Horse Sense....



I've obviously missed steps with the rope.

Go on, ask me how I know?

Because our dance is not right.

We're clumsy, and it shouldn't be like that.  It should be a dance where we're in motion and rhythm.  And we're not like that, and I miss the symmetry.  The fluidness that we normally have.  

On a good note though, when it's obvious we are not on track, we go back to the last time we were, and keep building.  Sometimes, we are still messy.  Think 1-2-9.  Go back to 1.  So today took a looooooooooonnnnnnnnnnggggg time.  

But we got there in the end and were happily playing with the halter and easily with the rope.  Although towards the end Mumma was like, I'm growling you both. Cut it out! You! - stand still, You! - put the halter on.

Didn't quite go to plan as halter still not on, however, we did organise ourselves a bit better after that.

And while I'm talking about Mumma, if Belle puts one hoof out of place she's biting her.  Often. No second chances.  Once. Boom!

Anyway, Belle and I always finish off, just hanging out, touching in a way that Belle loves.  No matter how much or little we've worked, or how much we've got it wrong, right at the end it's still happy time.  

It works for both of us.  We remember why we love each other, and it sets us up to happily try again tomorrow.


We've just had the best news today!!

Liam is being flown over to Washing, DC next Friday, to meet with the PHD people and see in person, their University.  All airfares and accommodation paid for by them.

We are soooooooooo excited!!


OMFG...The big E has worms!

I've been so busy worrying about Mares and Belle and my cuties at home, that I didn't think of Elvis.  Who promptly got worms.  And I know this because I physically saw them.  Then wished I hadn't.

Because, if you hadn't already guessed, I completely freak out on worms.  I hate them with a passion and as soon as I even look at a worm, I get all itchy and well, have to take a worm pill.

So it was off quick smart to the Vets, who were very sweet and gave me a single dose for Elvis since I don't have a whole herd.  Then off to the chemist for me.  Then home to de-worm The big E.  And that was a mission and a half.  I had forgotten that he has got large and let's just say if you think de-worming a cat is hard, try a bloody sheep.

Anyway, finally cornered him, got him in a choke hold, squirted it down his throat and then let him go.  He then spent the next 5 minutes dry-retching all round the place.  Following me while he did it and for his finale, standing on the deck.  

Dry-retching and glaring at me.

Not my best work.

However, Belle and I are doing awesome.  I'm trusting our process which is making it easier for me.  So we're doing ok.  Better than ok, actually.  Today the halter was on for 3 seconds, then taken off.  Not buckled up yet, but that is in the foreseeable future.  We must have done that 10, possibly 12 times, maybe more, I didn't count.  

We finished, as per ususal, with Belle getting her easy time.  Just that time that she hangs out, getting touched in the places that she wants, with no expectations of having to do anything for it.

A good session today.

Actually, I'm really happy.  We may not have the physical success ie: halter on yet, but our dance is beautiful.  

It's smooth and we glide together.  

No races in Cambridge tonight which was a shame, because I really wanted to go.  But things are crazy busy here as you would expect.  

I trust Spirits process.


Bloody Mercury Retrograde!  Liam flies out Wednesday NOT Friday.  Already gone when you read this.

And the rain came today!  Whoooo! It's stopped now but at least it came.

And Missy Belle was Miss Naughty today.  She was a bit mouthy and a couple of times looked as if she wanted to give me a chomp.  No! That's NO!  

She calmed down a bit later, which was nice, but I definitely needed to be on my game today.

Oh and ocean beaching with some horses tomorrow.  Hope it's the ones from last week, they were super cool.


Love being at the beach!

My anxiety was super high this morning but to be fair, we've got big changes all around us, so you know, not unexpected.  And I'm working really hard with Acupuncture and hot stones, and you know I always get nightmares with the stones.  I mean, they don't cause them, they just release them out to the Universe.  

But realistically, it wasn't as if I didn't know this time was coming.  I mean, not the trip to America, that came suddenly and out of the blue, literally for a meet and greet and to show him their University, but change.

Because not three weeks ago I said to Nana, I'm feeling unsettled, change is coming.  And the young one (not mine, someone else's) said, I hope not, you're happy.

Nana and I both said, It's ok.  Don't ask that change doesn't happen, ask for courage to stand tall while it does.

That was why, in hindsight, I was baking so much and cooking my balms.  When my soul is troubled, I head to the kitchen and make something delicious.  Not to be confused with Bitter Hands referring to when someone is seriously p*ssed off and you may as well just order takeaways because the food is, or will be once finished cooking, inedible.  

And I was using a lot of Kawa Kawa, remember?  Kawa Kawa soothes the soul and touches the heart.  That is also why the day before we got the news, my baking wasn't working.  Then it did the next day, literally within minutes of me finishing, I heard the news.  

On a positive note, this is why I love working with Energy.  I may not always like it, but Energy doesn't lie.

Anyway, here we bloody are.  

But back to beach, it was awesome, the anxiety didn't win.  I had fun with the horses, was able to step in the water with my buddy and we were both ok.  Although I learnt real quick which side to stand on with my horse in the ocean waves.  

It was a win all round and hopefully, I can build on this.

This will not define me.


So that's been our week:  It's been bloody fantastic in some areas, not so much in others.  However, no matter which way I look at it, it's been a deeply Spiritual week.  Actually, that's not quite accurate.  It's been a very soul connected week and we've physically seen Spirit work.

I'm trying not to completely freak out.  

Wishing you much love my friends and of course, my humans.

Caps, me, Spirit, Az, Ralph, Chew, Suz, The Big E and of course my darling Mares, Belle and Little Boo.


We finally got the halter on Belle today!!

Yes, we.  Crystal, my super cool friend, helped.  She scratched Belle on one side, I scratched her on the other and we did it.  Although to be fair, the correct way is NOT put halter on nose and then try and do the buckle up over her neck.  

No, no.

Put halter on round neck, THEN do buckle up over and around, nose.

Anyway, halter on.  

Thanks Crystal xx

Belle will thank you once she stops bucking, kicking and trying to bite anything in her immediate vicinity.