Horse Sense....




So I kitted the little ones out in their new winter jackets.

Well, technically I had two from last winter, but one smelt like yuck and the other one had a missing bit, so off I went to get new ones.

But you know, Chew's a bit funny about jackets.

For a start, he's been wearing one for the last 2 weeks and secondly, as much as he will refuse to take a jacket off now until the temperature hits 28 degrees again, he also wants a new one if there is a new one to be had.

Which there was.

Then Ralphy poo also wants a new one because stallion blood runs in his veins and stallions always want something, and because Suz is a girl, well, naturally she also has to have a new one.

So there Chew was today, saw the new jackets and came bouncing over.  He wanted the first one.

Ralphy poo was next but it was Suz, who hates being haltered, who came over and was like, Is one of those for me?

I'll tell you what, as much as it took me like forever to get Suz to trust me, now she's a bloody rockstar.

Suz loved hers.

Az is not allowed a jacket yet because, from previous years experience, we know he munts his within days, if not hours.  

Actually, talking about that, he will already, as I am writing this, be having a go at the new jackets the mini's are wearing. 

Cross fingers and hooves that this hasn't already been a success for Az.

Cappy and Mumma do not have their jackets on yet because Boo-ba-licious is a bloody menance, and I need help to put jackets on while Boo fluffs around us.

However, they have got the awesome open stable with heaps of hay and baleage so for a while yet, they're sweet.


So we have 7 more new chickies.

Well, I didn't mean to get that many, but it kind of just happened.  As you do.

I did find out more information about chickies though.

It worked out that Ossie was a Faverolles.

And Faverolles do speak differently, are extremely submissive and hang together in a tribe with other Faverolles.

They don't mix well with others and others, do not mix well with them.  So yes, Ossie was getting picked on.

But apprently, there would have been chicken laying issues, which caused the problem last week.  And blood from there would have caused all the other issues.

So, knowing that Faverolles can only hang with their own kind, I got 4.

Which I think I'm going to name: Sugar, Butter, Cookie and Cinammon.  

I also went to get 1 black one, and came back with 3 extremely good laying hens.

Well, I need good laying hens.

I think I'm going to name them: Milli (after Amelia Earhart 1897 - 1937), Bessie  (after Bessie Coleman 1892 - 1926) and Raz (after Raymonde De Laroche 1903 - 1941) because they literally fly everywhere. 

And at the speed of light. There is no stop button.

But come bedtime they were all tucked up, apart from my Faverolles who then couldn't decide where to go, had a meeting, still couldn't decide and then fucked around for the next 20 minutes while I guided them with a stick. 

The good thing is that I didn't need to get 4 of them in, because they go in a pack, if 1 was fine, the rest would follow. 

That mostly worked.

Apart from Butter who then decided that she didn't want to.

There's always bloody one.

Anyway, all my chickens are happy as I'm writing this, and all new ones seem to be fitting in great.

Thank fuck.


Still missing bloody races.

I'm soooooooooooooooooo not happy with Spirit.


I actively dislike dealing with estrogen high men.

No, seriously, it is a gigantic pain in my ass.

You've heard me talk multiple, maybe thousands, of times about when you have too much Soy in your food it unbalances your estrogen levels and makes you too, well, emotional.  

And you can always tell a man who is high in estrogen as they are really passive-aggressive, moody and hormonal like a chick, (yes, I am fully aware my son is having heart failure as he's reading this right now). 

Their body has a softness and often they have boobs.  They also often hold weight around their tummy.

They also take offense at the littlest thing, play the blame game, throw their toys out of the cot, then give ultimatiums.  Well, that's not quite accurate, a common phrase you will hear them say is, I will NOT put up with this from you!

You know what I'm talking about now, 'cause we've all come across it.

And it's got worse as more Soy has come into our food. 

I don't have estrogen high men in my personal life, but I hate dealing with them in business because nothing is ever their fault and it is always, You're a rude, aggressive, dyke bitch.


No...but it is because of men like you that I choose to be single.

Give me a man who is straight up and to the point any day.

And not to be dog with a bone like, this is why you don't give Soy to your Mumma's, foals and foals in utereus.  

It changes the DNA composition and floods the system with estrogen.

When it happens in the womb and the first six months of life, it cannot be reversed.


So Spirit are playing hardball at the moment.

So I made plans (again).  Now I have to say here that I thought there might be a teensy issue, but you know, overall it should have been fine.  

But knowing how I work with Spirit and the relationship we have, I threw it out into the Universe while I was lying in bed in the morning, and as per normal said, If you don't want this going ahead, then ** needs to cancel between 1 and 3pm today.

Then I got up thinking I was a clever tart.

2.07pm - Hey T, I need to cancel...

But wait...Second lot of plans, 48 hours later, completely different person, and that also changed.

Then there was a third lot which I got completely blindsided on.

In fact, I would have bet money that those plans would never have changed.  But they did in a sneaky, nasty, underhand and lying way.  

In fact, they opened their mouth and all that came out was lies.  It was fucking surreal.

My human side was like, Oh for fucks sake, give me a break... yet my Spiritual Soul is, I hear you, don't fall off the path, follow the Yellow Brick Road.


And while we are on the weird and bizarre track...

So, all the chickens are now not laying because:

a) My homes ones are stressed with new chickies arriving and

b) My new home ones are stressed with having a new home.

So I've been getting 1 egg a day.  I need a minimum of 2.

So I stopped off and bought some Free Range Eggs from the Superette.

Worst.  Decision.  Ever.

For a start, the egg white bit was all runny, not like home eggs which have a fantastic consistency, and they didn't taste like home.

But the worst part is that whatever ukky things had been given to the chickies to make them "healthy" and lay eggs I took a reaction to, and came out in the most unbelievable itchiness, like ALL over and all my sinuses went up and inflamed.

As soon as I realized what had happened (ie: the next morning) I did the sweating to get rid of toxins, drank bucketloads to flush my system, washed the bedding - duvet, pillow cases etc (again!) and changed my food to rebalance, but it was an uncomfortable and quite unpleasant experience.

If you are eating eggs and they are not your own home ones, I would be re-looking at that choice.



So China has done a complete and absolute lockdown.

This means that people are unable to leave their homes.

That's right, they cannot go past their front door.

China knows something that we don't and as much as this truly pains me, we need to shut the borders immediately.

She who knows everything, will not, because as she has proven, she is always a dollar short and a day late.

However, 8 weeks ago we first heard of, if one person in a suberb got Covid, the whole suberb got locked down.  No supermarket shopping, doctors, medication, exercise.  All food was air dropped in.  

Here we are 8 weeks later and people are being hunted down and killed for being positive.

And the lockdown is absolute.

Have I changed my mind re this stupid bloody virus?


I still think you need to be genetically pre-disposed to it, and that it affects race, the more mature, people with ill health and fat people.  

However, I am old enough to realize that when there is a problem the very first thing you do is contain the problem.  Make sure that it cannot become a bigger problem.

China is telling us in every way that it counts, that there is a very big problem.

No one is listening.


And everyone has a jacket on apart from Boo-ba-licious (who hasn't learnt how to have a jacket on and I'm not starting now).

Mumma was super happy and Cappy is all snuggly as I'm writing this.  Az also loves his, although how long his one will last is anyone's guess.

I had organised friends to help me come do it as after the whole fuck up with Boo-ba-licous jumping the gate I wasn't keen on doing it myself, but the weather must be changing fast because Spirit were like, Do it now... and there were Cappy and Mumma in the stables and Boo-ba-licious in the next door paddock playing with Az, and it seemed like a perfect opportunity.

So I shut the gate.

It wasn't the worst decision I've ever made but I tell you what, when Boo-ba-licious realized what was happening he was hooning up and down and round those paddocks seeing which fucking gate he might be able to jump.

I tell you what, I have never put on jackets as quickly as I did today.  

It's amazing what the sound of thundering hoof beats trying to find a gate to jump in the background does for being success focussed.  

However, all jackets on, no jumped gates, no upsets, and as I'm writing this, everyone is happy and settled.


Do you remember me saying that we were going into some rough times?

Well, in the NZ Herald today 13th April, 2022:

1) The Reserve Bank just lifted the OCR by 50 basis points to 1.5%.  The first double - 50 bps - hike since May 2000.

2) Food prices are 7.6% higher in March 2022 than they were this time last year and

3) Fruit and vegetables are up 18%.

I'm not going to say I told you so.


So that's been our week:

Spirit Energy is high, really high and as much as it could be construed as being a pain, honestly, it's not.

We have a good strong home because of our boundaries and as much as that can cause conflict, our home is strong and safe because we fight for Truth and honesty and our foundations are loyalty, strength and compassion.

We've worked really hard, and have success because of that.

I won't fall down the rabbit hole.  

Big kissy hugs 

Caps, me, Spirit, Az, Ralph, Chew, Suz, and of course, my beautiful Mumma Bear, Belle and Boo-ba-licious, Pat, Chuck, Rose, Pepper, Lily, Shelley, Marmite, Geraldine, Milli, Bessie, Raz, Sugar, Butter, Cookie and Cinammon, and the cows, Mickey, Mikey and Moose.