Horse Sense....



Liam got the PHD Scholarship.

8.01 Friday morning, he opened his email and there was the offer.

I am so unbelieveably proud of him.  Details to follow.


Super cool night at the races tonight.  Seems like ages since I went to Alex, and to be fair, it most probably is.  

But I'd missed the craziness.  The horses and the peeps and the coolness of it.  

It was pretty random tonight though.

In a good way.  


But if I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times, Energy doesn't lie.

And on another similar but different note, the Acupuncture, Cupping and Stones is working.

I've always got brusies and if I'm not dealing with one aspect of my past, then I'm dealing with another, but somehow through all the weirdness, I'm coming through the other side.   

The anxiety hasn't gone, but it's less.  Depending on what hour, or minute or day, you ask.  

However, I can see the mountain now.  

Oh wait...and there are some fantastic conversations happening around herbs.  

We're getting some good results, awesome in others and a work in progress with the rest.  I love talking with humans about it, but I love talking with the horses more.  And one of the funniest things is when I'm working with other horses and herbs, and I'll be passing a horse and he (or she) is going, it's walking or trotting up beside me at the fence, Can I have some **** please?

I always know when I've got it right though, a horse comes up to me in the paddock, head down, and thanks me.  

I would live a thousand lifetimes to be able to do this.


And Belle is having a little hernia operation on Monday.

If you have watched our video's that's the little piece of skin type thingy under her tummy.  It needs to go. 

So we've been pre-operation herbing.  That's been fun.  Getting Belle at optimum healing rate, which is different to normal growing healthy rate.  We're boosting her to be strong going in to the operation.  Then a break then boosting again, within an hour of the operation.

She won't need any medication apart from the general anesthetic.

From what I've heard it should be a 10 minute operation and I don't even know if she is cut.  Anyway, it should be a breeze.

I'm super excited on many levels.


And I am sooooooooooooo not happy with this Energy at the moment.

Full Moon combined with the Acupuncture/Cupping/Stones Energy - I've been double whammied hit.  

And this Energy was already hard and harsh and violent.

Not physically, but emotionally it's been vindictive, vicious and violent, and that's the first time you've ever heard me use those words.  But it's also the first time I've seen this Energy in all it's glory.  

And that's because the veil between the two worlds is too thin.  In fact, it's see through.  People's masks have slipped.

On a funny note though, Spirit said to me a couple of days ago, Do you trust us?



So that's been our week:  Some things which have happened have been fantastic and absolutely mind blowing and some others have been well, less than. Anxiety, for obvious reasons, has either been mellow yellow or through the f*cking roof. 

I know the end result is fine though, better than fine actually, so I am just closing my eyes and praying, baby.

Wishing you much love my friends and of course, my humans.

Caps, me, Spirit, Az, Ralph, Chew, Suz, the Big E, and of course, my beautiful Mares, Belle and Little Boo.


Belle's operation was literally knock her out and put a couple of rings on her.  

She was up within 15 minutes and is as good as gold.

Thanks Addy and Kara xx

** Belle was super cool today.  

She was a bit miffy to start with acting all, I don't know what you did yesterday, but I know you did something...

Anyway, I gave her a hot sponge bath and she calmed back down.  

She didn't actually need the bath, but I'm teaching her about the Healing process.  

How to tempt and tease, tantalize and charm - calling the body synergies to come together then work, at full capacity.

It's a beautiful f*cking process.