Horse Sense....




Oh man, we have been so busy here, blog has taken a back seat.

But to catch you up, Petal (after her poisioning) is at Chris's (The Chookyard) and seeing a Chicken Specialist tonight to see if we can find out what she got poisioned with.

So far we have nothing.

And Belle is Healing awesomely.

As I'm writing this our lovely Vet is coming tomorrow to (hopefully) take out her stitches.

Yes, 3 days after they were put in.

Belle's healing so quickly, she's almost covered the stitches, so they need to come out asap.

I texted our lovely Vet this morning and as much as it is 11 days too early to take them out, she knows when I say, You need to come round, you're not going to believe this...

Then she wants to come round and see what she isn't going to believe.

...And bloody hell, I went into our favourite feed store and Hello! one of our favourite brands has been bought by their competition.

But wait, the competition is going to discontinue that particular product and keep their own.

That would  be fine if their product wasn't inferior.

I explained that to the lovely girl at the counter that the horses know that the other brand is inferior and got back, Oh...that's a bit weird...yeah, not many people buy it...


Because the horses don't like it because it's inferior.

Fuck, some people are muppets.

You know my patience for stupid isn't getting any better as I get older.


And we have what I class as a situation.

Now, don't be like that, it isn't bad, just well, let me explain and then tell me what you think...

Belle is Healing exponenially.  Far exceeding our expectations.  And mine were high.

So I want her stitches out so we can continue and finish, the last of her Healing.

Our Vet agrees on Belle's Healing.

However, and this is where the issue (or the start of them) starts, no horse in the history of the world, ever, has Healed this quickly and this well, so the stitches can't come out today. 

But they can't stay in for 14 days. 

But for 99.9% of the horses that our lovely Vet has seen, not one has ever successfully been able to have them out early.

On the very few that did have them out early, the wound then promptly opened up and fell apart again.

So what we have is Belle healing fantastically but historically, other horses tell the Vet that this can't possibly be real.

The next issue is that I was putting photo's up on Social Media Facebook and Instagram.

That itself is not the issue, what comes next is....

If someone sees us taking out Belle's stitches many, many days earlier than every other known horse, then they too will want their horses stitches taken out.  No matter that they don't work like us, eat like us (no Soy), Miri Miri like us, do Wellness Checks, use herbs etc.  They will just want their stitches out too.

Then there is the issue of the Kawa Kawa Balm.

Everyone loves something new and exciting.

Belle's Healing is exciting.  Kawa Kawa Balm for horses is new.

Therefore buy Kawa Kawa Balm and your horse will be fine.  And if your Vet won't take out the stitches, well, some other tame Vet will.

Hence, the issue.

So, our Vet and I negotiated and she will come check stitches and re-assess every single day (bar the weekends) and when I was talking with the young one later in the day, we talked about the follow on issues ie: the harm me posting photo's would do for the horses.

Which, if I'm being honest is a right bitch.

I love talking about my horses and especially their Healing, but what good is this going to do if by my speaking, I will cause harm to not just one horse, but many.

The failure rate of taking stitches out before the 14 days is 99.9%.

So, as I'm talking right now, there are no photo's up on Social Media, I stopped posting almost 2 days ago and until the Vet and I can find a solution which is not going to harm, then I'm all Dead air, baby.  

Honestly though, I got blindsided on this one, I was just so damn excited but no matter which way I look at it, I lost the fight on this one.  Belle did exactly what she was supposed to do and I can't do, say or show anything, apart from lay my sword down, accept that I got the best possible end result, and just keep doing the things I do.

But the worst part?

I'm going to have to listen to peeps say that the herbs didn't do shite.  That the way I am with the horses, means nothing.

That when it counted, zero happened.  

I almost want to burst into tears, but what good is that going to do?  I'm upset because of Belle being amazeballs?  Because Belle did exactly what I said she would do?  When and how?

Harden up, cupcake.

Anyway, you and I have always had a good relationship, so you know, I didn't want to treat you like a bitch.


Petal's not dead.

Can't find poison here though, it's like looking for a needle in a haystack...where it's not a needle and we don't have a haystack.


So our Vet came over first thing this morning and we had a little chat.

I spoke about things and she spoke about things and we kind of got things sorted.

Well, stitches are coming out latest Monday, Day 8.  

However, I am to send pictures Saturday and Sunday and they could come out earlier.

We also spoke about Social Media and pictures and we decided to go ahead and just put them out there.

Ultimately, you chose what you do with your horse.  If you feed shite food, lots of Soy or food which just makes a horse look good but not be good, that's on you.

Your horse won't Heal quickly.

If you take out stitches yourself when your horse is not ready or get a tame Vet who just does what you want, well, that's on you as well.

And you're not going to change your ways until you see there is a better way.

So pictures are up.

We can see trouble coming because of this, but you know, my horses Heal because of the way I work, if your horses do not, then that's on you.


Petal is not dead, but we can't get on top of the toxin because we literally have no idea what we are dealing with, so Petal is staying with Chris for another couple of days.


So there is a new "In" product at the moment.

Flying off the shelves.  It's ok, nothing to rave about but you know, it's ok.  But people are paying noticeable money for it.  In big quantities.

What does it do?

It makes the coat shiny.

That's not the worst part.

As it stands it is Human Grade which is awesome, but within a few months, if not weeks, you will notice that word disappear.  This means that it is no longer the same quality, however, you will be still be paying premium price.

And I am going to give you a bit of shite, Why the fuck would you choose a shiny coat over a strong horse?

For.  Fucks.  Sake.

Actually, while I'm talking about food, I have taught my horses to speak re their food.

I encourage them to be vocal.  If something is not right for them, they show me, then tell me what does work. I acknowledge that if someone is not getting their feed right, it's me. I understand that they know by smell how something will work for their body and whether it is going to harm or heal.

I know that when Boo-ba-licious is tired of one thing I put in his feed, he just hoovers everything else up and leaves this one thing.  It's impressive to watch. 

And I now know that if I continue to give them something which is not suitable for them, either one of two things will happen:

1) They will leave it and that's wasted money.

2) They get so hungry they eat it.  However, because it's not right you will start getting either physical or psychological issues, because it is harming either their physical body or hormones.

And when that happens your horse starts getting behavioural issues.

Which of course normally means they get a smack or three.

It's a cycle of fucked-up-ed-ness and the crazy thing is, it doesn't even need to happen, the horses know what harms them, but more importantly, what makes them strong.


And I tried a new product this week, because the boats bringing food from Australia are running late again, and one of our products had run out.

Brought it home, went inside and while I was inside Ralphy poo flipped the lid and started eating it.

Well, he took a mouthful, spat it out and walked away.

I didn't even bother feeding it to my other horses.


And after all the discussions of whether we would take out the stitches or not, I got up this morning and half of Belle's stitches are gone.

Not broken, not taken out, literally disappeared.

We have no idea where the fuck they went.

Anyhou, Belle is looking Fan-fucking-tastic!


It's Day 7 for Belle and most stitches have dissolved.

So nothing is holding her together anymore, and right now all I can hear is the Vet saying, No horse, ever, in history, has been able to Heal by themselves in under 14 days.

Under 14 days = failure.

So as I'm writing this I am trying to keep my panic attack under control.

Belle has been bleeding a little bit this afternoon, but the wound is clean.


Checked Belle just now 6.30pm on Day 7, and we have very few stitches.

Gave it a wash, then another wash, took some photos and am less freaked out.  It's clean, Belle's happy and she is Healing great.  It's just a bit off putting seeing no skin in places.

I will say though, in hindsight, 3 days was too early to take out stitches even though Belle looked fine, however, Day 5 would have been perfect to take out every third one.  Possibly every second. 

I would have preferred to take them out ourselves at Day 5, then again at Day 7, rather than some dissolving Day 5, then most of them dissolving on Day 6 and 7, and us taking a couple out on Day 8.

I kind of lost control a little there and I wasn't comfortable with that.

Anyway, fingers crossed for a good end result tomorrow.

But, while I'm still having a add insult to injury I missed Cambridge races, Auckland races - love love love, baby - AND Karaka sales.

Fuck you, Jacinda.

There are slight moments in time, not often thank fuck, that I wonder why the fuck I didn't just get married, live in the suburbs and have a white picket fence, 2.5 kids and a dog.

Actually, I know why.  I would have killed myself.

A life without magick, Spirit and horses is no life for me.


On a sad note, Petal passed last night.

After 5 days with Chris, visits from a Vet and a Chicken Specialist, and everyone thinking she was getting better, she was a little lethargic last night and then just curled up and died on us.

Everyone is now a bit miffed as to how this is happening, especially because the chooks are in great nick then literally, go soft, curl up and die within hours.


Our Vet happy with Belle and I'm back on track.

I would have done things slightly differently on night of 6 and Day of 7th, but am overall feeling ok.

Belle is a bloody rockstar and comes over all the time and just lets me do my thing.

Now I know where I veered off, and I'm back on track, I'm expecting excellent things to happen in the next few days.


Oh, and you want to know about food.

Same old.

However, I've stopped both supplements.

Yeah, they sort of worked, and yes, they dropped calorie intake but I didn't really notice a drop in weight.  However, they did not put on weight and that's been an issue as you know.

That old warthog of, Calories in vs calories out is bullshite.

It is old outdated thinking and we now know that hormones, stress, cortisol, steriods, estrogen, thryoid and the pitituary gland especially, play a huge part in weight regulation.

But anyway, wasn't seeing much difference so stopped.

And have dropped at least a dress size since.

But there was one negative thing from the Keto...

My hair turned to straw, I used a colour shampoo and my hair went blue, purple, green and yellow.

Yes, all at once and no, it wasn't a good look.

In fact, it got so bad all I could do was put it up in a pony tail and even that was a bit of a fail.

However, when I was saying all kinds of bad words, because I'm a bit precious about my hair, I remembered a random conversation I had with a girl who said that she had had to stop taking collagen as her hair had gone like straw, was ugly to touch and just went rogue on her.


Stopped the supplements and as I said, have dropped a dress size and my hair is almost back to normal.

Bloody Yah!

Oh wait...have dropped the juicing to just 3 big chunks of pineapple and the juice of one lemon, twice a day.  Sometimes with a teaspoon of Pure Ascorbic Vitamin C.

It's awesome.


And we've had a brilliant end result with Belle.

Day 10 as I'm writing this and her Healing is now moving forward exponentially.

I did take us back a few days because I used the Kawa Kawa balm too quick.  It kept the wound clean but then started Healing over the top of it.  

Too fast, as the gunk hadn't come out.  

I switched back to the Kawa Kawa wash 48 hours ago and she has just taken off again.

On doing further checking, Kawa Kawa is a natural form of penicillin and a natural painkiller, and as we already know it is bloody awesome for stopping itching.

Love.  Love.  Love.


So that's been our week:

I'm super stoked with Belle's Healing. 

I've always believed that the ability the horses have to not just keep themselves strong, but Heal when needed, is phenomenal, and my horses prove this, time and time again.  I love that.  

And apart from sedation while our Vet was putting in her stitches and some antibiotic powder on the very first day, Belle has had no medication.

And her tummy's strong because no medication has thrown the tummy balance out, so no medication = no reaction.

I'm super proud of that.

I love working with Spirit like this and I love, love, love seeing Healing take place in this way.  

Do I expect anyone to recognize or validate this Healing process?

Nope, Nada, Nix and well, just No.

Do I expect peeps to say, "You just got lucky" or "It wasn't really that bad..."


It doesn't change what we just did though. 

Big kissy hugs 

Caps, me, Spirit, Az, Ralph, Chew, Suz, and of course, my beautiful Mumma Bear, Belle and Boo-ba-licious, Pat, Chuck, Rose, Pepper, Lily, Shelley, Ossie, Marmite and Geraldine and the cows, Mickey, Mikey and Moose.