Horse Sense....




I'm getting phenomenal results.

* Day 4 - Had another fantastic sleep last night.  Blood sugar levels are good, bordering on excellent.  But the weirdest thing is that my body is lighter.

I know, go figure.  

It's not like I'm losing weight, I may be, but it's not that, it is literally my body is working at better capacity.  Lighter.

My thyroid must have been out more than I realized, because looking back, my body was feeling heavier.  Not fat, but just slower.  Like walking through mud.  I thought it was because it was wet and cold and muddy and I was just feeling a bit sluggish.

And those things might not have helped, but it wasn't that.  I now recognize it was slower because my thyroid was badly out, dragging my body down. 

Honestly, I got up this morning feeling like a bloody spring lamb.  

Hand on hoof, true story.

Calories came in at 2168.  However, I believe that my body is working harder in it's rebalancing work, so needs a few more calories right now.

Still a smidgen less than what I would have on my best days.

Oh, almost forgot,   

1 drop about 9.30am, 1 about 12, 1 at 3ish and 1 just before bed.

Less chocolate than normal, however, I did have banana pancakes with maple syrup for breakfast.


And on a funny note, bloody Chuck (original chicken that came with Pat the Rooster) has taken it upon herself to be my house chicken.  Literally, if I'm not careful, I often find her inside sitting on my green rug.  Failing that she pops herslef up on the deck and makes herself comfortable.  She doesn't associate with the other chickens much, nor does she sleep in the chicken coop, but has decided I'm her person.

Like Ossie.

Who still chats away in this other world language, and is very happy with her afternoon cuddle and feed.  When I feel like partaking of Social Media again I'll put a video up.


Ralphy poo is behaving himself, well read into that, is waiting outside my window when I wake up, walks with me, like everywhere, and generally is My Little Pony in minature form.

He's bloody gorgeous, and knows it.


Boo-ba-licious is still not snipped.


* Day 5 - I am increasing the doseage, but overall it is doing well.  I cannot tell you whether I am losing weight, but so far, fingers crossed, I'm not putting on.  No matter which way I look at it, this oil is quite exceptional. It is tricky and complex and intelligent, well, anything which goes into your body and then can tell where it is supposed to be and what it is supposed to do, hunny, that's super clever.

There are however, a few things that I am concerned about:

1) This product will be abused.

Peeps will not do the proper groundwork, and by this I mean, they will still eat shite food, not exercise and not deal with any underlying emotional issues which are causing this dis-ease.  

2) It will be looked at as a quick-fix.

Refer to 1.

3) It will mask other issues.

Ie: emotional dysfunction, abuse, addictions.

4) Peeps will use it as well as anti-anxiety and depression medication.

5) Some peeps will mis-use it so that horses can compete and/or race, instead of giving them the right food, do bodywork or get a vet out.  

In fact, thiese were the reasons I didn't talk about it to start with.  However, since we've been using another form of this product for well over a year with exceptional results, I had to talk about it. 

However, I have to say here, I have never used it on my pregnant Mumma or babies.  

Not once.

However, I absolutely 100% know, that the Cannabis family works with: blood sugar levels, thyroid, arthritis, skin, anxiety, depression, inflammation, abscess (in conjunction with another vitamin) grief, healing from an operation, scars and wounds.

Don't be a wanker though and make me regret talking about this.

Oh almost forgot: 10 drops day (just hit the 3 drops, 3 times a day, then add to get to your proper doseage) and not looking as if I'm putting on weight, but can still not be sure.  I am hungry quite a bit though, however, food is 100% fresh, natural and good. 

As you know though, I am extremely good with my food anyway, so this is just continuing on from that.  Chocolate intake is pretty good and no home baking, however, that is only because I don't bake in lockdown.  Not because I don't wish to make banana and chocolate cupcakes.

Calories came in today at 2291.


* Day 6 - playing round with doseages now.  I'm not putting on weight, could possibly be dropping, however, since that is not my main goal here, I refuse to weigh myself.  Either my clothes will start getting tighter or mucho looser.  

The doseage thing is a bit hit and miss though, because I literally have nothing to work with.  So I'm playing round and listening really quietly to Spirit, Now? Now? What about now...

If I'm doing stuff right, it will start to show in the next 48 hours.

Calories came in at 1903.


* Day 7 - calories came in at 1808.  However, this has not been an ordinary day.


Belle's looking really good AND doing a growth spurt, so that's super good. 


Boo-ba-licious still not snipped.


So that's been our week:

I love trying new stuff and this has been perfect timing to do this, because the Energy has been super clear here. 

The rest of the time we've just been hanging out, sunbathing, napping and generally living Vivre la belle vie.

In lockdown.

Big hugs and horsey kisses from us here, to you there.

Caps, me, Spirit, Az, Ralph, Chew, Suz, and of course, my beautiful Mumma Bear, Belle and Boo-ba-licious, Pat, Chuck, Rose, Petal, Kai-Anne, Pepper, Lily, Shelley, Ossie, Marmite and Geraldine.


Liam and I are absolutely heart broken that you've passed.

You were one of my best friends, and you were always Liams rah rah cheerleading girl.  

You meant more to us than you ever imagined.

Love Witchy girl and Liam xx

Change is one of the most difficult things that we face, but change is inevitable. One reason we don’t like change is we get comfortable where we are. We get used to our friends, our job, the place we live, and even if it’s not perfect we accept it because it’s familiar. What happens is because we’re not willing to change, we get stuck in what God used to do instead of moving forward into what God is about to do. Just because God’s blessed you where you are doesn’t mean you can just sit back and settle there. You have to stay open to what God is doing now. What worked five years ago may not work today. If you’re going to be successful you have to be willing to change. Every blessing is not supposed to be permanent. Every provision is not supposed to last forever. We should constantly evaluate our friendships. Who’s speaking into your life? Who are you depending on? Make sure they're not dragging you down, limiting you from blossoming. Everybody is not supposed to be in our life forever. If you don't get rid of the wrong friends you will never meet the right friends.

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