Horse Sense....



So I decided that I wanted Mares to have a scan, and the conversation went like this...


But seriously, it did go like this:

Is there something wrong with Mary?

Is the foal dead?

Is there a discharge?

No, no and no.

Then no.  But ask the vet.

I was hopeful because I like our Vet.  But I missed her visiting the stables and instead got news secondhand which went like this...

Our vet:

Is there something wrong with Mary?

Is the foal dead?

Is there a discharge?

No, no and no.


However, I was allowed blood tests.

On a positive note though, Mares is letting me touch her foal.  Literally, stroke it.  I am so freaking happy.  I mean, it kind of happened by accident.  She loves been touched, so as my left hand was stroking her, I also started with my right on her tummy.  To be fair, I can't say that she was 100% keen to start with but she found her mojo quite quickly.  So, there I am stuck like glue to her, tummy to tummy, then stroking him and feeling his heartbeat, and him hearing mine.  

It's quite spectacular.

Will start video-ing again in the next couple of days, we just needed some two-three-some time.


Flash is, as I'm writing this, only about 4 days away.  Fingers and hooves crossed for a successful birth this time.


So it's been really interesting with Mares.  Human women are highly Psychic when they're preggers and I'm wondering if Mares is the same.  She was crazy upset yesterday.  She knew there was something wrong, and it was weird for me because I both try and keep myself safe when a horse is upset, yet am trying to learn how to get on the frequency of how they know this stuff.  I still don't have this right.  First off, is safety but I am always trying to get to that place that they live in.  

In fact, I was talking to a friend about it a while ago and she was like, It freaks me out to think the horses can do this.

I, on the other hand, are like, Oooooooohhhhhh, can you teach me how to do this?

But anyway, Mares was upset yet there was no valid reason why, to me as a human. 

Badness has an Energy though and that causes the earths vibrations change.

Anyway, Mares was fine today.  Back doing vid's.  There's no other way I can show you how I/we work unless I physically show you.

It's kind of weird for me though because it never really looks like we do anything big, but then we're doing stuff and you can see how much things have changed.  I have to just walk with Spirit and trust this process.  And to be fair, I'm getting more used to the vid's, not 100% but you know, ok-ish.

I'm super, super excited about our future though.

Friday races were good.  It never fails to amaze me how things turn out just because you make one seemingly random, little choice, instead of another.

So that's been our week: I'm happy with the way things are going.  After last week of what seemed like nothing too much, this week has shown some real potential.  If I'm honest though it's a bit weird, because as much as I'm so hands on with my horses not everyone agrees, or even sees the benefits of it.  I believe in this way of Touch/play so much though because I see the differences in horses when you communicate in this language. I see how much they thrive.  How they work harder for you, need less Vets and are ultimately, happier, healthier, easier to deal with and more successful.  

Just saying.

Wishing you much love my friends and of course, my humans.

Caps, me, Spirit, Az, Ralph, Chew, Suz, Peanut, Fenny, Flash +1 and of course, my darling Mares and baby Mares.


Day 5 - Flash still preggers.

** Still waiting for Flash.  One day up, next day down...

*** The more I'm with the horses the more I know about this frequency, and am blown away with it's depth and connection and it's total being.  I can't scientifically prove it, I can't take it apart then put it back together for you, I can't do anything apart from keep talking about it and showing you where and when I can.  But what I can say is on those days where I hear someone call a horse a c*nt, w*nker, b*tch, f*ktard or f*cking mongrel and/or give them a slap to show them who's boss I think, No one's ever going to get this.  I talk to and for the horses, but it's just going to be us and a couple of close friends.  

But on those days, I always find myself part of a conversation with either someone I've worked with before or someone I'm working with now, that goes...

I went to a show a few weeks ago and I saw **** breathing with her horse like you showed me.  

She won.

And I know everything will be ok.  

Maybe not today and maybe not tomorrow either, or for the old guys who have been round horses forever, maybe to them I'll always be some hormonally charged, bats*te crazy, menopausal, horse lady.  But for the young ones coming through, our up-and-coming Professional Horse Peeps they want a new, better way.  One that has less accidents and is more success focussed.  They want relationships with their horses.  

Happy horses.  Partnerships.  Success.

They don't want to hope to win, they want to set themselves and their horses up to win.  To know that they are entering their chosen field or track, endurance or jump or whatever field that they specialize in, with their horse or stable of horses, giving them everything they have.

This frequency, this horse/human door that opens, is fucking awesome.

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