Horse Sense....



Ok, my Acupunturist was super cute today.

I walked in the door and the next minute he had an electronic thermomenter aimed at me, taking my bloody temperature!  Then gave me strict hand washing instructions, and then timed me to make sure that I did the exact time.

It's nice to see him proactive though.  He's from Taiwan so I heard all about how Taiwan reacted, their processes and the way they are not just now, but overall.  

Super interesting.

I've also had other super vibrant conversations.

I like any communication which is quick, fast paced and makes me re-speak about my work.

Re-speak is not the right word but it's close.  To find other words to define how I work.  To speak in other ways.  From other directions.  

These conversations are good though.  Sometimes I need to go back and reback up what I've spoken about, fine tune because I don't have a clear enough case.  Other times things have been lost in translation.  I've agreed in theory, but in practice, they haven't been possible.  These things are only coming to light now.

These are strong, powerful and empowered conversations.

Actually, on second thought, we need to talk about these questions that have arisen, because they are important:

1) If you believe in no jackets, why do yours wear them at home?  

Correct.  They do.  Caps has tried not wearing one and he just stands there, shivering and losing weight.  Caps is also a retired racing TB.  He's always had a jacket on in his previous life.  He loves the sun though and only wears a jacket when it's cold, and constantly in Winter.  My mini's Ralph and Chew and Suz can not wear jackets but do because they are all rescues.  And Az wears his jacket for about 6 weeks a year.  That's normally how long it takes to munt the one I buy him.  Sometimes two weeks. He gets a jacket because the rest of the family get a jacket and when he munts it, that's it until next year.

And it's not that I believe in "no jackets" per se, it's because I believe in how powerful the sun and it's nutrients are.  Particularly Vitamin D.  Vitamin D is for strong muscles and bones and a healthy headspace.  Even when it is cold and raining in winter the horses are still getting the Vitamin D.  Also Folic Acid.  Natural Folic Acid is amazing for producing and maintaining new cells.

However, synthetic (man made) Folic Acid cannot be peed out like the natural kind, so it builds up.  This has been directly linked to Prostate Cancer in men and Depression.

2) You do everything wrong.

Actually, that might not be inaccurate.  I never grew up with horses, so literally it is trial and error.  However, my very first person who I took Caps to to train, Kirsty, a fully qualified Monty Roberts Instructor and one of only 3 in New Zealand, gave me this one piece of advice...Always listen to your horse.  

So I do.

Best.  Advice.  Ever.

3) You're not qualified or experienced with horses, so why do you keep thinking you know better than everybody else?

Because I work with the Clair-senses and have all my life.  I'm 50.  I've worked professionally in this area for the last 26 years.  That is no small feat, baby.  And I am consistently working and training with them.  You know this, we talk about them all the time.  When I get it right, when I don't.  What I'm working with, and how we work.  And I try to do video's when I can to show you that this Horse/human door opens.  How the Clair-senses work.  

4) I give my horses herbs when they're sick.

No, that's too late.  You need to run with the Energy, you pro-fix not fix when there's an issue. 

5) Herbs aren't the "magic" that you say they are.

Yes, and no.  I would never be without herbs, that's a big part of how I run with Energy.  But correct, it's not just herbs.  It's listening when horses speak, hearing the minutest change in Energy and then working with it.  Sometimes they're training too hard and need a break, maybe I'm teaching wrong.  And we know this because I've talked about how Mares has overseen me and Belle.  Sometimes growling and sometimes telling me that I'm getting it wrong.  Too fast, wrong way of teaching and sometimes just because it's stupid.  

And Touch/play is one of the most important things I have ever worked with, and a huge part of how I work. Touch/play is a full and complete language and I would be lost with the horses without it.

It is one of the greatest pleasures in my life.

6) Herbs don't cure.

They're not meant to.  They are meant to make the body strong so that if they do get into an accident it either isn't very bad, or they heal extremely quickly.  And their immune system is strong.  

7) You do things that every trainer knows not to do.

Yes, but I work with the Clair-senses and listen to the horses.  And there is a Horse/human door.  So the horses tell me if I'm getting it wrong.  Trust me, more than anything they want me to get it right.  My horses are also strong, vibrant, healthy, intellgent and aware.  

They also want to hang out with me.  

8) Your horses at home don't do anything, apart from be lazy in the paddock.

Correct.  We don't do shows.  I tried them, we did well, but I hate the dressing up part, I hate dressing the horses up part, I hate the back stabbing and general not-niceness and feel Meh! when we win.  It doesn't excite me.  But I love talking with horses, finding out what's not right, correcting, putting horse and person back on track.  I love Running with Energy and especially with foals.  I get such a buzz doing something new with Belle.  But to be fair, any horse.  And I would do anything to be able to do Touch/play every day.

My horses at home could be sold tomorrow, but they don't want that and neither do I.  

9) Why do you think you know more about feeding than trainers who have been training for years?  And successfully.

I'm not saying I know more than trainers about training horses, I'm saying I know more about how to listen to what horses are telling me about their body.  Not scientifically but Energetically, Spiritually, emotionally and physically.  

I know that Soy harms your body.  Human body.  Horse body.

I know that it is a hormone disrupter, this means that it plays round with your hormones.  Soy is only good for 50 year old, menopausal women.  Very few horses are that.  Soy has Phytic Acid in it which stops the absorption of magnesium, iron, calcium and zinc.  It also is a protease inhibitor which means that it stops the absorption of protein.  

That's science.

What I know in every other way, is that it makes horses PMS-y or PMY-y and that's as dangerous as fuck with a horse who is powerful.  

I want my horses to be real.  Yes, mares are going to have cycles, but I want them to be regular cycles not ones which are chemically charged, and I want to know that when my mare or colt or gelding is playing up it's because I'm doing something wrong.  Me.  Not that they literally can't behave, because their hormones are so unbalanced they don't know whether they are Arthur or Martha, coming or going.  A hormonally charged horse can't learn.  Or work properly.

10) If you work with other people, how come I haven't heard about it and no one speaks about you?

You haven't heard about it, because I don't speak about other horses.  I work with people who are professional or just about professional.  I don't talk about them or their horses.  I don't expect them to talk about me.  That is not how this works.  And honestly, we are normally so excited about what we're doing that it never really comes up.   I have no problem with that.  And you know I hate social media.  I don't care about what other people think of me.  I care about what the horses think.  And do.  And act.  

Do my horses want to be with me?  

11) You never listen to trainers who know better than you.

Actually, that's not true.  I am always interested in people/drivers/trainers/anyone-with-horses talking about their horses.  Stories.  I love stories.  Mostly because it is the stories that tell me so much more about horses.  But you're right, I kind of tune out when someone starts telling me by the book, scientific ways of doing things with horses.

12) Why do you think you know more than scientists?

The reason being that you are asking me to take advice from people who don't think horses have feelings and emotions or that there is a horse/human door.  


And on a funny note: Belle's in the process of being weaned at the moment.  So Mares and Belle are in the stables.  Mares does not like being stabled, she likes big, green paddocks where she can roam at will.

And there's a little foal in the next stall.  

So, if the foal next door gets too close to Mares she bucks, kicks and does a little rear.  Belle tries not to get underfoot, but it was a bit chaotic this morning when Mares got her hump on.  

I always try and muck out myself for my horses though, they appreciate the gesture and it's good for me, but I can tell you, it was the quickest bloody muck out today possible.

Oh...and the weather has got colder, so after Acupunture today, I was taking a lazy afternoon on the couch, heater going, catching up with emails and stuff and the next minute, Boom! a bloody mouse is staring at me!

Fuck knows where it came from, but I was then calling round my friends to see who was home to come over and catch said mouse.

Three phone calls later, two people turned up, and mouse politely and gently re-homed outside while moi gave directions.  

Mostly in the helpful way of, Just kill the bloody thing...

Obviously nobody listened, because the bloody thing is still alive and kicking in my garden, just waiting for me to turn my back and pop back inside.


We met our new farrier today.  Super cool, very chatty, quick but most importantly, and to be fair, the only thing which is important when we are looking for a new farrier, great with the horses.

Caps liked him, Az was cool with him and Suz found herself the recipient of a kiss from him!  The Big E was NOT amused.

Anyway, we're keeping him.


I have some questions for you:

1) Why, as of today, 21st March, 2020 has not one University in New Zealand had a confirmed case of Coronavirus?  

2) On what planet was someone living in when they actually put it out in the big, wide world that that there will be no more Breath Testing for DUI's (because it could contaminate someone with the Coronavirus).  Herald today, 21st March, 2020.

3) If we as a nation (NZ) had access to 12.1 Billion dollars 3 weeks ago, why on earth was help not immediately given to people 64 and over, people with compromised health or used to subsidize good, healthy food so that people could keep their bodies strong...or every New Zealander (including people coming into NZ) immediately tested for the virus? 

4) Have you been tested?  Has your partner, lover, one night stand, FWB or any of your family, extended family, friends and/or co-workers?  Have you or any of the previously mentioned had a cold or flu in the past 4 months?

5) Who's going to pay this 12.1 billion back?  And how?

And my most favorite question of all time...

6) If there are no gatherings larger than 100 allowed, as at 4.41 pm Saturday, 21st March, 2020, why are our casino's still open?

I'll give you a minute...

Ok, I need to talk about jackets again.

First off, I totally stand by what I say about how important it is for horses to have daily and direct access to natural sunlight au natural (no bloody jackets on).  I've given you my reasons and they haven't changed.

But, and forgive me here if I sound a little airy-fairy, because I've got this 80% right in my head, but not 100%, I've also seen a heirachy with horses.  I watched Sequoia, our beautiful home mare, have a jacket on and love it.  She liked moving up in the horse world.

I've also seen horses try to improve themselves to become a top horse.  Work harder, be better.

I've also watched horses at the races (and don't get me started that I am unable to go to the races again, until my stablehand licence comes through, waiting...waiting...) who are really dressed up.  Some have the most beautiful colours, all matching, sometimes furry (which I sooooooooo love) and looking amazing, right down to the colour co-ordinated bandages they wear.  They are haute coutre, baby.

They look it, but, and this is where I get stuck, they know it.

They know they are top horses.

I've been with Nana many times and we can see the horses who know they look better than anyone else.  You can even see it when they walk through the racing stable (at Alex) before the big races.  

They're game ready.

Mentally they are prepared.

So, here's my dilemna...

How can I say that I'm totally against jackets, which I am, but it's ok to use them as bribery or a reward to tell them and everyone else (both horse and human) that they are the top of their game?  

Because that's what I'm talking about here now, not the physical benefits of a jacket, but the emotional IQ of a horse.

The psychology if you will, and intellect, of a horse.

Now that's a completely different ballpark.


As of today, 22nd March, 2020 in the New Zealand Herald...

Italy now has more than 53,000 confirmed cases and the world's highest death toll of 4825. It recorded its highest day-to-day jump on Saturday – 793 dead and 6557 cases.

And reading down the article...

Figures released on Friday showed the age of Italians dying of Covid-19 averaging out at 78.5 (years old). Almost 99 per cent of them were also suffering from at least one pre-existing condition or ailment. 


Wait...almost forgot, so I get up this morning, no mices.  Open windows and muck around, feed horses, have a shower, go to leave home to go to the stables and Hello! one dead mouseikins in my living room.

That bloody mouse had not taken the gift horse offered to it the other day and instead, as soon as I had opened the window and left the room, kamikazed in through the window, obviously misjudged and skidded across the cabinet, fallen on the floor and knocked itself out.

Then had a heart attack and died.


Hey babe, ummmm about that mouse you let go the other day...

So, that's been our week:  

There have been some awesomeness conversations, full of vibrancy and colours and what if's, mountain loads of love and some stunning Spirit Energy.  

It's been an awe-inspiring and deeply soul connected week.

With mucho horses.

Wishing you much love my friends and of course, my humans.  

Caps, me, Spirit, Az, Ralph, Chew, Suz, The Big E, my beautiful Mares, Belle and Little Boo.


* I now have friends who are too scared to go on public transport.

Because of fear and ignorance and this mob mentality, they're scared of being physically attacked.  Not to mention the racism and downright disgusting behaviour that they are experiencing in their day-to-day life and work place.  

All because they do not look like a western person. 

Shame on you.  

Shame on us as a nation.

** OMFG - we (New Zealand) have just been put on lock down for all non-essential businesses from 5pm tonight.

Never, ever, ever underestimate the mob mentality that happens when fear and ignorance come walking in your door.

*** We are now in complete lock down here in New Zealand for the next month, apart from essential businesses.  

The Government is also encouraging people to dob in those that they think might be leaving their homes for any non-essential kind of business.  This means, in layman's terms, that the police or army are then stationed outside your home, to make sure you physically don't leave.

This means that I am now unable to give you any photo's, updates or general chit chat on Mares, Belle and Little Boo.