Horse Sense....




Ok, so I was talking to our Trainer today, re Boo-ba-licious and swapsies with Belle and stuff.

Everyone is in total agreement of snip snip then train train.

Apparently, almost immediate movement is required after gelding and secondly, no one wants him to realize how many fillies are around him and for him to get any ideas.

Trainer and co want to get him into the, I'm a race horse and this is how I act, extremly quickly.

Which to be fair, I can understand.

It also needs to be noted here that I wanted to geld him at 3 months and everyone was like, No, no...don't you dare! so to be fair, if Boo-ba-licious is a bit of a handful now wanting to shag every filly around, well, that's not on me.

Anyway, moving right along...

So everyone is super excited that Boo-ba-licious is starting his journey, however, very stern eyes will be watching to make sure that no fences are jumped, knocked over and/or fillies pounced on.

Good luck, I say.

However, it is really exciting.  He's good.  I know, I know, Nana's giving me a slap from above as, under no circumstances, am I to say things like that.  

She's right though, so let me re-phrase that, He is tall, has a great ass, is strong and intelligent and loves to run. 

And our Trainer's good.  

You do the maths.

Fingers crossed and doing a little prayer, that from Monday lunchtime to Thursday morning, it's bloody stunning weather.


And bloody Ralphy poo is like My Little Pony on speed at the moment.

He does nothing but flick his mane, buck, kick, scoot round the place at full tilt and generally be a nusiance on all bloody levels.

And he gets away with it because he is so damn cute.

Works out Good looking is his thing.


What a weird ass day.

I was supposed to be doing stuff and nothing worked out.  I even got half way to where I was supposed to be, and then Spirit were like, No, you're not listening, we said you're not going...

Well, ok then.


OMFG Ralphy poo was so naughty early this morning.

He, and his little buddies (because they were naughty too, as soon as they made the choice to go with Ralphy poo) got into my herbs and binged on them.

They would have eaten all the food too, but good on me, the food bins have bungy cords locking the clips together.

Go me.

But go on, ask me how I knew?

Well, first off, when it was banana (snack before breakfast) time, everyone was waiting apart from the little ones. 

Clue number 1.

Clue number 2...

When I went over to them, all 3 of them were like, we're all good.  A bit stuffed actually...

And I knew they had got into the food or herbs.

The are all currently in time out in the paddock with Az, and did not get breakfast.

Not one of them made a peep.


We now have a name for how we feed: 

Conscious Feeding - This means that we change our feed (ie: herbs/vitamins/minerals/supplements) on a daily basis, re how our horse felt today when he/she worked, and what we are planning on doing with our horse tomorrow.

No two days are the same.

Boom, baby.



So Boo-ba-licious got picked up today.

I went into the Welcome paddock, to pop him and Mumma into the stables and...ran into what worked out to be the very first, of some quite noticeable issues.

First off, when I had put sand down in the stables, I hadn't realized that it was starting to build up.  Not an issue overall, as it's kept everyone's hooves in bloody gorgeous condition, apart from Cappy's abscess right now. 

However, have you guessed what the problem might have been?


The bloody stable door did not close now.

Which led me to my next problem.

I then put rope up to make a makeshift door.  Two of them, if you want to be pendantic.

Then Mumma got herself all caught up, stepping over them.

However, being a Standardbred, she's used to shite being around her legs and just kind of stood there, did a little shimmy, then stepped out of them. 

Then I made my third mistake.

I put the rope back up.

With Boo-ba-licious in the stable and Mumma on the other side.

Boo-ba-licious completely freaked out, tried jumping, got caught, fell over, skinned his knee...

I took the ropes down, calmed everyone down, then Mr He Who Knows Everything turned up to help his mate (and our Trainer) to put Boo-ba-licious in the float.

Then things got really interesting.

Boo-ba-licious decided that he really, really didn't want to leave us here at home.  That he likes us here, and is happy.  And had a nasty suspicion that he might not be as happy somewhere else.

This, of course, might be accurate, considering the general consensus is that he is one spoilt brat.

A bit harsh.

However, he didn't do himself any favours. 

He wouldn't put a halter all.  He eventually did, but he gave everyone a run for their money with biting, kicking, a few bucks for good luck, pushing, swerving and generally being entitled.

Then everyone decided that Mumma needed to go and stay with him for the night, because no one trusted him not to jump the fence tonight.

In fact, everyone thought it might be a miracle if he didn't.

Then Mumma didn't want to get on the float, because she thought I was giving her away.

So eventually she calmed down when she realized she was coming back, and then Cappy got upset because he wasn't going.

He didn't eat dinner and only stopped crying 20 minutes ago, when he found Belle.

So, the general thought is Boo-ba-licious is bloody beautiful, but like a naughty 2 year old who throws himself down on the ground in the middle of the supermarket, throwing temper tantrums.

There were a few thoughts today from me of, "OMG I know nothing about horses..." and it's been a long time since I thought that.  

Practically, when put next to a professional horseman, I have so little knowledge, all I know would fit in 1/3 of a little finger. 

But then I got my head straight. 

I didn't get lucky with my horses, you know that, and more importantly, I know that.

Yes, Boo-ba-licious is super confident, maybe overly confident, but he is also strong, tall, well built, quick and intelligent.  

Belle is at home now too, and is also bloody awesome.  

That's not luck, baby.

What I loved about today though, was these men just love horses. 

It was wild today, no matter which way I looked at it, but to see these men who weren't doing this for the money, men who were excited for a new challenge and given the opportunity to do any other thing in the world, they would still do this.

That was bloody awesome.

Bloody pray for sunshine tomorrow so the little one can have the snip.


I bloody hate Mercury Retrograde.

I ordered 2 dozen of something, thinking that I was paying $3.

I wasn't.

I was paying $30.



I am both extremely happy, and a very fucking unhappy camper right now.

Boo's gelded.


Boo also got hurt with the rope from yesterday on his knee, directly through me and my inexperience, and it's quite deep.

Not yah. 

Now to the very fucking unhappy camper part.

Boo-ba-licious and Mumma all waiting for Vet to turn up this morning.

Vet turned up. 

Not our Vet.

I cannot blame her because there are huge restrictions in Auckland at the moment re Vets and what they can and can't do, and she is overwhelmed with work.

However, I've worked so damn hard with our holistic lifestyle, building a relationship between my horses and our Vet, that to find a new fucking Vet who doesn't understand our holistic ways or know the fucking history re vaccinations etc was not a plesant experience for anyone involved.

I am a real easy going chick, and say what you want about me, but I work damn hard with, and for, my horses.

And I will, and consistently have, on more than one occasion, fought for my horses rights.

Today was no different.

And I'm still fucking spitting tacks as I'm writing this.

However, the Vet who did geld was nice, might even have really liked her if I had met her on another occasion, her assistant was lovely and had been to our home before and knew if not all my ways, at least wasn't going in cold, and the conversation was stopped dead at, Don't even think about giving him antibiotics for the next five days on the off chance he may get an infection...

*start of rant to you as a human*

Jezus.  What the fuck?  This is why your horses get sick, and stay sick.  They don't know how to be strong, because you have trained them to pop a fucking pill, just like humans.  

You don't Consciously Feed, you don't run with Energy, and you have no idea how to fix a body unless it is dosing it up with medicine.

And you don't know how to do it for a horse, 'cause you don't do it for yourself.

When it comes to keeping healthy, and the day-to-day health of you and your horse, you couldn't organise a fuck in a whorehouse.

You are fucking lazy asses who don't give a shite.

Fucking shame on you.

*rant over*

There were also talks of scans and x-rays which also didn't go down too well.

I work with my horses for them to be strong. 

I don't have horses that just look good, they are good.

And fucking strong.

And their ability to heal is phenomenal.

It was a stupid thing that happened today, which shouldn't have happened.

However, it just goes to prove that as much as I'm way, way more laid back than I used to be, when push comes to shove, I still go from 0 to 100 in 3 seconds flat.

I do have to say, Thank you! to Catherine, Melissa, Zinny and Matt because when all is said and done, we got a highly successful end result today.

Ooooooohhhh...Mumma's home, loving being with Cappy and he's the happiest gelding in the world.

Bit quiet without little stallion squeals though...


Just heard from our Vet who was upset that I had been upset.

She thought she had done the right thing by me.

Which she most probably had. 

Boo-ba-licious had to be gelded as quickly as possible, while she was both severely restricted and overwhelmed with work.


So that's been our week:  

I've had better and I've had worse. 

Boo-ba-licious is gelded - fucking yah!  Belle's home - also yah! 

I did some seriously big fuck up's - NOT fucking yah!

But we're all still standing, and I have more experience than I had 7 days ago.


Big kissy hugs 

Caps, me, Spirit, Az, Ralph, Chew, Suz, and of course, my beautiful Mumma Bear, Belle and Boo-ba-licious, Pat, Chuck, Rose, Petal, Kai-Anne, Pepper, Lily, Shelley, Ossie, Marmite and Geraldine.