Horse Sense....




Boo-ba-licious at his favorite past time, if you don't count scaring the cows.


So I signed the contract with the Forensic Toxicologist today.

Got to say, it is super weird how this whole thing is processing.

If you think of my brain, I will see a word, say rose - my brain thinks - pink, elephant, mouse, grass, toes, river. 

Water is life.

When I see a person, I see the colour they own, when they speak I taste their emotions, and their smell tells me everything else I need to know.

Scientists don't work that way.

Just saying.

But I'm finding that their brains don't work quite right either.

They go all science-y trippy round the place.

So I can't really tell you too much more at the moment apart from we are testing for:

a) Dosages.

b) How these dosages work and

c) Are we getting any reactions?

Well, those are the questions.  I don't have any answers to them yet.

And I have a funny feeling that I may have more questions when we do have answers.

However, it's some sort of weird ass place that I am standing knowing that it is directly because of how I work with the horses, what I use, and my own dosages which are being tested, and if proved correct, used as an industry standard. 

That the results will be scientifically noted as mine. 

That they will be used as proof in HRNZ.

It is also a bit weird knowing I was the first person in New Zealand to start using this with the horses, and most certainly in the Standbred industry.  

That I was the first is not weird, I'm always the first, but that this has taken on a life of it's own is a bit weird.  Like I did my work and then Spirit said, You can go now, we'll take it from here.

Life is just too damn weird at the moment.


And OMG we are so damn busy.  I  can fill every minute of my day.

But I'm also learning how to be smarter with my horses.  Cleaner, clearer, more put together.

I'm also learning how to see what my horses see.

I like that.


I'm glad the drivers and horses were all ok at Alexandra Park tonight after the freak accident.


And Karaka coming up!!

Need to catch up with someone and talk horseys.  Find out how one of my stallions went (first season babies) and what the goss is on Boo-ba-licious's cuzzies.  

None have hit the track yet, but there will be word about how nice they are, personality, health, looks and running potential.

Well, are they all like Boo-ba-licious?  Are they all like mad bloody lunatics when they run?  Do they have that zing?

Can't bloody wait.


Crap weather here.


OMFG we caught 3 rats today!

Well, to be fair, Mumma was dead, so I scooped her up in the pooper scooper and popped her over the fence - but then her little baby girl came out.

And she was bloody terrified.  She was just standing there shaking.

Now before you judge me, and you will, because I would if I was you, I absolutely cannot have rats eating my horse food.

Rats bring diseases and do no good for my horses.

Did you like that?

I hope so, because you won't like the next part.

So I called my lovely neighbour, who came down and smacked her on the head with a hammer.

No, wait, that's bad enough.

Four hours later I go out to the garage and her baby brother is standing there, shaking.

To be fair, I did think about just scooping him up in the pooper scooper and dropping him over the fence, but rats are rats.

They can't be round my horses.

I saw my neigbour outside, went and picked him up in my car (really, you need to stop being so judgey), and he came and well, you get it, smack, hammer, head.

I dropped my neighbour back home, and apologised for not being able to do it myself.

He was super lovely to me and said, Don't worry about it, very few women can.

And he was right.

I couldn't have done it.


And would you believe, I've had this amazing opportunity to do something pretty cool.

Unfortunately, I cannot tell you more about it, which is a damn shame.  But it's super interesting.

I hope that at some stage you and I can have a chitchat about it though. 

You're like me, you like new and interesting, and you would like this too.


And I've been doing some awesome baking...

Homemade Nutella (Chocolate Cashew Spread) - OMFG, it's sooooooooooo good.

And Cashew Creme Cheese, which is actually nothing like cream cheese as you know it, but is this delicious tangy, super smooth and just amazing spread that you can pretty much use on, or in, anything savoury.

Sandwiches, wraps, crackers, as a dip etc, but especially, scrambled eggs. 

No buttter, no milk, no cheese - just pop some eggs into a pan with a little olive oil and some of this delicious Cashew Creme Cheese.


Blow your mind, good.

And no dairy, no coconut oil, just all natural ingredients.


So I need to talk about this because, well, these cards are often turning up in Readings for clients so, you know, we need to have a little tutu.

First off, I don't agree with upside down cards.  Mostly because there are some cards which are just crap and if you're getting them, you're in trouble, baby.

These are the ones:

The first one is The High Priestess.

You would think that is me.  No, no, this High Priestess talks about Intuition and knowing things that we would prefer not to.  Ok, so maybe that is me.

The next one is the Seven of Swords.  

There is sneaky ass Energy around you.  And the High Priestess tells you that you already know this in your heart.

And the third card of danger is the Ten of Swords.

I hate that bloody card.

It's always someone doing the dodge behind your back.  Backstabbing you or fucking you over in any way you would like to mention.  Sometimes it talks of jail, often it talks of addiction.  And as you and I both know, you'll never win with an addiction.  It will always be your person's first love.

So, put all three together and pick up your Manolo Blahniks and run like fuck in the other direction, baby.

You're welcome.

Oh wait....this card below actually is me.  I am, if you're particularly looking for me, the Nine of Pentacles.  

A woman of substance who makes her money through talking...and is the Mother of a Hero.

My actual Nine of Pentacles card at home:

But this is what my card originally started off looking like:


The young one is presenting his work at a conference in Atlanta.

I'm so freaking proud of him.


Little Boo-ba-lious far away...

And close up.  S'cuse the mud.


So that's been our week:

Just when I think I'm on track and on top of things, something new that I haven't come across happens, and I'm running to catch up again.  But Spirit are also consistently sending me something new and interesting and I'm like, Pick me!  Pick me!  I'll do it.

Actually, that's not 100% accurate.  

Spirit will put me in the right place, at the right time, and then go, What do you think?

Yes!  Me!  Me!  Pick me!!

Big kissy hugs 

Caps, me, Spirit, Az, Ralph, Chew, Suz, and of course, my beautiful Mumma Bear, Belle and Boo-ba-licious, Pat, Chuck, Rose, Pepper, Lily, Shelley, Marmite, Geraldine, Milli, Bessie, Raz, Sugar, Butter, Cookie and Cinammon, and the cows, Mickey, Mikey and Moose.


Quickest Time of Death to calling me re Contents of Will time record now broken.

1 hour 39 minutes.

** RIP my little Welsh dude.

You gave the best cuddles xx

*** In the new Inheritance Laws there have been 3 noticeable changes (apart from the obvious one of Trusts and hiding money):

1) If you as a child (or adult) and have been cut from your parents Will, if you are over 25 you can no longer contest the Will,

2) Step children can now contest the Will (no matter what age) and

3) The new Law protects you, if you are separated from your partner when he/she/it/they die up to, and including, 2 years later.

And the best quote re these new Laws:

"One side felt it's your money, so you can do whatever you like with it. While the other side felt there should be an element of enforced heirship, which means you have a moral responsibility to look after your family".


If you need to tell someone to look after their family, you are wasting your precious time.

Take your money and shove it where the sun don't shine, baby.

**** No, wait, this is the best quote this week:

Nah, don't worry about it, you'll be right....but if it does go all pear shaped, I'll come and visit you and apologise.