Horse Sense....



So a new horse has come to play, and he is absolutely hilarious.

First off, his horse/human door is open, which is fantastic, but he's never come across someone like me, that he's never met before, that can talk. 

So the first time I spoke, he just thought I was being friendly.

The second, he was a little, Ok...

The third time he was like, What the fuck?  No, seriously, what the fuckity fuck fuck are you doing?  Stop talking to me.  No seriously, stop asking me questions.  You're freaking me out, seriously, Freaking. Me. Out.

It was super funny.

Then he just stood there, standing completely still, pretending he was a horse.  Who couldn't hear.  Or talk.

I was like, I can still hear you...

Anyway, in the end he couldn't help himself and I'm chatting away and he had to answer back.  He was right.

There is nothing better in this world that I have ever experienced, and I would live a thousand lifetimes just to be able to do this again.


We are so crazy busy here, I do not have a minute to breathe.

When I wake up I start work, and when I finish I go to bed.

I get as many horses in as I can, Spirit and humans, or should I say, Spirit with humans, take the rest.

I go to races when I can and when I can't, I do a little shrug and go, Spirit's will.

Spirit are throwing me some huge curve balls at the moment though and as I'm writing this, I can't tell you how it will all pan out.  I'm just working with the Clair-senses and going from one thing, to the next, to the next. I love working this way, but I normally expect breathing room.  I guess the results will soon become obvious when this Energy slows down, as it eventually will, and I'll see what's left standing. What I know though, is that I love running with Energy.  

It is so much more than I ever expected.  


I am never, and I mean, never where I've planned to be.  However, it's been vibrant Energy and mucho horses.  

So what have I learnt this week?

1) A good horseman (woman) will always take an opportunity to touch a little foal.  No matter what other shite is going on, if they can touch that foal, they will.

2) Horses moan sometimes when they have been hurt and you do human kindnesses for them.  

This sound I never hear any other time, but then.  It's rare, but they do.  I've also heard a horse purrrrrr.  That's even rarer.

3) For every day that you use medicine or creams that have all this nasty chemical stuff in it, it will take you 1 and a half days to get back to where you were.  

Every day you use it.  

4) Horses really do want to be in a partnership with a human.  Actually, they want to be in a relationship with you.  One that is free moving and free giving. And they want to help you to get it right for, and with, them.  

5) There is a Horse/human door.  The longer I'm with the horses, the more obvious it is.  There's not one breed that does it better or more.  There aren't any breeds that can't.  You don't need to be a particular kind of person to be able to do it.  And there's no price tag attached to it. 

There's just a Horse/human door.

And last but not least, I know some fucking amazeballs humans.  Peeps who have stunning relationships with their horses.  Some have lots of money, some don't have an extra $1 to their name, but what they do have in common, is that they are all phenomenal peeps.

Thank you for being part of my life.  

Wishing you much love my friends and of course, my humans.

Caps, me, Spirit, Az, (Fenny, Flash and Gino say, Hi!), Ralph, Chew, Suz, Elvis and of course, my beautiful Mares, Belle (OMFG she is sooooooooooo cute!) and Little Boo who is quietly growing and non-participating with me, at this exact moment.  

Mares tells me he's fine and to stop fussing.


So I'm getting this whole jacket thing wrong with Caps.  

To be fair, there were storm warnings yesterday.  And thunder at home.  So I booted it outside, gave everyone their nighttime feed and then jacketed Caps.  He was like, I don't really want...

And Boom! I had shhussssssed him and there he was all jacketed up.

Then no storm.  Or rain.

Again, got up this morning, Cappy still jacketed.  No rain.  No thunder.

Fed out, fluffed around then went and saw Mares, Belle and Little Boo.  After chats at the stables, found out that the lowest temperature was supposed to be 19 degrees and very muggy.  Was in two minds about jacket and Caps. Well to be fair, he lost so much weight when I took it off the last time I am super careful now.

Decided that I would make a decision when I got home.

Got home and he's standing by the gate.  Tania, I am melting...I think I'm getting heatstroke. Seriously, heatstroke.

So there I am taking off his jacket and he is soaking wet.  Everywhere.  I mean, he didn't actually have heatstroke but he was dripping.


Fussed around him a bit, did a little bit of bribery, and then, Boom!



It's four hours later and getting bloody cold.

It's already dropped 5 degrees here, and said to be dropping another 5.

I.  Bloody.  Knew.  It.

Jacket back on.


Note to self:

What is the most important rule in the whole wide Universe, when it comes to the horses?

Do not let your ego get in the way.

Sit in the Silence, with the horses, until you re-remember this.


And after all that hoo-ha about jacket on vs jacket off, we had one 10 minute period of heavy rain.

Super underwhelmed with our weather guys, although I'm heartsore for the people down south who were hit hard.


And Suz is nicking Elvis's food.

First there is silence as everyone eats, then Tarn! Tarn! Suz is eating my food!  Naughty Suz!! Naughty!! Tarn! Tarn!!


If in doubt, ask the horses.


Mares, Belle and Little Boo moved back to paddock number 2 today.  It's all good.  However, I can't tell you how our natural wormer is working yet, because I just don't know.  However, I believe that it is working.  In fact, I believe that it's working so well, that I'm looking at using it at home as well.  

And I bet Snagglepuss is happy I rugged him up tonight.  It's bloody freeeeeeeeezzzzing.


Oh, and Random Fact Number 693, which comes under shite you need to know BEFORE you need to know it:

If by some unlucky chance you find yourself with an oil fire, either in your kitchen or bloody bbq, then under no circumstances use water to put it out as it will go Boom! 

Instead, use salt or baking soda.

You're welcome.