Horse Sense....



And Peanut left for his new home today.

He's gone to a beautiful home, not just with his new people but literally, his own home.  Check out the photo's below.  Anyway, it was sad and I cried.  Peanut was happy to see his person, Brooke, and then decided not quite as happy to see a float.  He still walked on but he was shaking once he was on.  We all totally understood that so the goodbye was quick, so everyone could start their new journey.

Anyway, I could not have asked for a better person for Peanut.  If it was possible for him to have a better home than here with us, then it's with Brooke as you can see.

Just on a side note though, the two best bits of advice I ever got given are still:  

1) Listen to your horse and 

2) Don't f*ck around, get your horse on the float.

Now onto other things that have happened this week:

Cambridge was good.  OMFG it was cold.  One minute there is blue skies and light jackets and the next my breath is giving fog circles.  The cold crept into my bones and I swear, hand on hoof, it took a 15 minute hot shower, 2 duvets, 10 pillows, an electric blanket and one steaming hot cup of tea for me to get warm again.  

Super cool night though.

Mares has also been a bit muppety.  I went in one day and she was like, Don't bother coming in, I don't want to talk with you. And then proceeded to pin her ears back and show me her teeth, just in case I was a bit stupid.

I'm not.

Anyway, for the next few days I just fed and then left her and then the last couple of days I sat out of the paddock but in it, if you know what I mean, and just chatted to her and took photo's.  

People always think talking with a horse means the horse always does what you want, and it's all roses and champagne or hay and carrots. But that's not true.  

Talking is communicating.

And just like a human, you're not always going to be on the same page, or want the same things, and when that happens you need to communicate.  To keep talking and find your way through whatever differences you have.  I always want to be touching Mares and baby Mares but obviously, this week, that wasn't in her plan.  

That's still ok.

I heard her and changed my plan, then we literally talked (actually, mostly me but she put a comment in now and again) and gave the touch talk a break.


Went to video Mares today and my phone was dead.  Spirit are working in funny ways at the moment.  Two steps forward, one step back. I'll just take Caps philosophy on this...Touching us is a priviledge, Tania, not a right.

** Peanut was super chilled with a spring in his step by the time he got off the float at home.

*** Bloody mouse turned up while I was getting some feed ready for Peanut and his new people, so there I was waving the naughty stick round while everyone looked at me as if I was a bit loco.  To be fair, no one actually saw the way the mouse was staunching round the place as if he owned it.  It was one of those, If you had been here a minute earlier...

Timing, my friend, is everything.

**** All the horses came out to play today.  It was really great to be playing with them again, I've really missed it.  The cows have a mind of their own though.  I put Caps and Az in the Welcome paddock when we'd finished, which was cool but when I went to move everyone back, the cows saw the open paddock and were like, We're going in there... and then that bloody 9 month preggers cow ran faster than me, skidded to a stop inside the paddock, turned, then stood there staring me down!  

Everyone in Welcome paddock as I'm writing this.

***** And Peanut has just blown us all away.  I keep getting photo's from his new people and the last one was cool because it went like this, Peanut has settled in fabulously.  We have had him in the main house, but when he went to come in this afternoon I said, No Peanut, you can't come inside unless you put your socks on...

You know, people talk to me about Spirit and Destiny and Karma, and I try and explain as best I can, but you know, I've watched the Peanut scenario take on a life of it's own.  Literally, like chess pieces.  Or Connect-the-Dots.  Everything rested on one decision, joining to the next, to the next, to the next.  It's been a quite exquisite and beautiful experience.  

****** And just found out how to play music while video-ing!  Whoo! The music is literally playing as we're touching. Started with one of my favourite singers, Nina Simone.  Think I'll do Fats tomorrow, maybe Beach Boys...

******* I may have a teensy issue with Instagram.  It works out they blocked my video because of a possible breach of copyright, for using 38 seconds of Nina Simone.  But the funny thing is, I've only breached copyright if I am using her music for commerical purposes.  But wait, baby Mares is in Mares tummy so no one actually knows (apart from me) whether this music is actually working.  

So, I'm either not breaching copyright or completely stomping on copyright's ass.

I'm telling you, this working with magic ain't like it used to be. 

So, that's been our week:  Magic, miracles and mine fields...and I am living every moment, having every conversation and basing every decision, on the touch or feel of the Energy.  

I would like to say that it is all roses and champagne, but as you can see, it's not.  However, whenever it's been a not it's because I was looking too small, I didn't trust the process.  So, that's a good thing.  It's really frustrating with people though because humans overall, are underdeveloped with the Clair-senses, so it's hard for me to see but not talk.  

But you know, when this happens and I want to go, Oh!  Oh! and wave my hands all around, I sit on them instead and think, This is not my journey and not my business.  Shut the f*ck up and walk away.

And I do.

You have no idea how hard this is for me though.

Kiss me quick.

Wishing you much love my friends, and of course, my humans.

Caps, me, Spirit, Az, Ralph, Chew, Suzie Q, Fenny, Flash +1 (she is refusing to give birth) and of course, my darling Mares and baby Mares.


There are many, many documented cases of music changing the structure of water.  This is just one example:

How sounds affect water:

Water – is a key element in the world, without it life itself is impossible. All organisms are composed mostly of water (from 80% to 99%). Japanese scientist and healer Masaru Emoto discovered how sounds affect water’s structure. First of all water can absorb and store sound effects. Using powerful electron microscope, Emoto showed how much frozen water’s structure depends on the sounds absorbed

Here is how unstructured water looks like:

Next image shows the structure of water after 1 hour praying. Instead of shapeless spot, smooth and beautiful  six-rayed “snowflake” appeared. This transformation takes place because of the correct pronunciation of prayer’s voice; and the sound pressure is equal to the frequency of the magnetic field of the Earth (it is 8 dB).

Overall, the words that people associate with evil, aggression, fear, etc. destruct water. Structures turn it into a chaotic, incomplete and fragmentary crystals. Water charged with “positive” words, in contrast, has a clear, snowflake structure, covered by beautiful patterns.

Here are couple of examples:

Angel(left) and demon(right)

Music, as well words, can also affect water structures. Heavy metal, deathcore, black metal and etc. create water spoils, such as trembling and vibration; whereas Mozart’s music creates smooth crystal clear structures.

Vivaldi four seasons:


John Lennon imagine


Summing everything up, water is able to heal, and at the same time destroy entire cities and civilizations. Events that occur in the world – are the reflection of  charge that we are laying in the information field, formed by water.


“Emoto Research – How Music Affects Water and What This Means to Us.”Latest Products RSS. N.p., n.d. Web. 18 Sept. 2015. <>.

This is a really simplified version of what I'm doing with Mares and baby Mares but it gives you the gist of how these Clair-senses work, and continue to work.  How they transcend time, distance, space and species.  

This is only one story though, there are many stories like this, in just about every country in the world.  

But don't just trust what I say, research it yourself.