Horse Sense....



Elvis is in the paddock with Caps as I am writing this, and he is not a happy bunny.

However, I got a phone call today asking if my lamb was by the house.  Yes, I replied, I hear him calling me.

That unfortunately, was inaccurate.

He was down the driveway, across the road and standing outside the neighbours.

He was lost and didn't know how to get home.  Which is why he was calling me.

Then there was a kerfuffle while I got him home, calling him, him answering, me calling again and him standing in middle of road, stopping traffic and generally being a pain in the ass.

He was bloody lucky he didn't get bowled by the truck coming round the corner.

Hence, the paddock.

I'm having withdrawl symptoms though.  I love him baa-ing all round the place and hearing his hooves pitter patter on the deck.

Unfortunately, needs must and it's either paddock or squished on road.

And I'm totally into worming at the moment.  Or finding out about worms.

Best I can come up with is the Alkaline vs Acidic balance in the body.  Too Acidic and worms thrive.

I'm a little unsure about fecal worm count though, but only because if you don't take the samples right ie: from all parts of the poo then it can be inaccurate.  

Too many worms here, no worms there kind of scenario. 

Anyway, I'll give it a go.  There's got to be a better way than the commerical ones though, that shite is toxic.  

I've heard about another one, but it's human, and you mix it with urine for the horses.  Urine balances out the Acid vs Akaline in the body.  To be fair, Caps is not keen on my urine being syringed into his mouth, apparently he loves me but that's a, No, speak to the hoof.   

However, I am interested in that you could use a human natural wormer.  I'll shelve that idea for future reference.  But after all this talk of worms, we both know that I will have to de-worm myself this weekend.  You know I am phobic about worms.  So this will be a good time to try this human herbal wormer on myself and see how it works.  Then I'll try it on Caps.  Possibly Az.  

I've also heard that you use this wormer mix around the Full Moon and for three days, 3x a day.  But that's mixed with urine.  I don't like that idea.  Too much, too messy, too often.  That to me feels clumsy.  However, I've heard it works amazingly, and I'm grateful to people speaking with me about their ways.  

As you also know, I have used urine in the past to fix things and it's worked amazingly.  I've never found anything better for ear infections and I've seen how it's worked with issues the vet has said were unfixable.


So I'm not banging on urine as such.

Anyway, I'm just throwing ideas around and finding what fits us. 

Almost forgot, used the wrong herb, brought Belle's temperature up a bit and she's been sweating all round the place.  On a positive note, it's excellent that I have got her body working at full capacity.  

Not so positive, got the dosage wrong.  Funny thing is, I wouldn't have if I had used the Doctrine of Signatures.  It was right there for me to see.

Don't take your eye off the ball, baby.

Oh, and I'm off to Cambridge again tomorrow.  They said on the loud speaker on Tuesday, that there were races again on Friday and I didn't believe them.  Well, to be fair they never have races there within 3 days of each other.  So when Nana said, Races on Friday here again I thought she'd misheard.  Or wrong.  Possibly both.

Works out it was me.

My bad.


Had a fantastic time last night!


Oh wait, so you want to pretend you didn't know me last Tuesday at Cambridge, but today you want to be all friendly and talkative like?

Kiss my mighty fine ass, baby.

Oooooooohhhhh...I've had some super cool conversations over the last few days, my mind is being stretched and I'm consistently looking outside the square.  

One thing is leading to another to another to another.  Like doors consistently opening, some into other corridors, which are leading to awesome doors, some a dead end, some take me back to the same place.  But it is constantly moving.  

That's fucking awesome.

Oh wait...No, Elvis is not paddock bound.  Pretty much because we have a co-dependent relationship, and I like hearing his hooves on the deck and he loves sleeping outside my door.

I know, I know, Harden up, cupcake.

Wait...I tried Caps with the human natural wormer today for the first time, and he loves it.  I put it in his food and he chowed down like nobodies business.  Still trying to get dosage right but it looks, at first impressions, awesome.


So that's been our week:  We're trying new stuff, mostly getting it right, sometimes not and both talking and listening to the sounds of the world.  That's cool in itself.

Wishing you much love my friends and of course, my humans.

Caps, me, Spirit, Az, Ralph, Chew, Suz, Fenny, Flash, Gino, my super cutie, Elvis and of course, my beautiful Mares, gorgeous Belle and Little Boo.


Caps is bouncing around the place.  He loves this stuff.  I tried it on the other horses today and all of them (bar Suz) was licking it off my hand.  It's a real winner taste wise for the horses.  Next step is to re-test fecal count to see if there has been a difference.  I can't use it on Mares because it says on the label Not to be taken in pregnancy or lactation.  


But I can use it at home, so that's cool.

It's also working really well for me.  It doesn't give you the runs or anything, but there's a rebalance that happens.   I've had a triple whammy because I used it coming into the Full Moon, when I would have had a period (you still get symptoms even after you've had a hysterectomy) and as a cleanser.  And to be fair, the weather's crap and it's Mercury Retrograde, which for me at this exact minute, means that my email is also refusing to work.  Actually, maybe that means it's a fifth whammy.

Anyhou, I'm planning on lying on the couch and watching a movie (possibly two) as soon as I've finished writing this.  Then having an early night.  

But overall, it's a winner for me too.

And thank Spirit I have the best neighbours in the Universe.  Elvis is once again on the neighbours driveway, with the goats, eating their grass...

Oh wait...I've had a couple of conversations about natural vs commerical medicine and this needs to be mentioned, not all herbal/natural medicines are safe.  Just because it is natural does not automatically make it safe.  There are just as bad side effects, and sometimes worse than commerical medicine, if you get it wrong.

Well, think about it, Where do you think medicine originated from?


And we're confirmed preggers!!!!

Mares had bloods done and poo taken for a fecal count.  Belle didn't have any poo we could reach to do it, so that's my plan for tomorrow, but she also had her first bloods done.  

There's a reason for this.  I've decided that we are going to be pro-active rather than damage control with our Vet.  That means run in front of the Energy, not behind it.  

I know, I know, I normally run with it, but I can walk in hand with Science.  

Ok fine, not really, but to be fair Science will back me up, and to be honest everyone wants what is best for the horses.  

My jigsaw puzzle is starting to come together.

I was having a conversation with one of my mates today though, and I said I was finding it challenging to talk and share (that part's ok) and listen.  That it was hard for me to not just be stubborn and say, My way is the only way, and it is right.  That I had to consistently check in with myself to make sure that I was just not being stubborn re food (what I will and won't use), weight and how Mares is looking.

That it is a constant work in progress.

While I can acknowledge this and speak about it, we're fine.  

The ego's not winning. 

However, on a same but different note, I had taken Mares off one of her herbs and she was a right little trollop today.  Very mare-ish and kicking the wall so hard at one point, that she was scaring the other horses.  

Who were outside.

We must have been taking too long though, because once she was walking back to paddock she was sweet as.

I picked up the herb on the way home.

Oh wait...Caps fecal count came back.  

1100 which is about 700 too much.  

We've decided to wait to see how this wormer works and will re-test in 2 weeks, but as much as tests can flucuate and be inaccurate, for this wormer to be shown to work Caps needs to have dropped big time.  

Not a 200 drop, try like 600.

Fingers crossed I'm doing my part of this worming doseage thing right.

And after Mares, walking past the other Broodmare this morning with her, Yo bitch, you want a piece of this? attitude, this afternoon she was all mooshie eyed and snuggle like, Come and give your Mares a cuddle, Tania...

No, I'm not giving you a cuddle, you scared me half to death today.  Well, maybe just a small one, but no kissy.  Ok, well maybe just a small kissy, because you smell really great but no...oh just come here.

And just when I think I'm all country-fied, I buy a Stanley Knife the other day, and then had to carry it round in my bag for 3 days, because I didn't know how to open it.

Wait...I have a really good friend who I consistently check in with re the horses, but he's got this odd habit which used to drive me nuts.  I'd ask him a question re the horses like, What do you think of...  

And he would always answer, I don't know.

I'd be like, WTF?  How can you not know?  You're so good at this stuff?  And it's a yes/no question.

It took me forever before I realized, what he meant was, when I asked him a quesiton, was that there were variables.  So he was right, it's wasn't a yes/no answer.  There were another 5 questions that needed to be asked, and answered, before there was an answer to that one question.

Slowly but surely, I am getting my jigsaw puzzle.

**** And I snaffled Belle's poo today.  We couldn't get it yesterday but I hovered, lurked, cajoled and sweet talked today until she put her fine tail up and left me a deposit.  Which I grabbed, although to be fair, if I hadn't left my book on the other side of the fence as a reference, like an X marks the spot, I would never have found it in the tall grass.

I know that this picking up poop may be weird to some peeps (ok, ok a lot), but I love putting my jigsaw together.  

You put all the pieces together, in all the different ways.  I love that what I think I'm dealing with, I never am.  I'll think one part is really big and then it works out, not so much, it was the teensy, tiny part that I thought had no substance.

It is living magic.

Start where you are, with what you have, right now.

***** Mares fecal count just came back.  900.  Too high, but we are trying a natural wormer - not the one I'm using at home because it's not suitable for pregnant or lactating mares, but natural never-the-less.

And she needs a new herb.  Possibly two or three.

Told you that a blood test was a good idea.

Boom, baby.

****** I couldn't find the herb I wanted this afternoon, apparently no one has it, so I stepped outside the square and used a cream.  I knew what I wanted, but it just came down to cream or tinture.  Those were my choices.  So I took a chance.

Mares was like, I like you touching me....wait...what are you doing...

I'm a little weird about these natural wormers though - I hope I've just found the wrong information, but most of them are "natural" but use in conjunction with chemical wormers.

What the fuck is the point of that?

Jezus in pajamas.

******* Wait...all of a sudden Elvis's fur was falling out in clumps.  Veeeeeeerrrrry disturbing, also the fact that I would have to explain to the young one why our lamb looked like it had mange.  So, there I am Googling away for some reason as to why this was happening, and it works out that he is losing his baby fur.  

Not mange after all.

Go me.

******** That bloody cream hasn't worked.

Well, actually, that is untrue.  The herb part worked, but unfortunately the cream has 19 other ingredients and even though they are all good and natural one of those 19 ingredients, Mares doesn't like.  

Therefore, it makes the herb part, null and void.


To be fair, Mares knows her stuff so for me to force her is just stupid, I'll find another way.

Actually, I already have some extra herbs I want to try and one surprise find.  I've known about the surprise one for ages, but never got round to using it.  I personally used it today, and it could be exactly what I'm looking for.  

Well, not exact for Mares, but pretty bloody good.

And there is a herb I can use, it was just my second choice herb.  

Now my New Plan A.

Oh wait...I've just found out I have another label:

Panromantic Demisexual

Yeah, she's hot, but you are not going to go home with her because she doesn't know you that well. She's emotionally attracted to anyone, but only sexually attracted to those that she has a strong bond with.

Hark at it, eh?  And here I was thinking I was just a stroppy mare.