Horse Sense....



So today I had two wins and a fail.

Personally, I think that it should read at 2.5 to .5 but since I'm sitting on the deck writing this and Caps is glaring at me, you know, let's keep it an even 2.

Anyhou, moving right along, the two best bits of advice I have ever been given are still:

1) Listen to your horse and

2) Get your horse on the float, don't fuck around.

Best.  Advice.  Ever.

Ooooohhhhhh wait, do you know that there is a word to describe what I talk about with horses?

Anthropomorphize - to give human characteristics to animals.

Has it ever occurred to anyone that maybe animals do have these characteristics?

You know, anytime someone asks me, do I believe in aliens, the answer is a resounding Yes!  

Mostly because it pains me to think we are the most intelligent creatures in this Universe.

Oh and by the time you read this, we will have people in hospital in NZ with this Coronavirus.  I mean, seriously, I shouldn't even have to mention this, it's highly contagious and has a 14 day withholding period, so of course, we will have people in hospital.  You and I have most probably already come into contact with it.

Anyway, try not to be tapped with the stupid stick re Asians and I went to an Asian restaurant, do you think I caught it? or I got served by an Asian girl, do you think she had it?  

But do all you can to keep your Energy high.  Keep your Energy dry not wet, which means stay away from dairy and add more carbs into your day.  Take loads of Vitamin C - preferably bought from a horse shop, as that's the best on the market.  Make every meal as vitamin/mineral dense as you possibly can and of course, wash your hands.  And obviously stay away from places like MacDonalds/KFC etc who are calorie dense and vitamin/mineral lacking.  Also, don't overload on water.  

You're welcome.


This year has started off with such awesome power behind it, it's fantastic to not just watch, but be a part of.  And it's not just happening to me, but to everyone.  Everyone has the same opportunities to move forward.  What's sad to watch though, is people turning their backs on these opportunities.  Too tunnel vision, have to step too much out of their comfort zone of what they know and rely on, or any number of excuses, and I want to tap them on the shoulder and go, Excuse me, do you see what's around you...  Anyway, I can't do that, that's not my job.  

What I will say though is that it's not my work which is hard, it's watching people and the choices they make.


I was talking with one of my favourite young friends yesterday about Caps and anxiety and me worrying about him bolting on me, and there was silence as she listened to me speak then went, Tania, he's a 14 year old, ex race horse.  He hasn't worked in years, where is he going to go?  And even if he did bolt, he wouldn't go far, he'd be like running...running...running...wait...I've got the stitch, can't breathe...


What a stunning day it was today!  Belle has her branding now, New Zealand Standardbred - number 9798.  The first two numbers are the date and month of my birth - just saying.  Anyway, all papers were signed and sent off today and we're on a new journey.  I'm super stoked.  

I have every intention of making this adventure as positive, successful and as much fun, as it is possible to be.  

Wait...I have to do my Witchy stuff.  Adding Belle's numbers together 9 + 7 + 9 + 8 = 33.

33 is a Master Number and is nicknamed the Master Teacher and has deep Spiritual meaning.  It has a higher vibration and an intensity that is undeniable. It “ups the ante” substantially, and means you’ve come with a higher Spiritual purpose, however you define it.   It may feel like there’s a constant push and pull to do more and be better, this is true.  However, it may take longer than first wanted.  That's ok, 33 is a Master Number - you are given more, so therefore more effort is required from you.  You will have intense challenges but even more significant strengths.

Working with Master Numbers is a marathon, not a sprint! Train, be flexible, pace yourself, and invest in the right equipment. Otherwise, you’ll either burn too bright too quickly, or you’ll deaden the flame and always feel as though you were meant for more. Find the courage and strength to take risks, moving yourself and your enterprises to the next and higher level.

Much has been given, much will be expected.

I love Witchy stuff.


So the more time I'm putting into Caps and my relationship, hanging out, grooming, bringing in from paddock, doing stuff out of paddock, the more confident I am becoming with all my other horses.  Although to be fair, I have no problem with Az.  Which is kind of weird, because Welsh's have a personality and a half and you have to be on your game, otherwise you've given them a millimetre and Hello! they've taken 10 miles.  

I think it's a size thing though, and I know how totally, totally wrong that is.  Ponies can do a hell of a lot of damage, if you're not careful.  But somehow that just doesn't seem to translate for me.  If Az plays up then I'm like, Stop that!  No! correct him, get us back as to how I wanted and continue on.  

Anyhou, slowly but surely, we're moving forward.


Ok, so all the other foals in the stables have a halter on...apart from Belle. So, that's what we're working on.  I've done some really great work with her, but in some things I can see how I've been clumsy.  Working with the rope, I should have started a couple of weeks after she was born.  Instead, I've only been doing it a few weeks.  I'll be smarter with Little Boo.  More polished.  

Anywho, I started with the halter today, Belle's like, Yeah, thanks but no.  So we're back to the rope.  I still find it challenging not to rush past the things we are getting right.

But I am so clumsy with the halter as to what goes where.  I mean, you and I have talked about this before, so I'm not getting stressy about it, I've accepted that it's just the way my brain works, but it is causing us a few challenges at the moment.  So Belle, Mares and I are in the paddock, Mares is just hanging out, Belle's like, What's this? and I'm like, Well, it's a halter... and that's as far as we're getting.  I don't know what I'm doing, Belle isn't keen and well, we're a bit lost.  

So, I've gone back to the rope until we can find our way through this.  

This success will taste the sweetest. 

So that's been our week: We are all working so very hard to get a successful relationship going, and at all times I am only focussing on a successful end result.  

Are the horses feeling safe?  Am I feeling safe?  Did we achieve what I wanted?

Yes, yes, and if the last answer is a no then I go back to the first two yes's and scale back my desire of the third until that too, is a yes.

You'd be surprised how well this works.

Wishing you much love my friends and of course, my humans.

Caps, me, Spirit, Az, Ralph, Chew, Suz, The Big E, my beautiful Mares, Belle and Little Boo