Horse Sense....



That bloody 9 month pregnant cow, is jumping fences!

No, seriously, jumping fences.

So, it goes like this, Suz is in the arena while we're in training, paddock next to her had been shut off to grow, and has beautiful grass growing.  So, I let the horses and cows in the other day when the weather was really bad.  I go out later and Hello! Suz and Flash are in the arena.  But wait, that bloody cow just stands there looking at me as if I'm the bloody one in the wrong.  

I should have sent her to the works when I had the chance.

But while I'm talking about the grass, you can't tell me that horses don't prefer baleage.  Everyone had just been put in the beautifully lush paddock but come dinner time, Caps and Az are running from lush paddock grass to paddock in front of deck.  I wondered what they were doing until Caps was like, Ummmm have you forgotten it's dinner time?

I'm like, Look at all that beautiful grass...

Caps was like, Yes, but it's dinner time and dinner time is baleage...

And tonight was races.  A cool night, not as cold or wet as everyone was anticipating which was good and lots of horses which was super good.  But a funny thing happened.  There's been something which has been bugging me for a fair few months now, but my hands have been tied.

First off, my only way of being is talking to the horses, which means nothing that I see, hear, think or believe means anything.  Well, that's not actually true, it means that I only talk with horses and there is not one other thing that matters.  

Secondly, there was nothing I could do about this situation - I couldn't go under it, over it, round it so you know, it was bugging the fuck out of me, but Spirit kept saying, Trust us...

I was, but to be fair, I was getting a little frustrated.  I hate being able to see, but not speak.  Anyway, tonight I got a wild card.  Seriously, out of all the scenario's I thought might happen, this wasn't in my top 20.  

And I can breathe.

Spirit really did have this in hand.  

Super, super impressed with them tonight.


And Spirit keep on coming...Boom!...Boom!...Boom!... 

There is nothing more satisfying than when my jigsaw puzzle starts coming together.


Another racing day.  Spirit are just being super kind to me right now.


Oh no! Ralph and Chew are not going on tv now.  There was a clash in times and it just didn't work.  To be fair though, Chew was way, way too happy about it being live.

And talking about mini's, Peanuts new home is awesome.  If I could have written a list of wants for Most perfect people then this family is it.  In fact, seeing Peanut lazing in the living room while watching tv this morning, while it was very cold and raining outside, well, that's a special kind of magic, baby.  

My young one wants to know why none of ours are snoozing on the rug in front of the fire.

Onto it.  

I think I'll start with Ralph first, but I have a desire to make Suz my indoor min.  


Ralph drew the short straw and has now been de-wormed, washed, dried and is not only smelling great, but looking awesome and all cuddly.  First day back in the house again, he's not keen on wearing socks but to be fair, they may be a size too little.  Anyway, he's in training.  

Chew's sulking.

Suz has been calling out to me, which is a special kind of awesome.  We are leaps and bounds ahead of where we were and I'm super happy.  

So, that's been our week:  Had a lot of curveballs this week.  Not bad ones, just I've been looking left and I've been tagged from the right.  

However, now I'm able to start fine tuning, knowing that things are going to be just fine.  

That's a special kind of magic right there.

Wishing you much love my friends and of course, my humans.

Caps, me, Spirit, Az, Ralph, Chew, Suz, Fenny, Flash (that bloody preggers cow), and of course, my darling Mares and baby Mares.


What a fucking mind blowing day today.  Flash finally had her calf.  As soon as I realized she was in labour, called the Vet and was told to get her up to the yards pronto.  So called my next door neighbours, Tui and Chris and they were down within minutes to move both Fenny and Flash up to their yards.  Vet turned up and he was cool.  Had to explain again about running a bull with young calves but you know, I just skipped to the I know better now bit.

Anyway, Graham the Vet stuck his hand up Flash and went, She's definitely in labour and the calf is too big to come out naturally.   Straight into C section.

Dosed Flash up, might have been a tad too much as she kept lying down, which was not perfect considering Graham needed to do the C section with her standing up.

Got organised.

And it was awesome!  Took pictures where I could, video's when I could and then we just got too busy.  

And then there I was pulling little Gino out.

He was gorgeous!

Then there was all the stitching and putting Flash back together.  I literally was holding Flash's uterus in my hands, outside her body while Graham the Vet stiched.  

Lots of stories got told, which I guess is what happens when you're bringing a new life into the world in the pitch black.  It was fun though, I was covered in blood and sac fluid with lashings of mucus from the young one, but this was easily one of the best experiences I have ever had.

Welcome to the world, little Gino xx

Big thank you to Chris and Tui for being the best neighbours EVER and to Graham the Vet who gave me a live calf.

Everything up on Instagram.

** Little Gino is absolutely adorable!

No, seriously, he is cuteness on legs.  

I lost him tonight though, we had secured off part of a paddock so Flash had room to move and a bit of grass, forgot to turn fence on and Flash just stepped over into this huge paddock and refused to come back.  

No surprises there.

Anyway, little Gino followed Mum into this huge paddock and got a bit overwhelmed.  He was in this huge paddock and it was nighttime.  Thank fuck I changed the batteries the other day in the torch.  Anyway, here I am in this huge paddock, pitch black, waving the torch around trying to find little Gino, and it wasn't working too well.  So, I started calling him.  

The next minute, little cutie pie was calling me back.  I called, waited, he called and we found each other that way.  

But wait, then he trotted next to me, up the paddock, stopped when I stopped, waited, trotted again.  He's so damn cute.

Flash on the other hand, has recovered surprisingly well from her operation yesterday.  She looks amazing...and back to being manky.

Read into that, she is refusing to feed Gino.

Point blank, refusing.

This is slightly annoying, but not as big a problem as it was before the Fenny experience.

This isn't my first rodeo now, baby.