Horse Sense....





So this is a waiting period here.

Waiting for baby, waiting for herbs....

But all jokes aside, it's cool.

I took an awesome video today of Mumma and me, doing her back Miri Miri.  You can see when I get it right, because her girl bits are actually opening and closing.  If that isn't something special, I don't know what is.  Which of course, gets us excited that Mumma is going to pop Boo out, which, as I'm writing this, is inaccurate.

On a funny note though, she wanders up and down her two paddocks at will.  When I check on her, she either calls or comes over (when she's not sulking) and at night, literally comes over, then turns sideways to show me she's still preggers then walks away.  I'm learning more about Mumma all the time.

That she understands what I wish for and what I talk about, is quite obvious now, as is how important Touch/play is.

I try and show video's when I can but honestly, it's just us here and I am more focussed on keeping my senses alert and in full working order, than video-ing.  But I try my best for you.

What I know is that Mumma understands that I am doing my 100% absolute best for her, and that our communication has been able to cross species. 

That's mind blowing awesome.    

I feel so lucky that we got it right.  That now, when it's important, Mumma trusts me.  That's means a lot to me, and makes me able to keep stepping forward, not worrying so much about the future, but allowing us to enjoy the process.

Our herbs are also on their way, and we're working hard to make herbs/Vitamin C's etc not just financially viable for others, but for people to start learning how to use them. 

But the funny thing is, that's the off shoot.  The original, main and only original goal was to source herbs that were excellent quality and affordable.  For me.  Because as you know, I hate with a passion, being overcharged.  Which I was, or am, depending on which way you look at it.  The rest just kind of fell into my lap because it works out that I am not the only one who is upset about the complete over charge because I can cost.

That's something I'm super excited about, and the horses are uber happy.

And I'm full on Anti-Soy ing.  There are huge concerns about Soy causing dysfunction in the tummy, and this is a huge concern as we now know that imbalance in the tummy causes disruptions in the brain.   And honestly, while I was doing more research to share, there was a Pediatrician 10 years ago who spoke about concerns of Soy causing developmental issues in little ones.  Or what about the article that said that Soy doesn't cause Breast Cancer but when you read the article they were talking about tofu, and the article actually states, Other Soy protein isolates are highly processed Soy foods and are not natural - they are synthetic food ingredients, made in a lab, and are known to cause Breast Cancer

They know this because they test on rats, and the rats get cancer. 

Or that Soy is 95% GE Modified.  Think Round up ready.  

When I read stuff like that it makes me want to vomit.

But what annoys me, is that I can't get humans to understand exactly how much Soy is in food.  So now I photograph things, so you're starting to get exactly how much Soy is around. 

To be fair though, I don't hold out much hope that humans will change, however, my babies know that I'm out there fighting for them and you know, trust me, they care. 

Really care.

I do have to say though that I didn't realize Soy lecithen was in chocolate.  To make Soy lecithin, soybean oil is extracted from the raw soybeans using a chemical solvent (usually hexane). Then, the crude soy oil goes through a ‘degumming’ process, wherein water is mixed thoroughly with the Soy oil until the lecithin becomes hydrated and separates from the oil. Then, the lecithin is dried and occasionally bleached using hydrogen peroxide. 

Lecithin is literally the crap part of the Soy - all the ugly stufff which is left over from the production process.

Bang goes my favourite chocolate, Malteasers and Whittakers Jelly Tip. In fact, we have, or should say, had a jar that sat on our bench.  The more I read about Soy, the more I just can't eat it.  So I'm doing it a bit hard with no chocolate at the moment.  I have found a couple of bars with none in, but if I'm beng honest, they're not as sweet, expensive as fuck, and not quite hitting the mark.  Maybe it's just me and my taste buds.  Anyway, it's a work in progress.

Chocolate aside, it's exciting times here.


Boo is kicking Mumma something wickedly.  I've taken video's of him, but they still don't do him justice.  If he's awake, then he's undulating...and kicking.  I'm so pleased that Mumma is having a rest this year, I truly think she deserves it after Boo.  Even I'm starting to feel sorry for her.

I don't think he can stay inside for too much longer though, there's just too much movement, something's got to give.

So I'm home a lot. 

Because I can never tell what Mumma is going to be like one moment to the next, I'm consistently checking her and Boo, who is vibrantly vocal.  The cool thing is the rest of the tribe are always with Mumma, so she's never alone, and Mumma really loves this. The sense of community with the horses, for me watching, is mind blowing.  There is a definite hierachy around this which I am trying to work with.  Cappy if he could, would be inside the paddock with Mumma.  The only reason he is not is because I have been told under NO circumstancers is a gelding to be in with Mumma while she is birthing.  I don't know enough to say, No, Cappy's fine.  So he has to stay out.  Yet, they all hang round together (Cappy, Ralphy poo and Chew - Az and Suz still in arena paddock) wherever Mumma is.  

I'm loving the inticate complexities of how the tribe work in a pregnancy.

I'm also missing racing but you know, it is what it is.

I watched the races tonight on TV inbetween clients, emails, checking on Mumma, making rocky road, toffee for toffee and ginger chcocolate bark and date, chocolate and granola balls rolled in coconut, checking on Mumma, emails, clients, checking on Mumma...

All jokes aside though, as I'm writing this, Mumma is happy, Boo is super happy (although still in bloody womb), the rest of the tribe is happy, I'm toasty warm and there is the most delicious smell of chocolate wafting through my home.   

And the chocolate is deep in your soul, so fucking good, amazeballs.

Life is pretty damn good.



What I love is that Mumma communicates and we do huge amounts of Miri Miri and Touch/play.  That's awesome.  In fact, it is mindblowingly awesome.  I'm learning things that I didn't realize were even things to know.  That alone is something pretty fantastic.  I love that I can help Mumma with her back, I love that her body shows me how it is changing on a daily/sometimes hourly basis. 

I also check on Mumma so many times during the day, that I feel like a bit of a dick, but, and I know it sounds a bit stupid, she loves being checked up on.  She is very, Here I am...

As I've also spoken about, I've shut the house down now.  It's just us and Spirit and as much as that is a bit weird, it's also good for us.  It's our time now and we are loving it.  

I can't wait to meet Boo, who as I am writing this, either wants to come, Right this minute! or is sticking a nose out to test the weather and is like,, I don't think so...

All jokes aside though, the Energy is extremely clear, a little too clear you might say, but good.  Spirit are extremely tunnel vision with us in the right here, right now and I'm so pleased, in the journey that Mumma, Belle and I had last year, that I was tunnel vision then, too.  In hindsight, I have been so very, very lucky.

And all because I was one stubborn cow.

I tell you what, my stubborness may be a gigantic pain in the butt to others, but on more than one occasion, it has been a lifesaver for us here at home.  Because looking back over the past year, we've dodged a few bullets.  I can't guarantee that I will continue to do so, but what I know is that when I stand for what I believe in, really stand up and be counted, things tend to work out.  

Admittedly, crossing hooves and with more than a few fucking prayers.

But if I'm being honest, we're in a bit of a transition stage at the moment - I want to keep everything the way things were at the start of the year, but if it means that to do that, I can't speak, then I can't do that. 

I'm causing mucho loads of conflict by speaking, and I am aware that if I keep on speaking, then loads more change will happen.  

And I hate change.

But I hate keeping quiet more.

So I am holding onto my belief system like an anchor in a storm, trusting Spirit and am speaking to humans or talking with horses or blogging or texting or carrier pigeon-ing.  Actually, I'm doing anything and everything I can to bring attentiion to, and bring about positive change, for Mumma's and babies.

Works out, after all these years of not really being able to speak, I found my voice for the horses.


The natural Protein Powder with all those lovely natural ingredients, didn't work for me.  I found that I wanted the odd nap, which is not like me, and I held onto so much water it was ridiculous.  I felt like Mr Blooby.  It was either the pea, they used the wrong part of the coconut for me or the stevia. 

never eat peas or use stevia and am super careful about which part of the coconut I use.  I never ever eat coconut oil. And the smell was wrong for me. 

How many times have you heard me say, Smell teaches you...and is the very first sign, of what works, or doesn't, for you.  

Actually, now I'm writing this, it would have been more of a surprise if the protein poweder had worked.

However, it is obvious that I do need more protein in my daily food intake, so will take that on board and make some changes.


Quite obviously no Boo.


We've finished our nesting here now and it is some kind of sweet.  To know that we gave everything we had, each step of the way, trying new things, tweaking, fine tuning, sometimes doing U-turns, changing and re-doing, is a really delicious feeling. 

In fact, there's no better feeling.     

I'm proud of Mumma.

I'm proud of me.


So that's been our week:  It's been both super busy crazy and eerily quiet.  I Miri Miri, Touch/play or work on developing deeper the language of Touch, catch up and breathe when I can, work directly with Spirit the rest of the time and inbetween keep getting you to challenge what you think you know. 

Or have always known.  

As my old Nana would say, Roll the dice and let it fall where it may.

Sounds good to me, head down, bum up and I'll see who's still there standing with me, when the Energy clears.

Big hugs and horsey kisses from us here, to you there.
Caps, me, Spirit, Az, Ralph, Chew, Suz, the Big E, and of course, my beautiful Mumma Bear, Belle and Little Boo