Horse Sense....



So Cappy got his tail caught in the fence today, and scared himself half to death.

We'd been breakfasting, then having a groom, and once everyone finishes their meal (apart from Caps who has a groom while he's eating), everyone comes over for their turn.  Well, Caps was all happy, so wandered over to the fence to just have a gaze around to see what was happening with the neighbours, and somehow his silky tail must have got caught when he swished one way, then another.

Then he swished again to see what was happening, and realized with horror that he had got a fence.  He looked at me, swished, panicked, swished again and just before he fully reared up and did the bolt, somehow it all fell out.  How? I have no idea.  Most probably the same way he got himself tied up.  

Anyway, he's currently (as I'm writing this) sulking.

He's a bit precious about his tail.


The new food I've added is working well.  Belle is like, Tarns! Tarns! Check it out! Then proceeds to bounce around the paddock throwing her legs out the back while doing a little hump type thingy.  

Boundaries, babe, boundaries.

Mares is like, Yo sister, you've short changed me on food.  There's supposed to be more... 

Correct.  There was.  But I thought...

Anyway, it's not too important what I thought.  The interesting thing is that my mate was saying this particular food that I was using, made everyone hot.  I suppose that could be true, however, it hasn't made too much to a difference.  Which is what I had also heard.

But knowing that Belle's needs lots of food, I have been looking at the baggy stuff, but to be fair, I just can't get excited.  Most of the stuff has soy in it, and I don't know whether you know this or not, but soy is terrible for you.  It's not the "super fabulous" hero stuff.  

Let me tell you why:

1) It plays with estrogen levels.  You don't want anything that plays with your estrogen levels.  I mean, have you noticed that men these days are getting boobs?  Too much estrogen, babe.

2) Soy products are over produced and over processed.  In fact, over 90% of soybeans are genetically modified.  The next issue is that they are herbicide ready.  This means that they are engineered to withstand heavy doseages of herbicides, that will kill all nasty bugs and/or unwanted vegetation without killing the soybean plant itself.  This shite can't be washed off though and this "herbicide" will go directly into your body when you eat it.  There have been many studies done that links cancer to herbicides. And even though the Maximum Residue Level is 20 mg/kg there have been serious health effects noted way below this level.  These include, but are not contained to, miscarriage, fetal deformities and hormone disruptions.

3) Can cause mineral deficiencies.  Soybeans have a high level of Phytic Acid.  This anti-nutrient binds to iron, calcium, magnesium and zinc to stop absorption into the body. Soy is also packed with Trypsin and Protease Inhibitors—enzymes that make the digestion of protein incredibly difficult.

However, there are some good benefits:

1) Fermented soy heals your gut.

2) Soy can prevent menopausal symptoms.

3) Soy can lower your cancer risk.

However, these benefits can only happen if organic soybeans are used.

And they're not.

And, if you notice, these baggy type foods ALL have molassas in them to hide the smell and disguise the taste.  That should tell you something in itself.

Anyway, I choose not to feed soy products to any of my babes either at home or the stables.  Yes, it costs more, lots more at the moment, but I also know that I'm getting a fantastic horse.  One that is the best horse that she (or he) is possible to be.  

There's also another natural product that I want to try.  I tried it ages ago (another brand) and wasn't too impressed, but these are new times with a new pregnant Mares and our little babes, Belle.  So I thought I would give it another go, with a new brand.  

The above information was taken from

However, there are heaps and heaps and heaps of sites, don't just believe me, do your own homework.


The young one left this morning for Dunedin, and then off to America in July.  

My DNA hurts and I can't breathe properly.

On a good note: It's an awesome opportunity and everyone around (and including) me has hit the ground running, being super focussed and success orientated.  


I'll just hang out with my horses for the next couple of days to rebalance. 

And my house will smell like a girl again.

Annnnnnnnnnddddddd....if it is clean, it will stay clean.

Boom, baby!

Just got a text, going to Cambridge tomorrow.  My Cancerian side was like, No, I'm going to be non-people tomorrow and hang with the horses then I went, Duh! Cambridge IS horses...

Sequoia would have understood though.

She taught me that DNA has a smell, and could tell I was in season 8 hours before I even thought about it.  Then proceeded to teach me about every other cycle I went through on a monthly (and then 3 weekly like the horses) cycle.  She taught me about women's hormonal temperatures, Running with Energy, actual hormones and how to eat to maximise their positives, and that beautiful Silver Cord - the tie that binds us to the people we love, and have soul connections with.

Mares just says, Harden up, cupcake, America is nothing.  Do you want me to tell you some real stories... and Belle is like, Play with me Play with me Play with me Play with me Play with me Play with me.  


So I'm super pleased I went to the races today.  First off, most of the day/night was awesome and then it wasn't, then it was.  

Third to last race there was a bad accident, one of our horses was involved, 4 drivers taken to hospital, 2 with broken wrists, broken ribs, 1 suspected fractured pelvis and 1 concussion. Horses were hurt with cuts, but none had to be put down.

So after our horse had been cleaned and seen by the Vet, I took off my jacket, stepped into him, positioned my soul next to his, and our hearts found each other and started beating.

And the peace that came and stayed, transcended species and time and people and words.


Mares could not love me anymore than she did today.  I finally found some food without soy and molassas and may I just say, what a fucking mission that was.  Anyway, moving right along, I did, told Mares all about it, fed it to her and Belle and when I came back this afternoon she was all loved up.  That's literally doing a snuggle and being all mooshie like.  

Sometimes when I get it right with my horses, I really get it right.

And one of my other horses was talking with me today.  

You know, sometimes when it's just me and the horses, the world is in perfect and complete, Yin/Yang balance.  There is not one molecule out.

Anyway, that's been our week: It's been insane in it's bigness.  When there's been joy, it has overflowed in abundance.  And there's so much, not potential, but just bigness.  That's the only word I can use.  People are not just walking into my life, but being as if they were always there, and the depth with the horses is transcending a depth I had always hoped for, and exceeding my expectations.  Friendships are evolving and it feels as if anything I wish, is there for the taking.  

Hark at me, eh?  Must be another Full Moon.  

And before I sign off for this week: 

Remember this about soy...

1) Plays round with Estrogen levels.

2) Is a hormone disrupter and can cause miscarriages and fetal abnormalities.

3) Has Phytic Acid - which stops the absorption of iron, calcium, magnesium and zinc and Trypsin and Protease Inhibitors - which makes digestion of protein really difficult.  

I can't make up Phytic Acid and Trypsin and Protease Inhibitors.  These are black and white, scientific things.  You can not agree with me, say, It's too hard to change or just hide your head in the sand, but it doesn't make it any less true.  

I'm going to keep talking for the horses, until people start listening.  

Wishing you much love my friends, and of course, my humans.

Caps, me, Spirit, Az, Ralph, Chew, Suz, The Big E, my beautiful Mares, Belle (my super cutie) and Little Boo.