Horse Sense....



I had the unexpected pleasure of talking with a couple of horses this afternoon.

You know, because I talk with my own horses, and a couple of regular outside horses, I get used to talking and forget the pleasure of talking with a new horse.  Until I'm there and I'm talking nineteen to the dozen and this new horse is talking back, and all of a sudden I'm breathing.

The pleasure of, OMG, he can hear me! never gets old.

Anyway, successful and happy chat one-on-one with the first, non-success available on the other.  

The funny thing is though is that the non-success one, was talking the most.  However, sometimes it is impossible for me to get a good result.  

You literally cannot have what you wish.

Funny thing is though, he's going nuts at me (like totally nuts) and we've noticed this happen before with a horse who's horse/human door is open and they haven't come across a human like me who hears them before.  Sometimes it completely freaks them out.  They're like, WTF?  Seriously?  What the fuckity fuck fuck! Get away from me!  The funny thing is when they're sick or hurt they're like, Tarn!  Tarn! Over here! and are all snuggle like.  

Anyway, good to breathe again and excellent validation when I heard the stories after.

It's like being read a bedtime story, backwards.

And Mares and baby Mares are doing awesome.  We have no idea when she is due but everyone is happy, snug and warm.  

You know, I love working with herbs.  I love the freedom and quickness, highs and lows and just the plain awesomeness that comes with Riding the Energy.  

I also respect those that don't use, or even agree with them.  I don't get it, but I respect it.  

However, I have to say this...You do realise that medication originally came from herbs?  That medication is the synthetic form of herbs.



1. (of a substance) made by chemical synthesis, especially to imitate a natural product.

And last, but not least...

Herbs are the body's natural way of keeping itself in balance so are pre while medication is used after a horse gets sick or hurt so is post.

Running with Energy vs catching up to Energy.


Funniest thing in the Universe - Chew playing chase with Gino.  

All you see is this flash of black and white hurtling up the hill and Chew going like the clappers behind him.


So that's been our week: It's been a deeply Spiritual week.  A time where Spirit have walked, laughed and played with us.  It's been beautiful in it's entirety.

Wishing you much love my friends and of course, my humans.

Caps, me, Spirit, Az, Ralph, Chew, Suz, Fenny, Flash (best Mumma in the world) and Gino (super cutest little cutie pie in the world) and of course, my darling Mare and baby Mares.


And our lovely farrier, Steve, turned up today.  The family love him and it went like this:

Me: Caps want me to tell you that he used to have very small hooves because his shoes were too small, and they kept his hooves small.  We took off his shoes and he has really great, way bigger, hooves now.  Caps doesn't want you to play with his hooves today.  You may have a look and see if they're too long, but he doesn't think so.  Caps would like to have a relationship with you though, one where you and him discuss his hooves together.

Az: I don't think I want my hooves done today either.

Me and Steve: You're getting them done.

Caps did not get his hooves done but hung round, just watching and having a munch.  Ralph and Chew also did not get their hooves done and also hung round just checking out what Steve was doing, and generally having a chit chat.  Fenny, Flash and Gino also hung round with us.  Actually, Fenny and Flash hung out doing play fighting with their horns a few metres away from us.  

Suz also got her hooves done but we need to have a little chat about that...

I went in to get Suz this morning and come hell or high water she was not about to come get caught.  Once I realized that this was not a happening thing, I checked in that Suz was not upset (she wasn't) and called my mate Aria, to see what she was doing and to maybe stop doing it and come up to catch Suz.

Of which she did.

It took Aria about 25 minutes, circling, non stress and eventually hand feeding (which Suz and I can happily and freely do) then a quick hand movement to grab halter, hold on tight while she did her, Hell no! moves and then Boom! sorted.

Suz was tethered, wormed, hooved, jacket off and had a walk down the road, jacket back on, tethered outside the house and I have had some brilliant ideas from Aria and Steve as to how to stop this happening again, without causing Suz any stress, keeping her confined in a small space and/or drugging her.

I'll let you know how it goes.

I am so angry that someone hurt her so badly though.  She is terrified of small spaces because she was put in a small, confined space then beaten with either a 4 x2 or a spade.  

Possibly both.

Shame on you.

Huge thank you to Aria, otherwise I would still have been sitting there.

The Divine Miss Suzie Q is fucking amazing in every other single area, and is exactly how you want your horse to be, and act, apart from this one teensy, tiny issue...

** On first impressions, Suz and I are doing well.  She's running round at night and in the morning and if she thinks I'm sleeping in too long, she comes and stands outside my window and calls me!  

She waits patiently for her banana and apples (if it is an apple day) in the morning and sort of lets me pat her.  She poops in the same place, lets me take her jacket on and off, brush her and then and we go for walkies.

Suz does everything to show me that she is a highly intelligent individual that has her horse/human door open and I am trying extremely hard to be the kind of human she is proud to have.

You know, I hear a lot about Natural Horsemanship though and how it doesn't work, yet this is both true and untrue so let's have a little tutu: 

Yes, I've seen with my own eyes people talking about doing Natural Horsemanship, yet the first time that a horse really doesn't do what they want, Natural flies out the door.   I get that.  I've seen it myself.  And there are those who are going to say that Natural hasn't worked for Suz, and again I have to say that is both true and untrue.  

Yes, I needed help to catch Suz and I've had her for ages.  

However, I also have a horse who has successfully survived an abusive home and does not bite, kick or attack.  Is great round kids.  Has some of the best manners I have ever seen in a horse.  Comes up to eat snacks out of your hand, does not try and do the dodge to go visit the neighbours without permission (not looking at anyone in particular, Chew) goes into her paddock when you ask her, can run a herd successfully, knows and protects her boundaries yet is not aggressive and is generally, extremely well-behaved. 

That is only because of Natural.

Actually, it is only because the horse/human door opened.

And you cannot open the horse/human door unless you use Natural, non-violent ways.

When you hear hoofbeats think horses not zebras.


Oh wait, almost forgot...Mares baby Daddy's first off spring to hit the track in NZ, just got 2nd at Addington, following his 3rd (first race ever) at Timaru. 

2.30.5 (MR: 2.01.1) 2nd 2000m Std NZ Metro 12/07/2019.

I'm still waiting to hear on one particular colt in NZ though, and it's just not happening.  

I'm like, C'mon baby, c'mon,c'mon,c'mon...get your shite together.