Horse Sense....




And the stables are finished!

They're fucking awesome and I am so happy with them.  We did a really great job, and if I was a horse, that would be where I would want to stay.

The door is open so Mumma and Caps can walk in and out, which is what I wanted, but also it gives both of them time to see and like it themselves.  Which they will.  Because it's awesome.

But talking about that, sometimes Mumma is like, What's this whole "voice thing" you guys keep talking about....

Let me explain:

So it was farrier day today and as per ususal, I told everyone.  Now I do this so those that want hooves done, can, and those that don't, don't get blind sided.  Caps and I have worked this way for years and he never has any issues.  So, it's a respect thing.  I tell him when the farrier is coming, he tells me whether he wants his hooves done.  Unfortunately, farrier walked in just as Caps was trotting just faster than I could walk to tell me, No, thank you, no hooves today.

To the uniniated though, it looked like Caps was misbehaving and I couldn't catch my horse.

I couldn't be bothered explaining.

Mumma was all good though, waiting to be farrier-ed then we decided not to, they didn't need it.  Mumma was like, This whole voice thing, how exactly does it work...

On the other hand, Suz, my little darling, took 45 minutes to be caught.  

25 minutes chasing her round, 20 minutes when I finally got her cornered, to just stand and stroke her before I put lead on.  It actually worked really well.  I mean, the amount of people I have seen not be able to catch their horse, eventually catch their horse, and then give them a slap or punch for fucking them round, way too many to mention.

Nice one, Einstein!

You just made it ten times harder the next time you go to catch your horse.

Anyway, Suz just stood there, with her mooshie brown eyes as if butter wouldn't melt, and she was just a little angel.  As soon as she was finished, lead off, and she wandered off as if it was no big deal and we hadn't had a tussle earlier.  

I learn a lot from Suz.  I'm a better horse person directly because of her.

A highly successful day.

Oh wait...Chew's got a new party trick.  

He sucks in his breath and somehow manages to get to 1/10 of his size, and then slithers through a gap in the fence not big enough for a rabbit.

O.M.F.G he is not of this world...


And Mumma is in the Welcome Paddock by herself now.

A couple of reasons:

1) She's close.  I know that I said this last time and was 2 months out, but you know, she's fat and juicy and Little Boo was undulating today!

No shite, un-du-lat-ing.

2) Caps had also wandered into a separate paddock, so I just took the opportunity to re-arrange everyone.

Go me.

Mumma is super happy with the new arrangement, Caps not so much.  But I've upped Mumma's food because all of a sudden Boo has done a growth spurt, and she lost a little weight.  I am also not 100% sure that Caps wasn't eating Mumma's food.

Anyway, everyone shifted.

We're also full on into Touch/play.  Mumma loves this time and is always ready and waiting for the hands.  

On a funny note: I ended up in my old neighbourhood today.  That was a blast from the past.  It was a hugely fun time there - and we were so unbelievably busy.  Worked hard, played hard.  

I can't believe how far we've come though.

It's like a whole new life now, well, to be fair, that's exactly what it is.

If you had asked me then if I suffered from Anxiety, I would have said, Hell no!

But looking back, my whole life was in crisis.  You can't do this work, like I was working, the long hours and the constant demands, while having no self-care.  The funny thing is, I was doing self-care.  People were just demanding so much of me, and giving nothing in return.

Or nothing of substance.

And here we are, 3 and a bit years later.  

The pretty boys and girls are gone.  The entitled peeps are history.  The demanding "Fuck you, get me results" clients are gone.  The "You owe me" peeps are gone.  The "You have a talent, why won't you Read for free" peeps are gone and the, "It's not as if you have a real job" (while asking for free Readings).

There are also no more knocks on my door at 11pm for a Reading or "I just popped in for a coffee...well, I may as well have a Reading while I'm here". 

And there is absolutely 100% not anymore peeps who have flowery words for me with one hand behind their back, taking in bucketloads what they haven't earnt or deserved. 

They're all gone, gone, gone and gone. 

Liam's in America - a good, strong, honourable and honest man, who I'm so proud of, and I'm here at home with my horses and Spirit, doing good, deep, honest soul work.  

I eventually got it right.



Oh wait, almost forgot...I've realized how I was able to keep a jacket off Mumma last pregnancy.   I literally, in horse terms, was feeding her warm porridge, cream and brown sugar three times a day, as much as she could eat. 

Because her tummy was soft, I had to be really gentle, and so much didn't work for her.  But going back to the very basics did.  I fed at least 4 x more than what I "should" have, and of the technically "wrong" foods, and either herbs, vitamins and/or minerals on different days as her Energy dictated, but it not only strengthened her tummy, but enhanced and invigorated the whole soul of her.  Allowing her to keep herself warm last Winter, and for Belle to grow amazingly.   


So that's been our week:  This is soul time now. I've shut the house down and it is just me, our horses and Spirit.

Big hugs and horsey kisses from us here, to you there.
Caps, me, Spirit, Az, Ralph, Chew, Suz, the Big E, and of course, my beautiful Mumma Bear, Belle and Little Boo