter, Cookie and Cinammon, and the cows, Mickey, Mikey and Moose.


Oh you want to know re Nut and Seed cycling?

Mostly, seeding at the moment.  

It is working un-fucking-believably well.

Like A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

The hardest part has been un-learning what I thought I knew about food.