Horse Sense....



I got invited to see a new Natural Horsemanship (not race horse) trainer yesterday.  Thank you very much, it was very enlightening.

On a completely different note, Do not, I repeat, Do not allow your horse to slap you with it's tail.

Horse: *slap*  Stop being an asshole.

Human: There must be a fly around annoying him/her.  

No fly.  



Was at races last night.  It was good.  A couple of surprises though.

One that was particularly good, and one that was suprisingly disappointing.

But you know, if I was a betting girl, I would have bet black on white that things would have gone the other way round.

Just goes to show that courage comes in many, many different forms.


Flash is still sucking in her calf...


Harry the stoat, seems to be doing a good job because there are noticeably less rabbits.  In fact, he is so good he is putting my neighbour down the road to shame.  In fact, I've nicknamed my neighbour Elmer Fudd because periodically he turns up at my door saying, Tonight I'm going to shoot some rabbits, but I'll be really careful of the horses.  I really appreciate him coming to my door but I swear, hand on hoof, that there is always one more rabbit the morning after, than there was the day before.  

But I've got to say, I bloody hope that Harry hasn't moved his family in, because stoats freak me out.  Not as much as ferrets, because ferrets seriously freak me out.  Mainly because I'm almost phobic about worms and ferrets are like bigger, longer, furrier worms that are as quick as fu*k.  

Actually, now we're talking about this, I knew a woman once who kept pet ferriets.  She made me touch one once.  

Neeeeevvvvvvvveeeerrr again.

I swear I had nightmares for a month.


Back to taking vid's of Mares and my Touch/play.  I'm such a believer in it, and not just touching a horse because people say you should, but that real Deep down and into your soul, kind of touch.  You get so many rewards from it.  The horses flower.  They grow into who they are and they work so hard for you.  

How could you not be a believer?

I'm sorry you can't see the whole dance with us, but you know, you get what you get.  


Oh almost forgot - the door when it opens is now flooding me with human noise.  I forgot that when I get the frequency right, and I do, that this frequncy gets real quick and clear.  That works amazing when I'm on the same frequency with someone, but I can get bombarded with base Energy if I'm not aware enough.  It's like I'm standing there and you are shouting loud, ugly words at me.  

It's a work in progress. 

So, that's been our week:  It's a continuing journey of time and space. 

Wishing you much love my friends and of course, my humans.

Caps, me, Spirit, Az, Ralph, Chew, Suzie Q, Peanut, Fenny, Flash +1 (still) and of course, my beautiful Mares and baby Mares.


To you, who is wondering why sometimes I speak to you and sometimes I don't, well it goes like this, Sometimes I see you and think, "Damn you're hot" and trouble like that I just don't need.

** And for you, this better not just be about the foal.

*** I'm not keen on this Daylight Savings change again.  I'm awake when I should be asleep and sleeping when by rights, I should be up and about.  

**** I had an interesting conversation about why I spend so much time with Mares, why don't I just leave her alone to get on with things.  

Well, it goes like this...

She's cooking our baby.  

For her to do this correctly she needs to be fed, watered, groomed, massaged, touched, spoken to and with and generally treated well, with extra dollops of love and respect.  Because, by doing this, she will a) do the best job she possibly can and b) communicate to me when things have stepped out or she needs extra. 

I also know that by spending this time with Mares, that she is cooking the best foal that she possibly can.  

We're not hoping.

We're not guessing.

***** And I still can't lead Mares up to the stables.  I keep freaking out that she's going to bolt on me, which she has done with other people, and when I have led her up she has done little rears and is generally a pain in the ass.  She is preggers now though and to be fair, I haven't tried recently, so she may be better.  I just won't take the risk.

I'm totally embarrassed about this though, so thank f*k it's just you and I talking.

However, we're doing so freaking well with everything else that I'd be an idiot to focus on the one thing that I can't do, when the things we can, are mind blowing.  

I'm focussing on that.

**** And our lovely Vet, Kara came to see us today.  A general wellness check,to see that that she has lost a little weight, but not too much, since we've cut her food.  Re-checking our basic grass root food, food for rain and wind, normal food etc.  Mares was not polite.  She was flapping her ears back and thought about giving a little nip.  Very hard to say how nice she is when she's doing this, however, she just doesn't like needles and thought it was blood time.  

I do have to say Mr B warned me about this, in fact his actual words were, Make sure you hold Mary tight when you take blood, she doesn't like needles and will bite.  Then made biting moves to show me what I could expect.  Thank fu*k he warned me.  Atlhough to be fair, I didn't believe him until I actually saw it myself, she is not like that with me.

Mares is also carrying a big foal.  

You can see him.

***** And I may not have, 100% mentioned that I use herbs.

Or how often.  And/or the quantities. 

Oh no, no, no...don't you be rolling your eyes at me.  

You know me, you've travelled this journey with me and dare I say it, you fell head over hoof ages ago.  


Anyway, how do you tell someone who believes in facts, figures and Science about Riding the Energy, listening to colours and touching emotions without sounding like a complete nut job?