Horse Sense....



So there I was lying on the deck with my laptop, trying to multi task by tweaking next weeks blog and grabbing the last of the Summer rays, and the next minute:


Elvis had walked up and gently tapped me on the shoulder with his hoof, to tell me it was dinner time.  Well actually, it went like this:

Tap..tap...Dinner time.  Actually, it's past dinner time.  Dinner is 4, possibly 5 but this is almost 6!  Look where the sun is...and there's starting to be a chill in the air.


Why are you still lying there?

This is what happens with orphan lambs.  No personal bloody boundaries.


Ok, today has been truly odd.

First off, some stunning results.  It's beautiful to see how Touch/play works, not just on my horses but works on other horses.  I can't say every horse yet, because I haven't worked with every horse but results on just about every horse I have worked with so far, are excellent.  

But to be fair, I choose who I work with and my peeps are really focussed on success.  So you know, that's half the battle.  And we've already done the, Yeah, but I thought this would work better... phase.

Secondly, I had the oddest, and quite disturbing conversation about playing with foals.  How violent, aggressive, non-raceable and generally disgusting foals who you play with, are.

That was an uncomfortable conversation.

I tried to explain that Touch/play is not "playing" and that I use Touch as a full and complete, language.

And there's a Horse/human door.

That Touch/play opens that door.  Allowing a relationship to develop where there is free flowing communication, which allows you to work with your horse so that he (or she) is working at optimum rate.  Emotionally, physically, intimately and Spiritually.  I'm not sure about the last two but you know, I'm saying that to be on the safe side.  But anyway, the door works for peak performance, a relationship between rider/driver and horse, and a horse that wants to do it's very, very best for you.  In whichever disipline you specialize in.  


I was a little freaked out.

Then a lot freaked out when I realized that people were talking and waiting to see my results.  I guess I'm so used to just us that I forget that other people are interested.  Although to be fair, taking bets on whether I'm going to be stomped on or a success story is a little disturbing.



Awesomeness Energy at the moment but man, is it full on.

There's no point in making any plans because they just go flying out the window.  Which is cool, I prefer to live this way.  

But there's been some stunning moments:

1) Grooming Caps in the paddock while Janis Joplin is playing in the background, and Caps is doing his tail swish and having a big of a boogie, that's cool.

2) Talking about the Clair-senses, and particularly the one I am working on at the moment - tasting emotions.

That's super f*cking cool.

Spirit are also guiding me as to where I need to do more work and show up more, but also telling me what I'm doing right.

I'm doing lots of video chats at the moment though, which if I'm being honest, is not my favorite way of working.  All of a sudden my phone's going and someone is saying, Here, check this out...  and there I am, working in ways that take me out of my comfort zone.  

I'm like, I would prefer...

And Spirit are standing there giving me a slap and saying, Just get on with it.

So I do.  It's kind of like when phone Readings very first started.  And that's very first started not started with us.  We were one of the first ever in New Zealand though.  No Clairvoyant in New Zealand had ever Read over the phone before.  We were all winging it.  

Not one of us knew what the f*ck we were doing.

Quite obviously we did, but we didn't know that for sure until we started doing it.

Anyway, the Energy is similar.  

And Spirit are standing there now saying, Get on with it.  It's just the Clair-senses, you know what you're doing.

It's a wild, wild ride at the moment.

And on a funny note, people are starting to use the phrase to me, Hey Witchy girl or Get out your Witchy stick or Do your Witchy thing...

For future reference you may only call me Witch, Witchy and/or Hey Witchy girl or use the phrase, Get out your Witchy stick or Come and do Witchy things if you love, care and/or have strong positive, emotional feelings towards me.

 Witch or any other closely related form of it, is a term of love and respect.

Just saying. 


We've also been talking about Acupuncture recently.  One conversation with my Acupuncturist, and then another one today.  

First one I was asked, Haven't you been able to correct yourself?  Because of your work?

Excellent question, 99.

Yes, I was always able to.  However, I'm working harder with the horses with the Clair-senses now.  More in-tune, deeper.  More is expected from me with the horses, so the way I was, was not enough.  So here I am.

And the conversation today, went exactly the same, but different.

I've worked with the Clair-senses all my life, and professionally for the last 26 years.  First, because I couldn't speak, so the only way I could communicate was with the Clair-senses and then later, because that's how I made my money. And I consistently train with them.  Every day I am polishing, fine-tuning and/or nurtuing them.

Nothing is more important than the Clair-senses.


I am standing here watching this virus and the mob mentality of fear that it is bringing, and it is blowing my f*cking mind.

I have never seen fear or ignorance like this before.

It reminds me of the dark ages, back in my previous life when I was burnt at the stake for Witch like practices.  The Energy's the same.

Throw the Witch in the water, if she drowns she's not a Witch.  If she floats, bring her out and burn her at the stake.

I can only hope that this time makes people look at their lives - emotionally, Spiritually, intimately, physically and financially.  

And that people start looking at foods that nourish the soul and feed the body.  Stop getting trash skunk drunk, doing P and shagging like a drunk possum, name optional. 

And don't get me started on anti-depressants...

Well, that's what I would like, but what I get may be a completely different thing.  However, it's at times like this that I hear my old Nana's voice:

You will either learn the easy way or you will learn the hard way, but either way you'll learn.


And how cool is this?

Took the Boom down to the stables today and everyone was out in the paddock bopping away to Nina Simone, Kenny Rogers, The Bagpipes and my soul music and Janis Joplin.  

Little Boo was boogie-ing away, Belle was super chilled and Mares was really content.  

I can't prove that music makes a difference.  I've got no scientific proof of any of this, all I can say is that the horses are standing there, swishing their tails, eyes droopy in that soul way that they have. There's a peace that transcends from whatever place peace lives and I swear, hand on hoof, you can literally see Spirit as they stand amongst us.

And there is nowhere else in the world that anyone - either human or horse - wants to be, apart from right here, in this moment.

It is awe-inspiring.

So that's been our week:

Full of love and laughter and Spirit.  A little bit of success in some areas, a lot in others, mixed in with just damn hard work.  I was proved right on a couple of things, one in particular which made me want to do a little happy (wo)man "I told you so" dance, and times where I just got my hands dirty.

But there's been some stunning moments.  

Ones that take your breath away.  

Wishing you much love my friends and of course, my humans.

Caps, me, Spirit, Az, Ralph, Chew, Suz, the Big E, and of course my beautiful Mares, Belle and Little Boo.


Ok, I need to start talking about this, because if I don't I'm going to start banging my head against a brick wall until my brains fall out:

1) The first case of this bloody virus was back in October 2019.  It is now March 2020.

2) When I was at the airport both International AND Domestic two weeks ago, I watched over 2,500 people come into New Zealand. 12 had masks.  

3) There have been NO tests done or masks worn by any people working at Auckland Airport up to, and including, as at Thursday 12th March, 2020.

4) There is absolutely no point in getting people to self-isolate when it has been here for months and months and months.  It's already here, peeps.  

And peeps aren't self-isolating.  

5) If you are healthy and look after yourself physically, you are at very little risk of catching this.

6) If you have come into contact with anyone in the last four months who has had a cold or flu, you have already come into contact with this virus.  Therefore if you are not already dead, chances are, you will be ok.  

And if you then take that into consideration then statistically, thousands more people have had it than documented...and survived. 

7) They're looking at shutting the Universities down.  This hasn't hit the papers yet and hopefully won't, but that's the talk.  International students are already being sent back home, others have been told by their countries to come home.

And those that do have a cold in our University towns are refusing to go to the Doctor to get tested, because it will cause chaos and mayhem.  And no one wants to be the one that starts the fear and panic that closes our Universities.

You know, that's the most sense I've heard since it all started.

8) Most people recover.

9) Only making some people self-isolate and not others, makes it all null and void.  Airlines and cabin crews are not required to self isolate nor are any people coming in from the Pacific Islands.

I'll give you a minute to think about that.

10) Stop being tapped with the Stupid Stick.

** Oh wait...almost forgot, Liam has been tested for the virus and he absolutely, 100% does not have it.