Horse Sense....



Ok, I think Chew's doing the dodge on me.

No seriously, I may be a slightly mad, paranoid and totally suspicious Cancer girl but I swear, hand on hoof, Chew's stepping out on me.  

And it goes like this:

You know how I would let the little ones out at night, and then Chew would eat the food in the shed or I would go out and there him and the other little ones are, on the wrong side of fence pretending that they are on the right side (ours) and if they just stood quietly, I wouldn't notice the tape was on the wrong side?

Well, I timed out everyone until they got the gist that no shed food and no neighbours.  

But Chew's clever and he went, Ok, so she loses her shite when I eat the food and totally loses her shite when I go next door, but if she doesn't know...

Well, the last couple of days Chew's been particularly happy when I go out in the morning.  He comes running when he knows it's banana time but he's got that, I've been up to no good and you didn't catch me... vibe going.  

So I believe that Chew and the little ones are waiting until dark and I'm all parked up inside, then sneak through the (hot) fence, chomp out on the neighbours grass, then hoof it back home just before daybreak.  

I may be wrong but...


So it's been really good so far this week, Mares and I have taken a step back with the video's, first off, it's been raining a lot and secondly, we just wanted to hang out.  We didn't want to play with you.  But spending time in the Silence allowed us to let unclear thoughts dissolve and clarity come in - like the different potency of herbs.  And/or the doseage. 

You and I have spoken about how I always try herbs because of these reasons, but it's been quite interesting recently because a mate at the stables has also been trying the same herb.  She changes brands and gets side effects like the herb not working as well or headaches, when with another brand she's had brilliant results.  I've had good bordering on excellent results, but have had to change the doseage because it started upsetting my tummy because of the potency.  

Obviously, I immediately took Mares off it until I personally got it right.  When I get it right, then I get it right for Mares.

The interesting thing is Mares has grown stronger through this quiet time.  Her Energy is vibing from the inside out and she's pulsating.  

This time has also made me look at other ways in which I may be compromising my health.  Deodorant is a big thing, locking the toxins in while also putting other nasties into my body, directly into my glands.  So, I'm trying a new, completely natural, deodorant.  This might be interesting considering that I tried this about 5 years ago and let's just say, it didn't work.  Back to commerical stuff.  However, I've heard really great stuff about this deodorant so am giving it a go.  The more I go into what we put into our bodies, and how things can so quickly and negatively, impact our thoughts, feelings, emotions and general well-being the more I am a fan of less is more.  

I apologise in advance if I pong when I see you.

And Suz is now on herbs.  

Well, it worked out that she caught her jacket, completely munted it, pulled it half off, then refused to be caught.  

I know!  Seriously! Anyone would think she hadn't lived here for like, forever.

Anyway, I've put her on a herb, and if she's not noticeably better tomorrow, then I'll go to my next Plan A herb.

And buy her a new jacket.  Grrrrrr

There's also been some very weird things happening, as though Spirit turned down the physical sounds of the world and then turned the Stillness up.  That's the best way I can describe it.  And literally in some instances, because I found myself sitting in the dark contemplating my belly button because of a black out the other night.  Literally no power here = no internet, light or water which meant no computer, no reading a book and no hot bubblebath reading a book.  I've also had some truly bizarre conversations - some just wordly weird, and other times my intuition has been talking so loudly I couldn't hear words.

If I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times, Energy doesn't lie.

As it was proved again this weekend.  But you know, while I'm on this subject of lies, I'm also not a fan of men using the carrot vs stick method on me.  It doesn't work, and just makes me think you're a dick.  But on a funny note, there I was this weekend thinking I had some real commitment issues.  That I won't sleep with a guy who wants a no strings attached kind of deal, because I can't do the no feeling thing, but when push came to shove I couldn't/wouldn't/was unable to commit to a relationship.  Works out it wasn't that at all, my intuition was screaming so loud, I couldn't hear the words.


And have I mentioned the twenty million ducks which have moved in?

No.  Well, they have.  Apparently, it's Duck Shooting Season and they know we are duck friendly here.  One minute, 0 ducks, next minute ducks as far as the eye can see.

It's ok.  I kind of like ducks.  But I do have a little growl to do.  If you're going to hunt, hunt.  Out in the wild, where the animals have a fighting chance NOT on little lifestyle blocks where they are (s'cse the pun) sitting ducks.

I am pro hunting, for real hunters, don't be a dick.

Caps is super happy, Az is adorable and happy, Fenny is always happy and not traumatised anymore, Flash has never been what you would call of a happy disposition, although she is in excellent nick and happily not having a calf (although I can see calf moving, no blood, no discharge and no smell), Ralph is happy every day of his life, Chew's super happy (which is a concern), Suz is happy in her I don't like you too much... my beautiful Mares is happy, connected and contented with me and baby Mares is excitably happy and a super cutie, I can't wait to meet him.

So, this week has had some super awesome qualities.  Most of it Energetic.  I mean, no matter how many times I talk about Energy, it is still one of the coolest things I do.  I love riding it.  I hate it when people lie though and really hate it when people get caught lying but you know, better sooner than later, eh?  I also still have trouble with being literal.  

Well, to be fair, I don't have trouble...

Wishing you much love my friends and of course, my humans

Caps, me, Spirit, Az, Ralph, Chew, Suz, Fenny, Flash +1 and of course, my beautiful Mares and baby Mares


I bloody told you!

So there I am sleeping peacefully and then Boom! I'm awake.  I roll over and look outside and it's dark, so roll back over and try to have a snooze, because, quite obviously, it's too dark for me to get up.  So I did this too-ing and fro-ing for a bit but it was too late, I was awake.  So I turn on my phone. And the phone starts pinging.  Which was weird.  I mean, it normally does, but not like this  

So before I even looked at the messages, I knew this wasn't going to be good.  The first phone call had started at 1.23am.  The mini's are out.  Then text messages and so it went.  At that time, quite obviousy, I was fast, fast asleep.

When I did eventually get the messag at 4.55am, I got up, threw on some clothes and went hunting.  In the dark because the torch had run out of battery.  


Anyway, I went down the driveway calling them to come home, turned left, went 100 metres and was like, Go home and get the car so you can see where they are so I turned round, walked back up the driveway home and Hello! who is there?  


Chew and Ralph standing by the gate inside the gate just watching me.  

Whatcha doing, T?

Seriously?  I mean, really?

Anyway, I was right.  They wander at night and come home before daybreak.  Unless they get caught by my mate going to shift work. 

Boom, baby.

Anyway, now this has come up, I want to have a quick chat to you.  I have always had 2 very odd gifts from right when I was a child.  As you know, I didn't speak and was phobically shy, and I don't know whether the two are related, but I always had the ability to know when someone was up to no good.  It's like people hold a sign.  Their Energy is different, their colour is different.  It's a physical thing that I can see.  

The second gift, is being able to see who is sleeping with whom.  Trust me, that's also a gift.  Although to be fair, not always one you want.  Both of these I've been able to do since day dot, and I learnt when I was very young you never speak about these things.  


Anyway, these gifts never left and have come in particularly useful now I'm older, although they still cause mucho trouble for me.  However, writing this reminds me of a conversation I had a few weeks ago which went like this (I had blue hair at the time)...

Sometimes people say to me, "I don't like her" and I say to them, "No, you have her wrong, she's really lovely.  I agree, she can be a bit different when you first meet her, but when you get to know her, she's really nice".

Ok then, thank you.

But I didn't have the heart to say to her, Don't you be worrying too much about fighting my cause, but do be aware of men that have never spoken to me, who say they don't like me.  Because they know exactly who I am, what I do and how I do it.  And they have secrets.  The bad kind.  

Ones that will harm you.

This I know.


Heigh ho, heigh ho, off to baleage we go

But don't you be buying from the guy called Joe

He lives in the street down the road, bar one

Easy to get, yes! yes! done!

No, no my friend, no, no I say

All words, no action, no work, all play

Still waiting for baleage, yes, yes, yes

Money paid over, no baleage, a mess!

No phone, no text, no where to go

So don't you be buying from the guy called Joe