Horse Sense....

I want to talk with you about Kelp because it's amazeballs, but there is also another part of me that doesn't and the reason is simple:

We live in an Instant Gratification, No Strings Attached Society and to use herbs correctly and Run With Energy you need to put ego to one side and commit to the process.

These two concepts do not walk happily hand in hand.

So I'm really concerned that I'm going to talk and all you're going to hear is the amazeballs bit and just fuck the process bit.

I still need to talk though, so here goes:

Kelp is amazeballs.  

It is full of iodine which is what we need to keep our Thryoid working properly.  An underactive Thryoid makes you sluggish and overweight.  An underactive Thyroid gives you anxiety and makes you all antys.

The Thryoid walks hand in hand with the Hyperthalamus.  The Hyperthalmus is the boss of our appetite and hunger pains.  Or lack of. Kelp automatically starts working and regulating the Thryoid and therefore, the Hyperthalamus.

Kelp is full of calcium - for bones and muscles and magnesium who synthesizes protein, muscle function and regulates blood sugar levels.

Kelp also has an abundance of iron, manganese, potassium and zinc.  But it also has: Vitamin K, C and the B vitamins - riboflavin, pantothenic acid and thiamine required for proper metabolism and energy production.

But wait, kelp contains a number of potentially bioactive compounds which are not present in terrestrial plants and may have anti-obesity benefits. Early researchers have discovered that a natural fiber derived from kelp, called alginate, could help block fat absorption in the intestines by 75 percent. 

Kelp is fucking amazing if you get the right dosage, run with Energy and commit to the process of full body health - emotionally, intimately, physically and Spiritually.

Don't let me down and be Instant Gratification peep.

Be someone I can be proud of.


Had a great night at Camebridge.  I love the vibe there, everyone's relaxed and easy going and we had some great conversations.

A bit random, but you know, that's my kind of vibe.

Spirit have been very kind to me recently though, more than normal, as if they've given me a Spirit holiday.  Ok, now I know that sounds random and slightly weird considering I am so crazy bug busy, but think of really great vibrations, real soul connections and contented times.  And talking of that, for the first time I saw a Spirit outside my home, on the road tonight.  That's very bizarre, I don't normally see them like that.  Or in that way.

Anyway, a super cool night.