Horse Sense....



So I got to the stables and Mares and Belle had moved paddocks.

It's a cool paddock, lots of grass and big room to move.

I saw the new horse in Mares old paddock though and was like, Where's Belle... before I looked over and saw Mares standing in new paddock, glaring at me.

She's not even the same colour, Tania...

A bit of soothing ruffled feathers while I explained that I know her, that I absolutely did not mistake her for another horse and that no, she does not still look 9 months pregnant.

Man, can she get her hump on.

Anyway, Mares was happy that I sorted out a second feed bin, got herbs, feed, and There There'd her.  

I love her personality.  


Oh almost forgot, got asked to foster some horses today, in fact, I got asked, How many would you like?  It wasn't right for us here at home, but it felt really empowering to say, No, that isn't how we work here and explain why, and the process we use.  And to say with confidence, That's not a good fit.

It was also great to know I have a process.  But more than that, it was fantastic that I could show my horses, talk about how we work and be proud of our whole way.  And not just proud, but, This is us.  

We are a super cool unit.

On a funny note though, I was explaining to everyone before Miss F turned up, that they didn't need to freak out, but the SPCA were turning up.  No one likes unexpected truck type things turning up, because they know that often it's not good, and they're not keen on the SPCA as they can smell the animals fear, distress and upset on the people who deal with these kind of things.  Anyway, I explained why and what I thought would be happening.  So when Miss F arrived, everyone came over, was super chilled and had a chat and banana.  

Including Suz.  

Apart from Elvis actually.  He hid in the bushes and refused to come out. 

But I swear, hand on heart, Caps said to everyone, It's ok, it's not going ahead.  

Chew has been particularly well behaved today though.

Oh, almost forgot, my friends got a special, personal invite, to the InterDominions.  That's huge.  And so they should, they have had huge success with their horses and one in particular kicked ass, and won just about every race it's possible to win.  And to top it off they're super nice people - kind of like the cherry on the ice cream on the top of the cake.  Congratulations, peeps xx


Races in Cambridge.

No races in Cambridge for Tania.

However, Mares and Belle are doing awesome.  I'm particularly impressed with Mares who is fine tuning my herb knowledge like nothing I've ever experienced.  We've got this pretty tight now.  

And my new, 1600th century herb book, turned up.


The decoction of the herb made with wine, and drank, is good against the biting and stinging of serpents, and helps them that makes foul, troubled, or bloody water and makes them urinate clear speedily.


It should be kept in all gardens: the leaves boiled and used in cylysters, wonderfully soften the belly, and make the passage slippery.


It is well observed by an eminent American physician, - "Botanical practice is destined to a continued course of improvement - going on from perfection to perfection, as long as new agents are found, or new developments of the powers of those agents are discovered by the careful practitioner, and the intelligent chemist.  The march of improvement results more and more in the rejection of dangerous minerals, and deleterious substances from among those articles resorted to for the cure of diseases; and we are confidently looking forward to the period when the liberal influence of eclectic (choosing the best) principles, and the developments of an unbigoted, enlightened practice, shall make it manifest that vegetable remedies, and those alone, are necessary, proper, and sufficient, to control and obviate the disorders incident to the human frame."

Let Botany be studied by all, and they will be amply rewarded with new ideas, and agreeable and effectual remedies.


So after having a super fabulous and totally random conversation last night with the young one, I've got up this morning and the word I was thinking of was, conversation.  When you are "craving" replace that word with conversation.  

Your body is trying to have a conversation with you.  Craving is your Instant Gratification mindset, Conversation is peeling back the layers to get to the grass roots.

However, in having said that, it's 9.26 Saturday morning, I'm in season and my body is going, Yo, sister, some KFC would be good... 

Oh wait...

The Moon owns the herb, Moonwort is cold and drying more than adder's tongue, and is therefore held to be more available for wounds both inward and outward. The leaves boiled in white wine, and drunk, stays the immoderate flux of women's courses, and the whites.  It also stayeth bleeding, vomiting, and other fluxes.  It is good for blows and bruises, and to consolidate all fractures and dislocations.  It is good for ruptures, but it is chiefly used by most with other herbs to make oils or balsams to heal fresh or green wounds, for which it is lent.

Moonwart (the absurdly say,) will open locks and unshoe such horses as tread upon it; but some country people call it unshoe the horse.

And on a completely different but same subject, Mares is decidedly owner-ing me.  She stands waiting at the top of the paddock, watching me walk up and makes sure I don't stop and associate with the pregnant mare I need to pass.  She's like, Don't you be dilly dally-ing and keep your hands this side of the fence.

And then stands there and makes sure that the other horses see that she is participating in Touch/play.  It's when Mares does things like this that I realize how little I know of the actual heirachy and complexities of the herd, even in a working stable-racing type environment. 

And I finally got to trials today.  It was great but then again, the horses call me.  I can only go so long and then when I can't see them I start to panic, then Boom! I'm around them all again and I can breathe.

Yip.  I had KFC.  Don't tell the young one, I'll never hear the bloody end of it.


And Belle loves her ear being touched.  Today she came trotting up and then was like, Here's my ear...  OMG she is just so cute.

I am happy in just about every area it is possible to be happy in.

So, that's been our week: Beautiful.  

Take what you need, then take some more, and then go give your horse a cuddle.

Wishing you much love my friends and of course, my humans.

Caps, me, Spirit, Az, Ralph, Chew, Suz, Fenny, Flash, Gino, Elvis (OMFG he is adorable - he is fat, juicy, cuddly, and always under, around or in front of my legs AND sleeps outside my door) and of course, my beautiful Mares and Belle.


Elvis got stuck in the paddock this morning.  I went out and he had got himself in but then couldn't get himself out.  He was absolutely hysterical, he was beside himself that he couldn't get out.  Eventually, I went in through another paddock and he came hooning in, but Caps was standing at the fence going, What's wrong with him?

He's an orphan.

** And in the realms of the weird and truly bizarre, we were talking today at the stables about Mares new baby daddy, and had just confirmed the go-ahead for this week.  

All goods.

However, not two hours later I got a phone call about a bill I had over-paid.  

Over three years ago. 

It is the exact amount (almost down to the cent) of Mares baby Daddy's stallion fee.

Now you understand why I am so careful with the men that I involve myself with?  

This life that I love and live, is awesome in its wholeness, but it's not for the faint hearted.  I need a man who is secure and confident in who he is as a man.

Who doesn't interferre or get jealous or needy of the work I do, or try and over ride it but rather, just loves me and lets me get on with it.

That right there, cuts out almost 90% of the men I meet immediately.

Take away money and all that is left, is the soul of a man.

*** I missed Mares scan today and she was pisssssed with me.  

On a good note, by the time we got it all sorted, she realized I couldn't have been somewhere I didn't know I was supposed to be.

**** So I wake up to the sound of thunder this morning, and there I am lying in bed, listening and loving the sound and then I'm like, Wait... 

We have 10 minutes here from the time you hear thunder to a complete thunder storm, and then I'm scrabling around throwing on clothes hooning to feed out, while it's still dry.

I made it by 30 seconds.

***** And all of a sudden my balms have taken on a life of their own.  

I know, right?  

I've been making them 10 years off and on.  

I'd go through stages.  Then stop.  Then they'd call again.  I never completely stopped, but I never really thought they were anything more than a little witchy magick.

My Sweet Orange Lip Balm is the most delicious, Peppermint my next favourite, but I still have a love affair with Miss Kanuka Balm.  

Other peeps are in love with Mr Kawa Kawa Balm.  

I guess it all depends on where you are standing.

****** Oh wait...Mares is all ready to go with her new baby Daddy, and we're aiming for this Friday or Saturday.