Horse Sense....



Mares has teats!  

But the bestest part is that she has milk.  It was dripping from her today.  Bags not down yet though, but I'm super excited and as we are now the 1st August, baby Mares can come anytime.

Great night at races tonight, Spirit were walking with us.  There were also some totally random conversations and one truly unusual bet.  If I lose this one I'll be surprised, I think you're wrong.  Even I would be hard pushed to pull that one off, and I can do some pretty awesome shite.  

I also like clever, intelligent and someone who thinks like me. I also like things where I go, That's clever, that's exactly what I would have done.

I like the dance.

I also like flying Unicorns.

I have to say though that things have a funny way of working out, and never the way that you expect.  But as my old Nana used to say, Have patience,Tania.  It'll all come out in the wash.  

I still have as little patience now as I had then, but I see her point.  

The Truth always comes out or as I prefer to see it, Be careful of your words, because they will come back to bite you on your ass.

Oh...I think a bloody cat's moved in.  Hard to tell for sure as I haven't seen one round during the day, but it was either a cat hovering round the baleage where the mices hang out, or a rodent the size of King Kong that I saw in my headlights as I drove in home tonight.

I'm voting for the cat.


Mares baby Daddy 3rd babe to hit the track (a South Island babe) got scratched tonight (Friday).

I'm pleased that his peeps are looking after his welfare.


So the young one and I were video chatting this afternoon - catching up on what and where we'd been, and with whom.  Nice.  It was a really powerful and empowering conversation, mostly because we'd been doing lots of interesting stuff but also there had been a lot of right place, right time cool vibes going on.

I love that!

But anyway, after we had had a bit of a chit chat, he hung up and I went outside and sat on my deck steps.  Now before I go any further I need you to understand that they weather has either been pelting down with rain or great huge dollops of sunshine.  Nothing inbetween.  But I was thinking about Suz and how I was going to have to man up and tell you that we weren't making headway.  1 step forward, 3 back.  On some days even 4.  And I had tried everything.  

Nothing was working.  

But as I was sitting there contemplating the best words to describe this dismal failure, I saw something move out of the corner of my eye.

It was Suz.

Now forgive me for not getting excited, but everytime Suz has seen me recently she's done the bolt.  Seriously, see = bolt.  So, I just sat there wondering how long I had before the rain came, and Hello! the next minute Miss Suz is standing in front of me.  

A handspan away.  Just staring.

She'd come for her banana.

I held out a piece and she delicately took it and ate it.  I held out another and she did the same.  I put the third piece on my left knee and just waited.  She stepped forward, ate it and just stood there while I stroked her head.  And this is how it went, she nibbled delicately, got stroked, we hung out and so it continued.

I guess, somewhere along the line, they weren't backwards steps.

So that's been our week:  It has been really unusual, not what I expected at all.  There's been lots of Spirit (well, that's normal) and lots of basic horse work (just our every day stuff) lots of rain but also lots of unexpected rainbows.  That's not the right word to describe it but I can't think of another word for it.  Think of a cold, wet winter week but some real zinger good luck real-time things happening.  It's been a huge amount of fun, some setbacks which weren't setbacks after all and so many, right place, right times that Spirit have to get a High Five Hoof for those.

I'm kind of excited about how the next few weeks are going to go.

Wishing you much love my friends, and of course, my humans.

Caps, me, Spirit, Az, Ralph, Chew, Suz, Fenny, Flash, Gino (you are still super cute), and of course, my beautiful Mares and baby Mares.


We've hit a cold snap and today was both pelting down rain and hail storms with the odd bit of sunshine to keep things in balance.  I fed Mares wrong today (both buckets at lunch with lots of, and the right kind, of vitamins and minerals and herbs but even so) so went back this afternoon to give her a small night time feed and more hay.  She appreciated the effort.

** Yes, Az is still nude.

*** And guess what?

Little Miss Suz is freaking rocking it!  

Which little cutie just hung around home today while the hot fence was down and she could have walked away and up or down the road, anytime?  And while people and cars were zooming in and out?


But wait, she's acting just like Peanut.  Hangs round the house, goes to balage in the shed to have a snack or has a munch on grass somewhere but generally is never far away.  

When you finally get the horse/human door right, it changes everything.

Chew and Ralph are in the paddock.


**** OMG we have a new cutie at home!  


A 4 day old orphan lamb.

He's super cute and coming everywhere with me at the moment.  Mostly because well, he's too small to leave anywhere.  I thought I had this covered and could leave him in the kitchen but it works out the gate I thought I had, has a gapping big whole in the middle.  And he's tiny.  Then I had forgotten I have about 20 stairs that go to the laundry.   

And as much as he was quiet when I got him, after going to the stables and being fussed over and jacketed up, then off to see Nana and crew and was totally molly coddled and coo-ed over he kind of got his mojo on.

And refuses to stay in the microwave box he came in.

In fact, there was one hairy moment when he was feeding out with me, scooted under the fence and everyone (Caps, Az, Fenny, Flash and Gino) looked at him, looked at me, went What the fuck?  No seriously, what the fuckity fuck fuk is that?  and then everyone was chasing his ass round.  Lucky he was jacketed up because as he passed me running like hell, I reached over and scooped him up by the neck.

Suz keeps following us round.

Ralph and Chew are like, Let us out...

Elvis currently snoozing in front of fire.

***** Elvis is rocking and rolling, baby.  Got a bit weird yesterday afternoon though as didn't want to eat, and then seriously didn't want his nighttime feed.  But he was shaking last night when he knew it was bedtime, he must be scared of the dark.  In the end I put him in the box and took him into my bedroom to sleep with me.  He did a few Baa baa's to make sure I was round and then fell asleep until 4am this morning.

Then he wanted to play and have a snack.

I said, No, I'm asleep.  Got up put him back in his box and shut two of the flaps at the top.  

He went back to sleep and didn't make a peep until I was ready to start my day.  Then hung round finding his mojo with Suz and Caps and Az, although I made sure he left the cows alone.

He ate like an Angel this morning.