Horse Sense....



I'm not liking this Energy too much.

It's deep and silent (but not in my good way) and feels like the eye of the Tiger.  It's making me feel quite "stay home and hibernate".  Which is not that unusual for me in Winter overall, but this Energy is unusual.  I'm finding it hard to run with, not because I can't but it's the kind of Energy that I'm not sure I want to.  But that's the funny thing with Energy, you don't get that choice.  You either do run with Energy or you do not.  There is no middle ground.

However, I am being super careful because I don't want to poke the bear.  This Energy can go either way and I don't want to nudge it and push it in a direction it's not supposed to go.

I would also like to say I'm tip toe-ing round but that's a lie.  I mean, I try but then I'm opening my mouth and my Truth is spilling out - it's falling and flying and colouring the Universe and I put it down to this one thing:  When the horses said they would speak with me and I said, yes, then I committed to them.  Not just when the sun is out and everyone's feeling happy and full of the joy of life, but every single minute of every day, that I get the opportunity.  

On a positive note: my horses at home are great, my cows and Gino are also happy, Mares and baby Mares are super content and Elvis is like a ray of sunshine for me.  He's been like a gift from Spirit.  In fact, he is a gift from Spirit and for that I am seriously grateful.

Another funny thing is that I've got my tingly hands.  It's like there is an idea floating around my head that I can almost reach out and touch.  Almost being the operative word.  It's there and I know that I should be getting it, but I can't see it.  Like a shadow out of the corner of my eye.  So I don't want to rush it in case I rush in the wrong direction.  It is a super fragile time.

See? this is what I'm talking about.

Don't poke the fucking bear.


Mares and baby Mares were all snuggly today.  I rocked up and Mares was like, Come and give your Mares a cuddle and spent ages with me.  Everytime I went to leave she was like, No,'s cuddles time... she's in nesting mode now.

Also learnt that even though I have had a child and he had had nappies, apparently I can't nappy a little lamb correctly.  Well, to be fair, this was my first time.  But anyway, I was in my local dairy and my favorite girl was working, the one who had originally told me about the nappies.  Well, I said, Hey babe, I've got the number 2's sorted but he keeps doing little fountains, have I bought the wrong size nappies?  

There was a funny silence.

Then another lady standing in line was like, Are you using two nappies?, why would I do that?

Well, because the boy bits are too far away and one nappy doesn't reach.

Well, that answers that question.

I left the shop with sissors, duct tape and extra nappies.

I also now understand that you do not tuck the tail in the nappy and hang it to the side a bit, but instead cut a hole and wiggle the tail out, so it hangs outside nappy.


I am also over having my own goat.  

Neighbours goat got off the driveway lead and me being a good neighbour went to put him back on.  This was better in theory than reality.  Lead rope was not a lead rope but rather a chain and goat decided he didn't wish to go where I wanted.  He was a strong little bugger and I have the chain burns to prove it.  However, goat back on driveway where he should be.

No goat will be living in this house in the forseeable future.


Oh....also have a new plan for house training mini's.  My local dairy is a wealth of knowledge for random facts.  I never would have got that one, even if it had been right in front of me.  

Kind of like the question, How long would it have taken you to realize that you can make glass out of sand?



This Energy is quite super today.  There's so much Spirit around, it's like walking the yellow brick road.  It's good but in a slow, contented, quiet way.  It's not busy, it's not self focussed or look at me, it's just peaceful.

So, that's been our week:

 It's been deeply Spiritual but also very minefield-ey...and continues to be.  

I guess, we'll see how it all works out, eh?

Wishing you much love my friends, and of course, my humans.

Caps, me, Spirit, Az, Ralph, Chew, Suz, Fenny, Flash, Gino (still cute but growing very rapidly), and of course, Mares and baby Mares and little Elvis


Didn't go to the races this week, everything was all good and ready to go, then the last hour went a bit custard like and Hello! baby girl's not going anywhere.

** Chew and Suz are running round the house again at night.  

I'm still not 100% sure that Chew is staying at home, mainly because as soon as I wake up and look out the window, Chew's standing there looking like butter wouldn't melt.  His go to, I've been up to no good look.  

And then hangs around me like expensive perfume.  

I will give him the benefit of the doubt though because no neighbour has texted, called or brought him home on a lead rope they just happened to have handy, but even so...

*** Elvis is sulking.

He has, as I am writing this, just had his two boy dangly bits, and tail ringed.  Thanks heaps, Johnny xx