Horse Sense....



Oh wait...I remember why I didn't use the rope earlier, foals think that you are playing with them, and it takes you both down the wrong road.

Our timing is perfect.  

Note to self: Do not stress comparing yourself to other people.  

You are not other people.  You are you.  Belle is Belle.


Belle is funny as though.  She's just like Caps with her tail.  If she believes that I'm too late turning up with breakfast, she stands there telling me off, and her tail is going nineteen to the dozen, like an old Italian Mama.  I'm hungry...slap slap...You're late...slap slap...I'm been standing here waiting for AGES...slap slap...

She's got personality plus.

And on another note, this natural wormer is not quite what I thought it was.  I mean, don't get me wrong, it's awesome and I love it.  However, how people are telling me to use it, is different to how the horses are telling me to use it.  It is looking as if you don't need anywhere near as much as what I first thought.  I don't have enough information to tell you anymore about it as I am writing this tonight, so let us put this in the Too hard basket for the time being, but I need to re-look at it.


No races tonight but to be fair, I could not have squeezed one extra minute into my day.


Belle and I are getting our mojo going with the rope and halter.  That's two completely separate things by the way.  One literally is a rope with a halter built in, and the other is just a normal, every day halter.  And we just play round with them.  Over her, under her, round her ears, rope thrown over her back, legs, up round her mane etc. Actually, sometimes I just leave the halter on her back while I'm playing with the rope doing the other stuff.  I'm working on the theory that we are both going to get so used to the rope and/or halter, that we will eventually get the halter on.  And honestly, to get Belle used to ropes being thrown on or round, back, legs, tummy and ears can only long-term, be a good thing.

Well, that's the theory.


And the Big E is hilarious.  

He follows Suz round like an adoring Romeo.  And when he is not with, around or daydreaming of Suz, then he is with me.

Do you think Suz likes me Tarns?  I think she's beautiful, have you seen how soulful her eyes are?  How deep and brown they are?  And her mane is so soft...

It's like living with a love struck Cupid.

I really hope it works out for him though, and to be fair, it could - there's definitely a softening on Suz's part.  


Awesome day at races today!

I just love the Energy at Cambridge, it's soooooooo hot and gorgeous and people are super friendly.  More laid back, more you know, that I'm able to sit in the Silence.  

One of the most beautiful things that I'm able to do though, is just watch a man being with a horse.  Not trying to talk to me, just doing his thing with the horses and letting me be.  It's a beautifully private place, and just stunning in it's simplicity.  

You have no idea how much peace it brings me.

Wishing you much love my friends and of course, my humans.

Caps, me, Spirit, Az, Ralpsh, Chew, Suz, The Big E, my beautiful Mares, my super cutie Belle and Little Boo.