Horse Sense....




So I was going to Cambridge tonight, then realized I had double booked myself, so cancelled my friend.  She texts back an hour later to say, Great! Would have liked to have gone, but it works better to raincheck, then an hour after that, my original booking cancels due to bloody Covid.

Some days I am just not supposed to be where I wish.


And we ran into a few issues with Belle's bloods.

Mainly no one would do them.

The horse blood labs were not qualified to, and the human blood labs wouldn't.


So our Vet and I had a chat, and I started emailing and phoning round, well, to be fair, there is always a young one hungry enough to do something new and interesting.

Which we are.

New.  Interesting.

I got No's and Not my area.  To be fair, I didn't even bother to say, Well, put me through to someome who can help.  I just said, Thank you and hung up.

Then I'd go off and do some work.  But a little way through, I would then go, Ok, what if I tried this... and would stop what I was doing and either email or call again.

And somewhere in the chaos, I got some joy.

I had a false Yes, but then when she realized it was an actual No, she said, Call here.

And we finally got a true and accurate, Yes.

And not just a Yes, it was an Absolutely!  This is exactly what we like to do. 

In fact, we are currently talking, and about to move forward with, one of New Zealands top Forensic Toxologists.  Those super clever people that work in crime scenes with blood, finding out what happened and why, who specialize in, and have a passion for, our area.

I love working with Spirit.  I went in to today expecting one thing and as I'm writing this, we have been given 100 times more.  

I asked for a match, Spirit gave me a bonfire.

Love.  Love.  Love.


Spirit: Stop poking the bear.

Me: Poke poke...poke poke...


Ok, so I'm finding out more about blood that I originally knew, how to do things better and what the plan is moving forward.

Apparently it is easier to do bloods all at once, and trust me, I want to be super helpful to the peeps that are helping us.  So our Trainer pulls blood once a week, and I collect it, then give it to the Vet who then labels and keeps it in fridge, and when we have the month's worth, everything gets sent down the line.

It's a really bizarre experience for me right now though because I just do me.  You've heard me bang on about herbs for years.  You've watched me make balms, teas, sprays, oils and often bake with my Natives.  You've watched the process and the love that happens.

Vets have also seen my process with the horses.

Now Forensic Toxologists are involved and there is much interest in not just the original query that we had, but also the Natives I use.

Which is truly bizarre for me because I am not a head girl.

Unless we're talking about touching emotions, tasting colours or Riding Energy, I lose interest pretty damn quick.

I can't help it.  I have no interest in why a kidney or liver does or does not work.

Instead I want to taste and touch and caress it back to working order.  I want to tempt it's enthusiam back and tease it's strength.  I want to play while the Energy rushes and stops and does a side hustle.

That's where my strengths lie.

But all of a sudden I'm dealing with someone who has degree after degree after degree after degree.

That's a little off putting.

How does my practicality of love and magick stand up to those degrees.  Can it?

Well, obviously, the answer is yes.  Because I've shown you time and time and time again.

Where do the Vets fit in though?

They've seen me work, seen the results, and started working in their own way too.

Do I say, No, you've only just started, you don't have the right to this process. 

Or is it, We are all working, trying to get it right for the horses, your opinion and work-in-progress with these new products and Native plants is just as valid and valued as mine.  You don't have the experience, but you are working as hard as me to get a result.  That's dedication and needs acknowledgment and validation, too.

I chose the second way because nothing can take away my work with Spirit and love of, and with, the horses.

But it does raise other ethical issues.

I've been a Professional Reader for just shy of 30 years.  I also started learning and studying, Native New Zealand Herbs when I was 40.  I'm about to turn 53. 

And the majority of my learning, or the most important part, has been trial and error.  And lots of side hustles. 

I mean, I would try it for one thing and we'd get another result.  However, slowly but surely, I learnt. 

Then the horses taught me times, weather, seasons and cycles.  Then I really learnt.

But very soon you are about to see hundreds of Native Herb Specialists come slithering out of the woodwork.  Peeps that have read a book or done a weekend course and think they're Healers.  I've seen it time and time and time again with New Age things and this time won't be any different.

People taking what they haven't earnt.

And the horses will get harmed through this.

I mean you've heard me talk about Cowboy Healers - the ones with the charming smile and slick words - many times before, and you and I are about to see it again.

In abundance.

I guess the only thing I can say in advance here is, Working with Native New Zealand herbs and plants with horses is a super new way of being.  Anyone who tells you that they have always worked with horses like this or "It has been passed down the generations to them", is telling you a lie.

A big Mother ass stonking great whore of a lie.

There is not one person, who has 30 years plus, long history of working with Native New Zealand Herbs with horses in New Zealand.

So this is a super weird place I'm standing.

I'm really excited about moving forward with a Forensic Toxicologist though while also standing with the, Get yourself ready for snakeskin salesmen, selling fushia pink baby seal skins, straight from the boat from the ocean on the edge of the Arizona desert.

I'm interested to see how this all pans out.


More work being done on the stables as other big post was a bit wobbly and when we went to put concrete in, the bloody post had just about cracked in two.

Back to pick up a new post.


More work needing to be done on stables as I just found a metal bit sticking up from the ground where it has never been before.

What the fuckity fuck fuck.


Stables fixed and new big post concreted in in Az's and the little ones paddock. 

That was a bit bizarre as I only noticed it wobbly after I had organised fence man, but good timing.  Very fixed, too.


And because the weather has been bloody freezing morning and night (but good during the day) I've had to re-think my Winter wardrobe.

Mostly because, in a jacket I'm getting too hot and no sleeves tops I'm too cold.  I know...Princess!

But all jokes aside, this time of the year is always really challenging for me because I can't stand being covered. 

I absolutely hate most materials on my skin, (I can only use certain sheets and you will never get me wearing pajamas EVER - it's naked all the way) which means that most years I wear a short sleeved top and jackets in Winter.

And I've always been like this.  I cannot remember a time when I wasn't.  

It's just as I've got older I can, and do, wear exactly what I want, how I want, and I don't have to make excuses to anyone for how I am now.  I bloody love that.

However, because I'm doing so much outside work at the moment though that is not working this year, so I went down and got a couple more tops.

Mens long sleeved button shirts.

There's something in the material (cotton type thingy and/or silky) that is ok for me and doesn't completely freak me out and make me go all itchy.

They're huge on me, heaps of room to move and they are good for my touch.

The things you didn't realize you didn't know, eh?


For the life of me I do not understand how horses can tell time.

On the odd occasion I give lunch, I'll tell the horses at breakfast, You've got lunch today.

Bang on 11.58am they are standing at the fence, Here!

Or what about our nighttime feeds?

My alarm goes off at 3pm to start nighttime feeding.  Come 2.55pm they're all at the fence gently nickering.

It's the weirdest thing in the Universe.


And I'm still a bit pissy about the Micronised Beans.

Well, it's just so fucking unethical.

I don't use Soy because Soy, as much as it gives a horses coat a great shine and adds bum, it makes a horse look strong, but not be strong.

I mean, seriously, how often do you hear of a horse having a cold and/or flu?  Sometimes it is whole stables that are going down.

Strong horses don't go down with a cold or flu, baby.

So Soy is a False Truth.  All looks, no substance.

But what is really annoying the fuck out of me is that this company is taking away your choices.

Because every person who lies to you, and honestly lying should be a national sport at the moment it's so common, actually I need to deviate and speak about this right now...

Lying is stupid.

And I'll tell you why:

Because no matter how much you think you've got away with it.  It's going to come back and bite you on the ass.

Spirit don't put up with lies.  You may think you're smart and you're living the good life, baby, and in the short term you may have, and be, but those lies you told to save your own ass, that you threw so carelessly out into the Universe, are going to hunt you down and boomerang back to you by 10 times. 

Because lies roll around in your mouth.  They have a taste, they have a smell.  They seep into the walls and floors and ceilings and furniture. They stick to your clothes and climb into bed with you at night. Your untruths cling to everything you touch and then they make their home there.

Then they call their friends.

Your words are the most powerful things you own.

But anyway, getting back to this particular company, lying is taking away your freedom of choice. 

Because would you have made the same decision if you had had all the facts?


The answer is, No.


So that's been our week:

I'm watching Spirit work and trying not to get in my own way.

And I'm trying to breathe.

Big kissy hugs 

Caps, me, Spirit, Az, Ralph, Chew, Suz, and of course, my beautiful Mumma Bear, Belle and Boo-ba-licious, Pat, Chuck, Rose, Pepper, Lily, Shelley, Marmite, Geraldine, Milli, Bessie, Raz, Sugar, Butter, Cookie and Cinammon, and the cows, Mickey, Mikey and Moose.



So I had a craving for Salt and Pepper Prawns tonight.  So when I was down at the stables feeding Belles, I rang my local Chinese restaurant and ordered them to Take away.

Guess how much they cost me?

No, go on.

No, not $18...or $22...or $28.


Forty three dollars.

One single serving.  No rice.  No vegetables.  No extras.