Horse Sense....



I'm loving Mares.

We've run into a slight issue of when I took off her jacket, she's got a bit of rain scald - well, I think it's rain scald.  Her fur is coming out in tuffs.  And is itchy.  So every night I pop up with the brush and we groom.  She stands there making faces, positioning herself around so that I scratch her in the right places, fur comes off, leaving room for new fur to come in, and it's just a super cool time.  I'm playing round with herbs again but that is how it should be.  Riding the Energy.  I'll be making up food and then go, Nope...

Mares manners have also improved.  Mostly because she's feeling pretty damn great.  That makes her want to be likeable and secondly, she loves participating in our relationship.  She's also looking pretty awesome.  Apart from the missing fur bit, she has a depth of colour and a condition about her which is awesome.  She's strong and proud and full.  I'm also always touching her foal now when I'm grooming her, my tummy is smack bang touching our foal.  He hears my heartbeat.  I love that.  It's way too early to feel his, but I hear his heart.  

This is way different to how things used to be before, when I couldn't even get near her tummy.  Now we're all tucked in tight and me touching her every night is the highlight of her day.  

As it is mine.


There always comes a day when I’ve been working with a horse when we’ve finally got it.  

Today was that day with Mares.

I walked in tonight and she was glowing.  Yes, she still has a bit of fur to grow back but she is literally pulsating with good health and Energy and looks beautiful.

Her hormones are on track, her fur and hooves are strong with deep colours, and she is shinning.  Not just with sunshine but radiating - she has grown from the inside out and she is in almost perfect nick.  I say almost because no one should ever use the phrase, 100%.

I could not be happier though because we have worked so hard for this.  It’s been challenging to come in as a Reader, talking about frequencies, hooju hands and Clairsenses, riding Energy and how super important smell is and how it keeps you safe.  How food talks - taking apart then putting back together, what herbs go where, when, and how much, and of course, my beautiful touch/play.  Not to mention yanking off her jacket that she has had since she was a little one herself, and making her go naked from the very first day she got inseminated.  Yes, to be fair, there have been days when the only peeps who got it were the horses.  And even they were a little skeptical.  

But I saw Mares today and I can be proud of what we have accomplished.  Mares could stand against any professional horse and/or horse trainer and she would hold her own, better than her own actually.

This has been a quite perfect day.

I’ll take a video tomorrow.


Guess who the young one is calling at the moment?


The vet.

And it goes like this…

I get up this morning, look out the kitchen window and who do I see happily munching out? 

Buzz and the girls.  Buzz had flipped the gate latch again.  New gate, new latch, new paddock, just in case you were thinking I was a bit slack.

Anyway, I call the young one and tell him to go catch his bull and to put him and the girls back in the paddock.  

And here’s where the fun starts.

Buzz does not wish to go.  At all.  In any way, shape or form.  It took the young one the best part of half an hour and he ended up standing on top of the concrete poo fence, waving the naughty stick round.  

Naturally I took a video.

Obviously the young one refused to let me put it up.  Something about house rules of respect, being kind, not making fun…

Anyway, the bull is being de-balled.




So, that's been our week:  Pretty damn awesome.  

Wishing you much love my friends, and of course, my humans.

Caps, me, Spirit, Az, Ralph, Chew, Suzie Q, Peanut, Buzz-the-Bloody-Bull, Fenny +1 and Flash +1 and of course, my darling Mares and baby Mares.


Mares and I are trying new stuff.  I've heard about a new, better way of something I'm using, so Mares and I are giving it a go.  So there I am tonight, talking to Mares as if I was explaining this to a human.  I'm explaining what it is and how it is supposed to work and I swear, hand on heart, she's nodding in agreement.  

We'll see how Mares is tomorrow.

And her itchiness has obviously moved, because she was trying to explain to me that her itch needs to be scratched differently, but couldn't quite get where through to me.  So there she was, moving down, moving up, a little squish side ways, then her frustration got the best of her and she started stomping her hoof a little and then gave up in disgust, and just kept slapping me with her tail everytime I got it wrong.

And last but not least, horses warn me.  I'm chatting away to one of my outside horses tonight by myself, and the next minute a human turns up.  I then watch this horse take a step back, change his Energy and say, You need to go now, Tania.  Step away, move along.  

It was both the oddest, yet eerily beautiful thing.

** I felt baby Mares today!  8th January, 2019.  He gave me a kick, well, actually it was like a little dance.  I'm so freaking happy!  It's like literally seeing magic move.  Anyway, bubs is about 5 inches in length and the vesticle (the bag bubs is living in) is the size of a basketball.

I know, I know by everything which is scientific and fact-ey, I shouldn't be able to feel him, but you, me, Mares and baby Mares, know I did.

And since we now have scientific conversations in this house the whole nature vs nurture concept keeps coming up.

Well, I can't do anything about baby Mares physicality ie: the genetics of baby Mares but I most certainly can on the nurture side of things and we, Mares, baby Mares and I are running with everything we have.  

And our relationship keeps getting deeper and stronger and more powerful because of this.

*** That bull is still happily living at home with his girls...

With his balls.