Horse Sense....



Ok, so this new stuff is working amazingly!

Love it!

So got some more.  Had to be ordered in which was fine, got a phone call and went to pick it up.  Got home and said to the young one, That's a bit weird, they've changed the label.  Then had a closer look and they had also changed how I was supposed to take it.  I was taking it 4 x a day and the new label said, Take once a day.

I freaked out a bit.

However, it worked out that they hadn't made a mistake.  The old label had said, Take a teaspoon before food.  So I did.  4 x a day.

Stupid directions.

Anyhou, the stuff is working fantastically.  Works out I'm losing about 100 grams a day, it's all natural and no side effects apart from cutting my appetite down and me losing weight.

I know, go figure, eh?


And it works out that a foal in the tummy starts participating at week 12.  That's when they start being able to communicate with me.  Mares is also more relaxed at that point.  It's like she goes, Ok, we're all sorted now... and she starts loving her Touch/play again.


Oh wait, do you remember me saying that just before I turned 40 I started reacting with everything?  Make-up, perfume etc?  Well, by the time I was 42 I couldn't wear any make-up at all, and only 1 perfume (a cheap and cheerful $35 one).  I reacted badly to everything.

I tried expensive, cheap, organic, you name it, I tried it.  And it broke my heart when I couldn't.  I was really upset there for a while. 

Well, over the last 12 months, slowly but surely, I have been able to wear mascara, bronzer and eye-liner.  However, I went to wear my perfume yesterday and I couldn't stand the smell.  

I know, how fabulous!

My body's Acidic/Alkaline balance has changed so much that I am now happily shopping for a new perfume.  

I am having the bestest fun in the Universe, because you know how much I love smell.

The language of smell.


And my new love is Macadamia nuts - great for regulating Blood Sugar Levels and helps with weight loss.  Are we seeing a repeat theme here?

10 Macadamenia's = 200 calories.

Anywhere, anyplace, anytime...


When you hear hoofbeats, think horses not zebras.


Hoofbeats.  Horses.  Zebras.


Belle is so damn cute!

Sometimes I wonder how I got so lucky.  I love being with the little ones, it's an absolute joy.  

Today Belle was a little pushy, which is a big no-no but she wanted a scratch, so she would come right up next to me, then give me a little bump, Hey! Waiting! 

I corrected that pretty damn quick, she's growing so quickly I can't afford to let any bad habits start.  So we went back over suitable behaviours.  We also played around with come, back up, stop, and most importantly, boundaries.

It was a super cool time and fantastic to watch how she tries to show me what she wants.

Yes?  No?  What about this? Got that wrong...  Try again.  Yes.


And Elvis has the hump with my son and it goes like this...

Liam stoking up the bbq

Me:  Run Elvis Run!! Liam's got the bbq on, and he's eyeing your ass...


And talking about the big E, he's a nuisance and a half to Suz at the moment.

Mr J did me a huge favour and put the rubber band around his boy bits and Hello! as promised, they fell off and he's no longer a ram.

Unfortunately, he's decided that he's crushing on Suz.  This roughly translates to him walking up to Suz, then running and then literally leaping on top of her, trying to give her some Elvis loving.

Suz is super underwhelmed with me right now and is either running away from Elvis, or complaining loudly that I need to fix this.


I don't think I've completely stepped up to my potential, raising Elvis to be a fully functioning member of society, although to be fair he is sooooooo damn cute.

But anyway, apart from the little Suz hiccup, it's awesome here.  The weather is fantastic, we have water, mucho grass, everyone's happy (well, maybe Suz not so much) and Belle is so freaking smart that it blows my mind, while Mares is happy cooking Little Boo.

So that's us, babes, we wish you there, all the love, happiness, joy and horses that you can handle, from us, here.

Big love

Caps, me, Spirit, Az, Ralph, Chew, Suz, Elvis, Mares, Belle and Little Boo.