Horse Sense....



Man, it's gone crazy here!

The weather, after bitching and whinging that it wasn't Summer like is Summer with a Capital A.  

The weather is gorgeous with blue skies and soaring temperatures.  Which means my horses are all happy and well and we play in the mornings, and then hang out in the shade for the rest of the day.  Caps enjoys it, Az likes it and the little ones absolutely love doing freestyle in the arena.  It's Ralph who is the rockstar, and has quite obviously done stuff like this before because he's like, Dudes, you do it like this! and then frolicks around, listening to Energy and generally putting everyone else to shame.  In fact, for once Chew is on the outer and to be honest, he's not liking it.  Peanuts super clever, and Suz is getting her brave on.  I am unbelievably happy with this new situation we have, I love playing with the Clair-senses like this.  It's a special kind of magic.

And Mares got a sponge bath this arvo.  It's been so hot and she had sweat marks again, so I got water in a bucket and a towel and we stood there, cooling her down.  She absolutely would not let me touch her foal however, she was super happy for me to wipe her face, ears and was like, Do under my mane, it's soooooooo hot... Then naturally she wanted her massage.  There's a beautiful connection which is happening here, one that is changing both our lives for the better.

If I don't get time to play fully with someone, then I absolutely make sure to grab 10 minutes somewhere to just go and groom them.  Knowing what I am learning about Touch, I am now trying to use it as much as I can.

There's been a complete change around of time and how I work, lots of juggling however, it's only made things stronger.  And to be fair, I have absolutely no patience for half assed efforts, so this change has forced me to prioritise who, where, what and with whom I spend my time.  It still needs tweaking because I still don't have it 100% right, however, I'm trying to just stay in the moment and go with the flow.  

To only focus on the magic, and let things fall where they will.

Food is almost 100% back on track, and the weight is dropping off again.

Bloody finally.


Ralph is the happiest mini alive.  He's super cute and follows me round everywhere.  Chew relucantly following behind.  Not because he doesn't like me, but because Ralph is so confident that Chew's kind of left in the shadow.  He's catching on quick though.  Peanuts adorable and I've never met a mini who is so unbelievably well-behaved.  He's like a human.  He never moves from home.  The fence is never up if he's out by himself and he never puts one hoof past the gate, he loves being home.  Suz is getting her groove on and I'm really liking her personality.  

Oooohhhh and Fenny's close, her teat (?) bag (?) has dropped.  She's ready and I'm so excited.

Mares is just so beautiful.  Oh, and remember when I said she was standing over me, works out I got it wrong.  She was trying to change her massage place.  Once one side is done she flips her head over me, takes a couple of sideways steps and Hello! I'm on the other side of her and she's perfectly positioned.  

I wish humans were as intune.

And I have to say here that I love working with Spirit and I am only able to do the work I do, both with my humans and my horses, because of a Higher Power.  This doesn't mean I'm religious or go to Church or pray because I do not.  However, I walk in peace with Spirit, talking, communicating, passing on and receiving messages and asking them for guidance, and more often than not, finding magic, every day that I draw breath.  

I guess you either get this or you don't.

Or at least are open to the concept of this.


Oh and I guess you want a quick update on the Anxiety.  Well, it's turned out ok.  By recognizing, acknowledging and talking about it, it's becoming easier.  I've also changed things round quite a bit.  I work first thing in the morning with the horses, either the big ones or small ones before I do any other thing and it puts a really positive spin on my day.  I also have started looking at it as a line drawn in paint on the sidewalk.  I see the line and then step over it.  Lastly, if I can't do anything big then I do something small.  And I use this phrase a lot, This will not define me and then do whatever I am able.  I'm learning how to be kind to myself.  

There's also been some really great things happen.  Because I've been busy I have had to prioritize what, and who, is important to me.  I've also been able to step out a little and invite new people to enter my life.  Those that I think are interesting or different or a little out of left field.  

These are great, great things.

So, that's been our week:  It's had loads of potential and has been a huge amount of fun...when I haven't been scared half to death.

Wishing you much love my friends and of course, my humans.

Caps, me, Spirit, Az, Ralph, Chew, Suz, Peanut, Fenny +1, Flash +1 and of course, my darling Mares and baby Mares.


Found Mares Best place in the world EVER scratch place.  Unfortunately, that involved her swinging her a** round, knocking me a little sideways with baby Mares, and then standing (then staying) on my foot so she could get closer to Nirvana.  There will be a nice bruise tomorrow.

** We've got another bl**dy mouse!! Just ran into it in my kitchen when I went to get a snack.  Bl**dy cheek of it, he-she-it knows that we are never to be in the kitchen at the same time.  


And to add insult to injury, he-she-it jumped, literally jumped over the rat trap we had stuffed between the oven and wall.

*** Peanut, Suz, Caps and Az had their hooves trimmed today.

Peanut was just perfect, Suz was a rock legend - she took a while to be caught but we did the 1 - 2 and got a great end result.  No shaking, no distress and she was perfectly fine with and for, Steve.  Caps was a gentleman as per usual and Az was a dude who literally hung round watching Caps get done.  He stood right next to Caps and Steve and just looked over and chatted.  Az did try to snuggle with Steve when it was his turn but I told him that Steve could either snuggle or do his hooves.  Az chose his hooves.

Humans never need to tell me what they're like with horses, the horses tell me.

**** Oh wait, you want to know if Caps and I have found an instructor.  The quick answer is No, but we have put the word out.  I did briefly think of leasing a real quiet horse learn to ride on though, like a Gypsy.  Something smaller and quiet and well, you know not a TB, but I quickly got rid of that thought.  

I will always, 100% of the time, choose a horse that I have built a relationship with, over a technically, quiet and bombproof horse.  There is no such thing as a bombproof horse but there are horses which are loyal, honest, try their best and will work hard to be in partnership with a human they care about.  And there are some humans that work just as hard back.

This is Caps and me.  

We'll be fine.

***** And Chew's finally got his mojo on and we're rocking and rolling.  He is one of the cleverest horses I've ever met.  Mini's are known to be particularly clever but Chew, I swear, hand on heart, is in a league of his own.  I can understand how mini's are blind horses for people overseas.  They're smarter than some humans.  

I will eventually put a video up on Social Media but as my young friend and I were talking about yesterday, I'm in a bit of a conundrum.  

A) On a personal basis, if I don't know you well enough to say Hi!, text, call or have coffee or a meal with, then you don't have the right to know what I do when I'm not with the horses.  

B) If I show you a video of the mini's then you're only seeing the end result of how cool they are.  You are seeing nothing of the journey that we have, and continue to take, and that's the last thing I want.  I want instead for you to see the daily work that we do, working with the Clair-senses that lead us to this point.  

The Clair-senses are what's important, not the pretty video at the end.

***** But wait, there I am at the stables after playing this morning and I get a text from one of my friends (Thanks Aria), Your mini's are all out, I'll put them back for you.  

It works out I hadn't put the fence back to hot when I went out this morning, Chew had seen this and gone, I know where there's grass, follow me... 

So they did.  

Everyone all happy, well and joyful eating grass under our tree at home when I got back, but no one would make eye contact with me.

Including, or maybe that's especially, Chew.