Horse Sense....




So I had a very weird conversation with our farrier today.

Do you remember ages ago, when we had a farrier, and he had been with us for ages, horses loved him, I liked him, and then all of a sudden he just didn't turn up?

Well, it annoyed me at the time, but you know, I don't take on other people's stuff anymore, and if you don't want to talk with me and say, Hey, I have an issue... then I'm a gone burger, own your own shite.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I found myself in the middle of another conversation, of which some peeps were talking about a farrier who had stopped turning up.

Well, it worked out that it was 20+ peeps that were talking about it.

And it was my ex farrier.

He did the same thing to them, everything fine, then nothing. 

Dead air, baby.

So I was chatting to our farrier and asking what the goss what, did he know something I didn't?

And he was like, Yeah, maybe he just didn't want to say he didn't want to be here anymore.

Wait...what?  Who the fuck does that?

He's running a damn business, you just don't suddenly not turn up.  What the fuck.

Yeah, but you know, good farriers are a premium.  We can pretty much work where we want.

I'm like, No. That's not working for me.

And we kept on talking about being in business etc and then he said, Well, if there were 20+ women, maybe he just didn't want to deal with one, and the rest were like just part of the package.  Collateral damage.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh....ding ding....ding ding...

Now that would make some sense.

And there was a good chance it wasn't just one of 20, but a couple who didn't realize they were one of many.

No judgement, but that makes a whole heap more sense.

It still doesn't explain why he dumped my ass, athough to be fair, I am the chick that said, What the fuck do you mean, "He just wants some fun right now, but maybe it might lead to something later?"  No.  It won't.  Don't do it, tell him to fuck right off...


Float's been in for a service, WOF, Registration, wash...


What have I learnt over the last month?

1) You need to have an awesome Vet because Healing is a three way process.  Your Vet, you and your horse.

Your Vet because he or she, will work with the personality of your horse and will work with you to enable Healing to happen in the way that is most successful for your horse.  Do they like being in stables?  Do they need friends around them? Are they easy to be Touched? 

And with you, Do you prefer medication or natural herbs?  Bandages or no?  Stables or no?  Do you have time to commit to washes and Power Feeds?  Do you have good quality feed/supplements etc?

You yourself, are a big part of your horses successful Healing though, because you need to show up.  Then listen to your horse.

Your horse is a huge part of you and the Vet triangle, if not the biggest part, because great communication needs to happen.  Your horse will let you know in small ways what works and what doesn't.  The ways they show you will get bigger, the less you listen.

2) The Two Dollar Shop for bottles is the bomb!

Plastic spray bottles that you use for a week then bin, are awesome for a) doing the job and b) keeping things sterilized.

I'm still a little frustrated that I haven't found a site that shows, day by day, how the Healing of a wound should go, but you know, Spirit gave me a bit of a slap for that and were like, Did you do your best Healing work?  That's all that is important.



Mumma has got the cows all sorted.

She never moves a hoof, just stands there and if the cows come into her space she just flicks her ears back and I swear, hand on hoof, they freeze mid hoof, and she just looks at them and they put their hoof back on the ground and move backwards silently.

Damn she's good.

Belle, when she feels like a bit of a run, chases the cows round the place.

Mumma smirks.


So that's been our week:

Slightly quieter than last week, almost back on track.  Good things are starting to happen, well, that's not right, excellent things have already been happening, we've just been so busy, we haven't had time to stop and appreciate them.  But now I'm getting breathing space and I'm feeling pretty good about things.  

Well, pretty damn great actually.

Still can't see 100% the way forward, however, what has been working has put breath into my DNA over the last month.  

I guess the difference between believing something works, and watching the magick develop in front of you. 

In some ways it has been almost over whelming and in others, awe inspiring.

And it's been both the weirdest experience...and has brought an unbelievable sense of peace.

But if I'm being totally honest, it's been one of the most Soul defining times I have experienced, but on all levels, not just Belle.

And just when I thought it couldn't get any weirder, it did.

But the weirdness connected me to every single thing in this world that is important to me.  

And I could breathe again.

Big kissy hugs 

Caps, me, Spirit, Az, Ralph, Chew, Suz, and of course, my beautiful Mumma Bear, Belle and Boo-ba-licious, Pat, Chuck, Rose, Pepper, Lily, Shelley, Ossie, Marmite and Geraldine and the cows, Mickey, Mikey and Moose.


Food's pretty much the same, sometimes I step out, but overall, no, as I regret it everytime I do.

I do however, feel slightly embarrassed that peanut M and M's are my breakfast food.

To be fair though, they are after my pineapple and lemon juice and they do have nuts in them, and nuts are protein.