Horse Sense....



I know this is going to sound a bit bizarre, ok, ok, well maybe that train has already left the station, but anyway, I swear that Az is sulking.

If I leave him in the paddock with Suz, then he goes, Well, if you don't want to play with me, I'll just snooze... and promptly lies down on the ground, stretches out and refuses to move.

But wait, as soon as I open the paddock gate, he gets up, follows me round and generally is all happy and joyful.

It's the oddest thing.


At all times I am working very hard to speak the truest words I know.  So there's often a break between when I'm asked a question, and when I answer.  Not because I'm thick or don't know the answer, but because I am trying my best to make every word I use count.  That every word that leaves my mouth, comes from my soul in it's purest form.

It's surprisingly harder than you think.


Although Nature has proven season in and season out that if the thing that is planted bears at all, it will yield more of itself, there are those who seem certain that if they plant tomato seeds, at harvest time they can reap onions.

Maya Angelou


So Az has decided he's my best mate and if I'm home, then he's out and about with me.  Hanging out.  Periodically he goes away, then comes back.  He's adorable.  

The Big E who is not supposed to be a ram, but I have a nasty suspicion still is, also hangs out and about with us, but is scared of Az.  Not that Az is mean to him as such, more like, gruff.  But The Big E has decided that he looks after me and the house, and that's the way it is. Az or no Az, he consistently is checking out and around the house for me.  It's the cutest thing.

Caps has now taken to also lying in the paddock.  I feel really guilty because sometimes the anxiety is still high, and I worry about him bolting on me.  So most of our time is spent in the paddock.  Eventually, this Energy will pass, so I'm just trying to ride it out and do the best that I can, right now, with what I have.  On the days that we can leave the paddock, we do.  And Caps is trying his very best to help me through this.  And slowly but surely, it's working.  One millimetre at a time.

This will not define me.

On another note: we're on the hunt for a new farrier, bit of a bugger because the horses liked our old one, but you know, our season together finished.

Ooooohhhhhhhh wait.....tomorrow is the first day of the new Chinese New Year - Year of the Metal Rat.  I am soooooooooooo excited about it.  It is the first day, of the first animal sign, of a new 60 year cycle.  

How freaking awesome is that?

Bring it on, I say.


We were talking about horses and germs today.  One of my mates was saying he had seen it lots of times when a horse was all cold and flu-ey, then a few days later, their human would also get sick.

I haven't see this myself but you know, that doesn't mean anything.

The things you didn't realize you didn't know, eh?


So there's been lots of conversations this week about herbs.  And vets.  And anti-vaxers.

First off, please stop screaming at me that I'm an anti-vaxer, everytime herbs are mentioned.  The two are not related.  Even closely.  The relevance between the two is like a pea and your knee.  Herbs are not the anti-christ.  I'm not a hippy trying to magick your horse with a natural form of LSD, ok, well maybe the first part is true, but you know, seriously...

Anyway, as my old Nana used to say, You can't educate haddock.

So, now I've got that out of the way.  The topic of this particular conversation was: When a horse is sick would you call a vet first or use a herbal remedy?

Boom, wait.  You've got it wrong.

There's your first mistake.  I never use herbs to fix, rather I am pre.  You know when you hear me use the phrase, Ride the Energy, this is what I'm talking about.  Hearing the balance go out and pre-empting a cold, flu or sniffle.  

Secondly, you don't use herbs every day.  They are only used to give the horses body a boost, a helping hand so to speak, so the horse can heal itself and/or keep itself strong and in balance.  Sometimes giving it a helping hand when pregnant, nursing or growing.  Or help when he or she, has had an accident.  I pro-actively work with the horse to kick start the healing process.

Thirdly, horses are phenomenal in their ability to heal themselves.  This has been proved to me time and time again.

Fourth, use what you have.  This may seem a bit dim but seriously, the sun is one of the most vibrant and abundant, sources of vitamins that you can get.  Loaded with vitamins that help with creating strong bones and muscles and keeping the headspace healthy.  A horse who doesn't have a cover on, preferably all summer and most of winter, will always, that's always be physically stronger than a horse that does.  Not only is it mentally stronger but physically, it's stronger than your competition.  Straight up, you're stopping your horse from being the strongest it can be.

But don't be stupid.  If you horse has always had a jacket on in winter, and especially if you have given them rugs in summer, then you can't just not give him or her one this winter.  They'll got cold.  They have to get used to it.  Caps at home cannot be without a jacket in winter.  I've tried.  He just loses weight, condition and stands there shivering until I put one on.  The same with Chew.  For him he know's he is loved.  It's like his cuddly rug.  Sequoia never needed one.  Just got one, because everyone else had one, but she didn't need one.  Ralph does because he's a pretty boy.  Suz does because she's a girl.  Mary does not.  Az does because everyone else does, but only until he completely munts it, then he doesn't get another one until next season.  Actually, with Mary, it was summer-ish when I got her, I took her rug off and she never had one on again.  She has thrived.  You can see by her pictures, she is in fantastic nick.

Anyhou, moving right along, you know what happens with strong horses?

Correct, they don't get as many (if any) colds and flu's AND if by some chance they get into an accident, their rate of recovery is 1/10 the time of a horse who has been covered.

So that's how I use herbs - to pre-empt any germs.  To keep the body working at maximum capacity so if an accident happens (and highly likely at some stage of a working horse's life it will) he or she is able to recover quickly.

And lastly, I don't hate vets.  I've had some stunning success with vets - the one who did a cesarean while Flash was standing up, in the dark, in yards, by torchlight, that's pretty damn clever.  And our lovely Broodmare/foal vet, Kara is cool.  But there's also been vets who I'm seriously underwhelmed with.  Disappointed in.  So, in answer to that question, maybe pick your day that you ask me about vets.

And Touch/play is not just grooming your horse or giving it a brush.  Part of it can be, but it is the exchange of Energy to keep your horse humming and running like a well oiled engine.  Tummy to tummy, heart to heart, shifting the blockages, feeling how the blood moves and the muscles contract.  Touching, moving, running.

These conversations are cool though, because they make me fine tune my words.  What do I actually mean to say?  Why do I use this phrase, not that one?  What part of your brain am I tapping into, if I use this particular word?  Why is that so important?  Is the soul meaning of a word, the same as the physicality of the word I speak?  

These are not small questions.

And the other thing I need to speak about, is for every day you use medication, it will take you 1 and a half days to get back to where you were.  That adds up real quick.  1-1/2...3...4-1/2...6...7-1/2...9...

And while I'm talking, let's have a quick tutu about food:

Think meat and three veges, fruit and chocolate in horse form.

Not meat, salmon, fish, chicken, avocado, nuts, bread, pasta, smoothie, protein shake, vegetables, fruit, chocolate or 10 extra herbs/vitamins, pro-biotics, pre-biotics, anti this or pro that all in the same meal - keep it simple.  As simple as you possibly can.   

And no bloody soy.

Actually, while I'm talking about that, Mares is on restricted food again.  I've noticed this again in her second pregnancy, that for the first four months she inhales food.  Seriously, I have never known a horse to eat as much as she does in her first four months of being preggers.  It's impressive to say the least.  But to be fair, the little one needs everything he/she can get.  However, I noticed yesterday when I took a photo of her, that she is just the wrong side of blooming.  That's cool, and also why I take photo's.  Often you can see in a photo, what you don't immediately see with the naked eye.

But anyway, I'm not an anti-vaxer, vet hater or any other kind of troll.  I just want success for you and your horse.  Like you.

Oh, wait...I saw my friend today, actually, the cheeky cow started calling me just after 6am this morning.  Tania...Tania...wake up, you need to come down...  

She was a bit miffy by the time I got down there though, she was like, What took you so long?  You know, you're not very good at this...

She's a bright one though that girl, and proves to me once again that once you have the frequency right, distance doesn't make a difference.

So, that's been our week:  It's awesome in the way the horses are sharing their ways.  I'm working super hard trying to keep up, get it right, keep the frequency clear, not over think, but also not fall down the rabbit hole.  98% of the time if you asked me, If you could do anything right now, what would you be doing?  

The answer is exactly this.  

Working with Spirit, fine tuning the Clair-senses, being.

With horses, with people, with Spirit.

Wishing you much love my friends and of course, my humans.

Caps, me, Spirit, Az, Ralph, Chew, Suz, The big E (who's love crushing on Suz, and just wanders round after her with his mooshie eyes going, I love her, Tania, she's beautiful...), and of course, my beautiful Mares, Belle and Little Boo.