Horse Sense....



Finally got to the races tonight!

It was a really nice night.  To be fair though, I had to really fight to not fall down the rabbit hole.  I had been doing ok though so you know, some days you just have to work harder.  So I did.  On a weird note though, I found that whenever I found myself in a situation where I didn't fit, I just walked away.  That's a very bad habit of mine, but to be fair, Spirit understand and the horses know.  

So if we take away the human part, it was a highly successful Spirit and horse night.  But that's not being fair, or I'm not explaining it very well.  Let me try again:

Spirit talk about being kind rather than right.  To make someone feel better or smarter or bigger than they were before you spoke to them.  The horses speak to me of love and kindness and connection.  Of not being a push over, but having a voice, and knowing there is a place for you in this Universe.

When I am there with my horses, or your horses, or a bloody 6 month pregnant welsh is calling me from down the line because she needs a new home, well, there's a special kind of magic that happens.  And when I Touch/play and am touching Little Boo, or rebalancing Mumma, reorganizing Belle or just connecting with Caps or Az, that Touch/play defies every known thing in this Universe.

Add Spirit whispering to me while I work, and it's fucking mind blowing.

Sometimes though, I don't even know where to start with humans.


And the news continues....

One person has given up their personal Mares baby Daddy filly because it can't run.

Another person has given up their two (2) personal other Mares baby Daddy fillies because they can't run.

The only other Mares baby Daddy filly I know of in the North Island apart from Belle, has had a very bad paddock accident.

This does not include the other Mares baby Daddy filly that just up and karked it in the paddock.

And while we are on the honesty kick, there has only been one (1) filly who has ever hit the track and raced. 


So peeps look at me as if I'm thick when I talk about Belle.

But I'm like, I can't say that Belle can run, no one can until she hits the track.  However, what I can say is that I did the jigsaw.  I flew down to see Mumma's baby Daddy to see for myself his strengths and weaknesses, and to Touch/play to find any genetic weaknesses.  I checked the personalities of both Mumma and Daddy and made sure that I was breeding strength to weakness.  Then once pregnant, every day I worked fine tuning the food, herbs and did so much Touch/play that I swear I'm part horse now.  

I've also learnt about herbs, and keep learning on a daily basis, so they are becoming second nature.  I can almost do them in my sleep.  And I've worked so hard at Touch/play that I don't know how I never realized touch was a full and complete language for so long.  It's like before and after and I don't know how I only used words, when touch is so beautiful.  And creative.  Connected and mind blowing.  

The funny thing is though, the more experienced I am becoming in Touch/play the less I am willing to accept from humans on a personal/intimate basis.  I'm like, Bring your best game, bring everything you have to the table.  Which I've found is both fantastic and super annoying at the same time.   

Anyway, back to what I was originally talking about, nothing that I have spoken about above guarantees that Belle can run.  There is a chance that she can't.  However, what does need to be spoken about is this:

You and I are not really talking about the same thing. 

Not really.


Belle's baby Daddy half-brother-colt just won in Addington.
Fucking whoooooo!


So Caps is sulking.

To be fair, he's not completely wrong.  Kara-the-Vet, was coming over this morning, so I got everyone ready.  This roughly translates to putting Az in another paddock, and having Mumma and Caps tied up.  Caps is not usually tied up, but with Mumma needing worming and injections, we really didn't want him getting in between us.  

Then I realized that if Mumma was getting wormed, then Cappy needed to be wormed, because everyone eats out of the same bowls.  They switch round.  I wasn't worried about worming Az, because I thought he was a walk in the park.  I'll get to that part later.

Anyway, I told Cappy a friend was coming over, so he got excited.

Then when Kara turned up, I went out to the truck, explained that Cappy didn't like being wormed and to a) not show the wormer and b) not speak about worms, wormer, worming or any variation of that.  Kara got the wormer ready, hid it, made me cover his eye so he didn't see it, gave him a pat and then sneakily wormed him.

To say that he is not a happy camper is an underestimation.

Even when I went to feed out tonight he was still, How could you...

Anyway, then Kara and I walked the paddocks to see which one was suitable for foaling Little Boo.  I thought Welcome Paddock because Mumma loves it.  Kara was like, Nope.  Too muddy, too hilly.  Out of 8 paddocks, only one is suitable.  Big holes in the ground, too hilly - baby can fall into and/or roll onto, pond to fall into, too muddy annd the list went on.  Then we got one.  

As I'm writing this we are planning to foal at home.  Mumma is in fantastic condition and Kara will come back at least once more, possibly twice, to make sure everything is fine. 

I have the highest respect and regard for both our stables and our Stud though.  They are experienced and beautiful peeps.  The only reason I am foaling at home, is I am excited to have my young one at home, I have every intention of doing more Touch/play and naturally, our food is soy free.  I can have this freedom at our stables, however, with the Touch/play I am planning on doing, leading within days, floating etc I have this organised at our home. 

What I am planning on doing is huge in America both in recreational/specialised sports horses and also in Standbred Racing, which is what I am breeding for.  

There is a huge swing towards how positive what Touch/play, handling, leading, floating in the very early days does for the horse.  How it makes for a fantastic horse.  Naturally, this is still early days and not much is known here at all, although I've heard the Thoroughbred industry has just started doing this.  

I've watched what it did for Belle though, we have a highly intelligent, well put together, horse.  She comes when called, stops, starts, backs.  You can lift her hooves up, touch her tummy, back, head, mane, nose and chin.  

She is a super clever, highly aware horse, who understands what you ask of her very quickly, then does it.  I am unbelievably proud of her and am planning on taking what I learnt with Belle, fine tuning it and doing even better with Little Boo. 

That's the reason we're foaling at home. 


The rest of our days have been finding our way, listening then hearing.  Thunderstorms, rain and bucketloads of sunshine.  Not necessarily in that order. 


So that's been our week:

It's been interesting and kind of weird in some respects, so I'm just holding on.  As I always say, I'm Liam's Mum, a Reader and I talk with horses, the rest is not important.  

And it's true, it's not.

Big hugs and horsey kisses from us here, to you there.
Caps, me, Spirit, Az, Ralph, Chew, Suz, the Big E, and of course, my beautiful Mumma Bear, Belle and Little Boo
And the weirdest thing is happening here...I'm turning white.  No, you nong, not my skin colour, my hair.  It's like an overnight jobby, every day I wake up and my hair has changed colour.  To be fair though, my Dad's Mum did the same thing. 
Watch this space...
** And we've just been put back into lockdown.
I'm not saying another word about this.  Those of you that know me, well, y'all know me which is the beginning, middle, and end of this conversation.
*** Liam says, Hi! from America.  He's watching this all play out on American tv.
Sending you my very biggest love and squishiest hug.