Horse Sense....



At Cambridge last night.  It was a rockstar night.

I loved the Energy but the big thing is that the waves of Energy started to connect. That's the only way I can describe it - all the parts of the jigsaw puzzle are slowly clicking into place.  

Do I have anything definite?

Hell, no!

But yes.


So periodically I get asked why I don't do anything with my big horses.  Well, let me give you an example...

I walked out my French Doors this morning to go out and feed Mares and stuff and Caps is standing at the fence, quite obviously waiting for me.  So, I'm like, You're not getting another breakfast... he just looks at me, And you're not having a banana.  

He looks at me with his soul eyes.

In silence, as if I have wounded him by even hinting that he is a gutz.

Then he starts that deep calling that he does and goes, Actually, when you're out, can you pick us up some celery?  I loooooovvvvveee celery.  

Az, who has walked up silently and is standing next to Caps, nods his head.  

Yes.  We love celery.

And then they wave me off to do my thing.

I guess we all have different ideas of what is nothing.


I need to talk about this.  

Horses, like humans, need different food depending on the day...







The same food, cannot possibly work the same.  You need to run with the Energy.  Please, please think outside the square.


The Stones have been calling again, so they are, as I am writing this warming up in the oven for me to use a little later tonight.  

The Stones are soooooooooooo good...


Ooooooooohhhh, there has been lots of talking with horses the last couple of days.  Apart from Mares, Mares has the snot and has spent the last two days hooning round the paddock.  No massage, no Touch/play.  It's ok, it's rained and she can be a horse.  And to be fair, it must be hard to constantly have your horse/human door open.

Other horses have had the shakes, then not.  That was super cool.  It's funny, you're working, working, working and then all of a sudden they are doing this big sigh and breathe and we're done.  And you always hear me laugh.  Boom, baby!

Others just chat.  I like that.

The more I'm with the horses the more I believe that horses choose to work with, and for, you.

On another quite odd note though, Suz would like me to find her a new home like Peanut.  She would like her own person, with a family and to be the only mini.  I said to her, Suz mate, to be part of a family you need to be caught...easily.  

I will start work with her on Monday.  This will be interesting because Suz is highly intelligent, she's proved this time and time again, but the trauma she has experienced has been intense.  Far out of the scope that I have worked with previously regarding beatings around her head and being left, and then abused, in small spaces.

This should be interesting.

And while I'm on the truly bizarre...Peanut stands in front of the barn, at the top of the driveway and waits for Brooke.  He knows that he now has a person and a new home, yet by all the things that we officially know about horses, he can't.

But he waits. 


I haven't put a new vid up for a few days.  Firstly Mares didn't want to, then I didn't.  Sometimes I don't want you with me.


I didn't follow through with coffee.  Just as well because Nana A said she would kick my ass if I tried pulling a stunt like that again.


So that's been our week: Take what you need, leave the rest.

Wishing you much love my friends and of course, my humans.

Caps, me, Spirit, Az, Ralph, Chew, Suz and Peanut, Fenny, Flash + 1 and of course my beautiful Mares and baby Mares.


I found out why the rabbits round the house seem to be less.  

A stoat's moved in and is killing them all.  

Go on, ask me how i know.

Well, it goes like this....

I went to bed Saturday night (this is important) and the room was well, my room.  Threw all my cushions on the floor, hopped into bed, read for a little while (no comments in the cheap seats, please) and then went to sleep.  Woke up Sunday, had a stretch, decided I felt like a lazy morning in bed, so decided to open the French Doors in my room, go make a cuppa and some breakfast, then come back to bed and finish reading my book.  

All goods.  

Finished breakfast, enjoyed my book, had another stretch and then decided to get up, make my bed, then go hang with the horses.   Day planned, I then got up, put dishes in dishwasher, and then went back to make my bed. And this is where things get dodgy.

Made 90% of my bed, started throwing my cushions ontop of the bed from the floor where I had thrown them the night before and, Hello...WTF!!

There is one Mother of a dead mouse.



Not actual picture of mouse but a pretty close approximation.

So, then I have a problem because where the f*k did the mouse come from? How the f*k did it die? and I had just (literally) had breakfast with it.

I'm freaking out.

I eventually got it moved outside while not vomiting up my breakfast.  

Anyway, moving right along because you want to know about the stoat, I called D my ratman.  I know, I never in a million years thought I would have a ratman.  But I do.

I know, I know, move along, so anyway there we were a few days later, D resetting all the traps with new bait because, wait for it, the mice didn't like the old bait so just didn't eat it and have all moved back into my pantry and behind oven and fridge etc.  Then we're having a cuppa and a general chitchat, and he looks out the kitchen window and goes, Oh look, you've got a stoat!  Then we/he watched the stoat, stalk this rabbit, then run like f*k and kill it.  All the time D rushing from one window to the next trying to video it.  *sigh*

We still have no idea how the f*k the mouse died in my room, where it came from or where it was living.

However, there are mouse traps everywhere now. 

With the correct bait.

And I am now, as I am writing this, the unwilling owner of one stoat.  

Let's call him Harry.

** That last bit of healing was a right bitch to get rid of.  That grief was not shifting for love nor money, and had obviously been there for so long it felt fused to the bone (think a limpet clamped on to a rock).  Anyway, I ended up going to my Spiritual pools, I wasn't keen because I believed I needed that time for other things, but Spirit had other ideas and just took my phone lines down.  

They don't play fair some days.  

So there I was in my pools.  There was no one there apart from one other person so it was good, deep soul time, with a bit of eerie-ness thrown in for good measure.

Then a completely random conversation about Physics (yes, I spelt it correctly) with a stranger, a quick bite to eat and then a lesiurely drive home with the windows down to blow out any lingering cobwebs which might have still been hanging about.

You know, I understand that toxic Energy has to go, it literally can't stay and I get that.  

But there will always be a part of me that lives and loves that little girl who is brave and courageous and doesn't speak.