Horse Sense....



Belle got an ass whooping from Mumma today.

Well, for the last couple of days Belle has been quite high in Energy.  Wanting to do little nips all round the place, and generally being a bit of a pain.  I've personally limited our time, and never given her an opportunity to nip me.  She was happy to see me, but extremely high in her Energy this morning when I went in, so I just fed out and left again.  When I got back early evening she was bouncing all round the place.  

Mares, who had just been lazing in the sun in this beautiful weather, was like, She exhausting, Tania.  

Anyway, I went in, Belle wanted to play but I wasn't too keen, put her food down and she was like, Well, you just had to say you didn't want to play with me...then turned her attention to Mumma who was happily eating, and started nuzzling her neck.  


1/10th of a second later, Mumma had her ears flat back, she lunged at Belle and bit her hard.

Belle was like, Whooaaaaaaaa!!

It must have hurt like a bitch though, because Mumma didn't hold back.

Belle was very subdued when I left.  

It's awesome to watch the dynamics of how the horses work though, and what I've noticed, which is just fantastic, is that their reflexes are down to a millimetre.  I've watched this happen on more than one occasion at home with Caps running the herd, and particularly disciplining Sequoia, and today was no different.  Mares was one side of me, Belle was the other, the feed buckets inbetween.  We were all within 1/3rd of a metre of each other.  Think an Isosceles Triangle.  

Actually, that's not right at all, I just liked the sound of it.  

Oh c'mon, since I left school this is the first time ever it's come in handy.  

For future reference: Isosceles Triangle - A triangle with two equal sides.   

Normal triangle is called an Equilateral Triangle - all three sides are the same length. 

Anyway, moving right along, discipline with the horses is immediate and hard.  There's no room for, Maybe I got it wrong... 


So I was in checking Belle for any bruises today.  I hadn't seen any broken skin or blood yesterday, but I double checked to see if I had missed anything today.  She's fine as, although no nuzzle nuzzle bits today with Mumma.

And I saw my friend this morning.  She's healing beautifully.  I love that part where you're over the hump.  Actually, I really love the before hump part the most, but it's always nice to see when the horse is on the path home.  

On a funny note, you know when you've started getting it right, the horse voluntarily comes over from a snuzzle and a chat.  Missy did that from Day 2.  Day 1 she wasn't keen on any human.  Today she was like, Hey Tarns, check it out... as she was wandering over, giving me a little hip sway.  

I am truly, truly thankful.

Oh, almost forgot, you know how I've been trying to work out how I hear the horses.  Well, I was chatting away to Missy today and said, What herb would you like? 

I heard the answer like you speaking directly to me.  Crystal clear.  Without all the flowers and noise that a human also speaks.


Another Cambridge day and super awesomeness.  I just love hanging with the horses.  It was super hot, but in a good way.  Just a really love orientated day.

And the Big E was a bit off colour when I left this morning, nothing serious, just a bit weird.  I’ve got home and he is not himself and has diarrhoea.  I’ve tried catching him to feed him liquids, but he seems well enough to run away from me.  

That’s good.

I hope he’s better tomorrow, and this is just something he’s eaten which has upset his tummy.  It won’t be poison because no one around me uses it, and the Big E never leaves home.

Anyway, fingers crossed.

Oh wait…I’m coming across all these articles about food vs weight at the moment.  Mostly about your hormones and how they’re stopping you losing weight.  I don’t agree.  Put natural food into your body, keep away from numbers, preservatives, words you can’t pronounce, GE modified products (which we know are hormone disrupters) and soy, and then listen to what your body needs, and you'll find things are ok.

Listen to the rhythms of the world, and your place in it.

I’m going to keep talking until people start listening though, because depression, anxiety, bi polar, PMS, PMT, behavioural issues, weight gain and hormone imbalances, just to name a few, are ALL directly related to an unhealthy gut.

I mean, I know for me personally that changing my food, what I ate and what I ate it with, made a huge difference to my weight. But as much as that was good, how much my Energy cleared has been the biggest thing.  The smarter I am with my food, the clearer my Energy is and the frequency I work with, with the horses, is like a crisp Summer's day first thing in the morning.  

That alone, makes me make great (mostly) choices around my food.

If you get your gut balance wrong, everything is wrong.  

Wait...Does this mean that all skinny chicks are happy and healthy?

Hell no! That's Hell No! baby.  I've met a whole heap of skinny chicks that are so unhappy, it would make you cry.  I'm talking soul weight.  The weight you are destined to be in a connected, contented and total balance - mind, body and soul, way.  

When your gut is in perfect balance.


The big E is almost 100% better.  The Adrenal Tonic worked amazingly, although he's still sulking, that I sat on him to put it in his mouth.


Oh, and I need to catch you up.  Remember last year when a new proposition presented itself, and I thought it was a go?


It was an untrue, Truth.

I know, how is that even possible?

Well, it goes like this.  I would only have made money.  But to do that, I was losing the magic of how I work, and the phenomenal results we get because of that.

First off, I was unhappy about that result.

Then happy.

Then really happy.

On a funny note, even when I first started going down this path, I knew it wasn't how I normally worked.  That I wasn't stepping into the Silence, that Spirit were there but not, if you know what I mean.  

Let me re-phrase: I've tried to show you how I work and I can, but I can't.  

I can show you the physical things of what I do, but I can't show you how to step into the Silence, or show you how the Energy changes with vibrations, sounds and colour or what happens when Spirit walk in, and start whispering the spells, that start the magic working.

In hindsight, that offer could never have worked.


So, that's been our week: I'm working very hard to take on board the lessons that the horses are teaching me.  To become stronger, more refined, more polished. And not just with the horses, but with me, personally.  Clearer, more concise, kinder.

Mostly it's working.

Wishing you much love my friends, and of course, my humans.

Caps, me, Spirit, Az, Ralph, Chew, Suz, the Big E and of course, my beautiful Mares and Belle and Little Boo.