Horse Sense....



Ok, so my "surprise" herb type thingy, did not give me the reaction I wanted.

Not even close.

I mean, don't get me wrong, I had an extremely pleasant afternoon, but it is a HUGE no to giving to Mares, especially when pregnant and lactating.  However, I can see it would be hugely beneficial when a horse has had a bad accident, or needs to be stabled due to either tendon or leg issues.  

The young one's still laughing.

In my defence, this quirk that I have, is what makes me able to do what I do.  

Oh wait, I also sourced the two herbs that everyone told me I couldn't get.  


Boom, baby.

Oh wait...cross grazing only works if you first run horses, then cows and then sheep if you have any.  

NOT running them all together.

There's been some BIG learning curves these last few weeks.

And finally have got something working with this natural wormer for Mares and Belle.

Yes, you need a chemical wormer to fix all the immediate worms you have.  Then you need to clear the paddocks of manure and lastly, use the natural wormer.  

Technically, you won't need to use a commerical wormer again as the natural wormer does all this very beautiful natural wormer thing.  Also, you don't need to clear the paddock of manure.

This all sounds very positive but as you and I know, we need to physically see this work.

I'm feeling hopeful though.


Caps fecal count came back as negative!!

The natural wormer at home worked.

Bloody brilliant.  


So I'm dealing with herbs that work with hormones now.  This is the tricky part because too much will make her/me (I never give anything to a horse that I won't/haven't used and these are all new herbs for me) - sad/crying, uber aggressive, super snuggly or sexually charged and raring to go.  The good news is all I have to do is bring one hormone up.

While keeping the rest balanced.


And since Elvis is always at my neighbours hanging with the goats, I sent them a text today, and guess what I got back?

He's absolutely fine, Tania.  They need social connections.

I love my neighbours.


Fantastic night at races tonight!

Love.  Love.  Love.

It took me one hour and forty five minutes to get in tonight though.  I had stopped off to see Belle and Mares (not included in this time) and somehow found myself grubby, with black marks all over my top.  I at least aim to turn up clean, but tonight was just a no-go in that way. Remind me not to wear white again, I look great in it, but I'm just a chick that can't keep clean.  

So anyway, I missed our first two races and had to watch them in my car, stuck in traffic.

But Spirit were playing tonight and when I went to leave, saw a mate and had a quick chat, then ended up staying watching their race, having more chats and then Hello! It was the end.

It was a soul enriched night tonight and I can breathe.

Wait...Elvis was waiting by the back steps for me when I came home.


So I'm having a shower this morning and the next thing I hear, Baaa Baaa.  

That was a bit odd because it sounded so close.  So I finish my shower then look out the window.

No Elvis.

Baaa Baa

I open the door out of the bathroom and who the bloody hell is standing there?


I'd left the French Doors open and he had just walked in and was waiting for me to finish showering.


You know, I don't think Elvis is going to make old hooves though.  That's a terrible thing to say, but it's like he's just too good?  That's not the right word.  

Too pure for this world.

I hope I'm wrong, but I've always said he was a gift from Spirit.  And Spirit don't give gifts for years and years and years, they gift for a season.


Mares herb is working.  Whooo!  Softly does it though, so I am being super careful about doseages.  Mares is also in her Don't touch me, I'm cooking a baby phase.  I forgot about that, but she was exactly the same at this time of her pregnancy last year.  

And I'm just waiting for our new worm stuff to turn up.  It's a big change so I'm interested as to how this is going to work.  I'm pretty sure that if it does what everyone claims it does, it's going to be awesome for Mares, Belle and Little Boo.

Well, fingers crossed.

However, I am such a huge believer in healthy gut = healthy mind and strong body that it's just finding the right formula, and hopefully this worming way is the next step in our journey.


And Fenny, Flash and Gino are now living with Aunty Aria. 

Everyone came down today on quad bikes, motorbikes and feet, herded them to their new home and Hello! all done.

They have heaps of grass, and an awesome home, but it's still a bit weird for me and I'm a little teary eyed.  But to be fair, if Flash could physically speak she would say, Thank you.

But I do have to say this, because I did it. I spoke to them this morning, said goodbye to Flash and Gino and thanked them for being a part of our family, and wished them well on their new journey.  I also gave Fenny the choice to stay or go.  She left with them.

Ok, now I am full on crying.

All life is valuable, and don't you be forgetting that.  


So that's been our week: It's been awesome in it's intensity.  There has been some fantastic conversations, some pretty random people and I love, love, love how much, and in the way, that Spirit are walking with us right now.  

Things have happened exactly as they should have...and I respect that. 

Wishing you much love my friends and of course, my humans.

Caps, me, Spirit, Az, Ralph, Chew, Suz, Elvis, and of course, my beautiful Mares, Belle and Little Boo.


Farrier came today.  Caps was like, Thank you, but no, not today.  Which was cool.  Caps and I have this working now. I trust him that he knows his hooves, so he just hung round eating, waiting for Az to finish.  Caps will get his done in a couple of weeks. Az did, and was an absolute sweetheart as per normal, and so did Suz.  The new herb is working fantastically for her.  Not for long term, but short term it's great.  As soon as she was done, lead off.  Slowly but surely, we're getting there.

Also waiting to pick up the new herbal wormer.  

It's 2.04 Monday afternoon, and I'm pretty sure I've used all my patience up for the week.  I know I've used up all of it until Wednesday 3 pm.

Oh and stopped off to see the Vet today.  Wasn't 100% convinced Elvis didn't have mange so took photo's in for a look see.  

Nope, no mange.

** For every stupid you come across, you need to do two (2) good deeds to counteract it.

Just saying.

*** Natural worming has commenced for Mares, Belle and Little Boo. Will start doing photo's tomorrow so we can check to see if it's working or how well it is.

And on a cuteness note: Elvis now has his own feedbowl.  Well, to be fair, he shouldn't even have a feedbowl.  He's a lamb.  He should be eating grass.  But he's been a bit off the last couple of days.  A bit, you know, sulky.  As if he had the hump over something.  

He did.

That he didn't have his own feedbowl.  That he came and fed out every morning and night and there was nothing for Elvis.  

So I showed him what I had bought for him as soon as I got home, and I swear, hand on heart, I have never seen him so happy.  I gave him a teensy bit of what I give everyone else.  He would eat, race around, eat again, come feed out, then race back for a few more bites.

He is sooooooooooooo cute.  

If you can get past the mange part.

ps: I can't give you a photo, he's too embarrassed.

**** All the new herbs are turning up and it's fantastic!

It's all, How does it feel? What is it's smell?  What is the colour of it's smell? How does it taste?  What is the colour of it's taste?  What emotion does it make you feel as you smell it?  As you taste it?  

It smells brown.

You mean like chocolate?

Not that brown...

***** And the starving has started again.

I'm constantly ravenous.  On a positive note, there's no downside to getting as many vitamins and minerals as I can, in as little calories as possible. It's a pain counting calories though.  However, I know almost down to the point, what something's nutritional value is.  

And to be fair, I know what's coming - the fabulous super growth on my hair, good skin, nails and an extremely happy disposition.

That part I love.

***** Oh wait...let me end with a random this week:

I ended up at Karaka picking something up, not realizing it was the, Ready to Run TB Sale.  

So I'd been crazy busy all day, and just rocked up in what I'd worn to the stables.  

Anyway, this guy sees me, says Hi! obviously on his way to do something with the horses, and then stops, turns around, smiles at me and goes, You smell amazing.


There is not one thing in the known Universe that he could have said, that would have been nicer, smarter, better or hotter.

****** You know, Suz and I have had a slow burn love.  And I only realized this the other day when our lovely Farrier was here.  I had her on the lead before I went to stables, because I didn't want to have to worry about catching her when I came home.  In case she didn't wish to be caught, which was a bit ridiculous because it took like a minute to put the lead on.  Anyway, I left it on and went to stable.  Came home and Steve was doing her hooves but as soon as he had finished, I took her off the lead and she just hung round with us.  

Which got me thinking that I had got it all wrong with her.

I realistically knew that she had been abused, but the soul of me hadn't.  I didn't get how systematic it had been.  The closed spaces, the beatings, the no food punishment, the being left in isolation.  So it wasn't Suz didn't want to have a relationship with me, she couldn't.  All her Energy for so long had gone to keeping herself safe and alive, there was nothing left.  All her Energy had gone to fighting for her survival.

And I've watched my horses go, It's ok, you're not going to get hit.  And she wouldn't believe them.  She'd see Chew be a little naughty and she would wait for him to be punished by hitting, isolation, no food and it didn't happen.  And slowly but surely, her stress levels came down.    

But I watched her the other day and I saw the horse she was way back when, before it all got crazy.  

And I was just out there before, feeding out, and she's waiting under the tree by the house, for me.  She comes over every morning, has her banana, her breakfast, then hangs around the house.  It's been weeks if not months, since she has gone further than the shed.  Fence or no fence.  She comes to me every morning.  It takes minutes, not hours or days to lead rope her.  She's always where she can see me.  She knows that everybody is responsible for how they act.  Chew is Chew.  Suz is Suz.

This is what I talk about when I speak of having a partnership.  

It's not about catching my horses.  

******* Oh wait! Just heard...Congratulations Andre!  

That is a mammoth achievement.  You are a phenomenal person and you deserve this amazingness.  

I loved our conversations, but what I remember is the kindness you showed me, when it mattered most.

Spirit have picked well.

Big love xx

******** Before you tell me I can't do something, you better check that I haven't already done it before you call me.

Just saying.