Horse Sense....



Well, well, well, what a difference 24 hours makes!

Mumma has taken to running in a (little) herd like she was born to it.  Where Caps is, Mumma is and then Mumma goes off to find Az.  Caps had said to her yesterday, Come, let me show you our home... and now they whip round the paddocks having the best fun.  

Belle is loving her new home with Ruby, and Bandit (Granddaddy) who looks after them.  He's been teaching them to tie up and later, Belle and Ruby went on the walker.  I'll find out how she liked it tomorrow.  But overall, Belle is like, Whooooo, this is fun...


So Mumma's being super funny.

She bosses Az round like nobody's business.  I had to go out with the naughty stick today and tell her off.  

Az is a loved and respected member of our family.  Stop bullying him.

And the funniest thing in the Universe?

Az is standing there nodding his head, Yup, loved and respected member of the family.

Mumma just walked away, turned her back and sulked.


So it's been pretty busy here, but just doing normal things.  Running with Energy with Belle and doing some huge work with soy, looking at different options and getting more information.  It's super weird that soy is so big in the horse feed.  I don't get it.  Why would you put into your Mumma a hormone disrupter?  What goes into Mumma goes into baby.  And so far, 98% of the feeds for Mumma have soy.  

I can't do that.  Knowing what I know, I just can't.

And I won't give it to Belle either.  

Just lots of real basic food, herbs and Touch/play for Belle.  I'm consistently looking for better, new or different foods but my options are so limited.  I work on the theory that just giving her food which I know does not play with her hormones, makes us on the winning side.  

Well, that's my theory. 

I've now put the word out to my friends re soy, so will have lots more information for you in the coming weeks.  As I get it, I will share it with you.  

Knowledge is power.  

And a less fucked up horse. 

It's heartbreaking how many tracks are shutting, but our harness boys are doing some awesome interviews on tv.  If you have a chance, listen to them.
So Belle was like, Tania, it took you 7 minutes to see where I was tight today!  S.E.V.E.N.  That's not very good...
I was like, This door is a two way street, kiddo.  But you're right, 7 minutes is way too long.  Come here and let me give you a cuddle.

She was right though.  That's way too long.  Should be round about 1 minute 20.  And to be fair, it should take 15 seconds to say, Ok, something's not right, let's find out what.  

I also know to walk straight in and be with the horses.  Because the Energy is so loud with the horses, and quick.  Super quick.  They're like, Hey, this happened yesterday or That's what I did or This is what we're doing today... sometimes it's, I'm tight here or I have a bump here... or they want to tell me a story, or hear one of mine.  And the Energy is so pure.  Crystal clear clarity.  It's the oddest, yet coolest thing in the Universe. 

Belle is super funny though.  She's always chatting away and on the bits where she's not, and I start chatting to someone else, she is like, Wait, come back...

But it's been really good going back to the old ways.  The ways that I forget, until I use them again.  Like the Heating Mirir-Miri.  Where you lay your hands, wait for the heat to come, then heat your horse, unknotting the blockage.  Wait for the click and them, Boom! 

I forget, until I use it again.  

Then I'm like, Oooohhhhhhh.... 

You know, when I'm there with the little ones, my hands are busy and hot, and they're going nineteen to the dozen, tempting and teasing, caressing and calling.  And our words are tripping up over each other.  

And it's so fucking wild.

There is not one place in the Universe that I would rather be.

And on another note:

Mumma is causing new chaos and mayhem.

She sticks like glue to Caps and chases Az away.  She is also very little pony challenged.  This roughly translates to Mumma flattening back her ears and charging towards either Chew, Ralph, Suz and/or Az.  

The little ones are on the house side of the fence and Mumma the other side, but it doesn't seem to matter.  However, if I try and go near Az then Caps comes over, with Mumma following in his shadow.  

This is not perfect, as you can understand.  

And my anxiety is going through the roof.  

So, we do what we can here.  This means, I play music.  Dolly Parton is everyone's favourite at the moment, Touch/play where I can, but with all horses, Caps, Mumma, Az, Ralph and Chew (and Suz in the morning) and we spend time together just hanging out, admittedly, with me on this side of the fence.  On a funny note though, Chew just stands there and pretends Mumma is not doing anything unsociable.  Actually, maybe I should take a leaf out of his book.

Anyway, I don't know where to go with this, so I'm just taking bite size pieces.  

Eventually, we will find our way.

On a positive note, Mumma hoovered down her banana this morning.  She was like, OMG! That is soooooooooo good...

So, that's been our week: Just pure and simple, hard work, trying to get it right for my horses.  

Or more importantly, not wrong.

Big hugs and horsey kisses from us here, to you there.

Caps, me, Spirit, Az, Ralph, Chew, Suz, the Big E, and of course, my beautiful Mumma Bear, Belle and Little Boo
So Mumma was there this morning, all lined up with the rest of the family, waiting for her banana.  
I peeled it, then put it out towards her.  She gently nibbled it but then somehow I pulled back too suddenly, she took a bit of a fright and I dropped the banana.  The next minute Mumma is like, What's the matter with you?  Why are you so scared?
Well, it goes like this...We've always had a really great connection, but since you've been here, I've watched you literally pin your ears back and run at Az going to bite him.  Hard.  So now I think you will do that with me.  
I went and finished the rest of my morning feed out, then went to see Belle.
Later on this afternoon I was outside having some lunch, thinking about doing some work and Mumma is standing at the house.  I look for Caps and Az and they are down the bottom paddock, having a munch.  And Mumma's just standing there looking at me.  I put on Dolly, jump the fence and the next minute we are doing our Touch/play.
Caps and Az stayed where they were, Mumma and I just did our thing.  
In the sun.  
Together like we used to.
Sometimes the magick happens, just when you think it's never going to.