Horse Sense....



A super cool night down in Cambridge tonight.  Fabulously warm and just a really excellent vibe.  Although, to be fair, Spirit are working so hard with me at the moment that I found tonight a deeply peaceful time.  I also just listened as people spoke.  To their Energy not their words.  But Cambridge always does that for me.  Spirit like being there.  But you know, in having said that, there were lots of people who did want to speak to me tonight so when I did speak, I talked honestly.  And Spirit were around me so much, I kind of think they went, Just talk, we've got your back.  So, I did.  

If I could wish one thing though, it would be that I could take you by the hand and show you what I see.  The colours I taste, the emotions I touch and the language of Energy.  If I did, you would never wonder again why I didn't speak.

And Mares is being scanned tomorrow to see where abouts in her cycle she is, we're on our baby journey now.

I am so freaking excited. 

Mares not so much.  She's sulking a bit because now she is definitely not racing I've cut back her hard feed. This has encouraged her to buck, rear, kick and generally be a pain in the a**.

She says the same about me.

I'm still excited.


So, Mares had her first scan today.  She walked in with me ok however, Addy came and walked with me, so we couldn't get into any trouble.  The scan was great, Mares didn't look in any discomfort and her uterus is super happy.  She's also just started to go into season, so I'm off to the Airport Monday to pick up Goldies semen.  

I'm really happy.

But it worked out, Mares not so much.  She was fine to our lovely vet, Kara, sticking her whole arm in her a** and clearing out her poo and then sticking the scanner inside, but after the fact she was like, WTF just happened? and she who had been fairly well-behaved, started kicking anything she could.  But it was her going back to the paddock where she really decided to throw her sh*te round.

Addy had asked me whether I wanted to take her back and I was like, Ummmmm no, I don't think she's too happy... so they both walked halfway to paddock with me following and then Mares went, I'm really p*ssed with you, Tania, I DID NOT LIKE hand up a** and then was kicking and bucking and rearing and generally was very, very naughty.

She calmed down and went into paddock happy, but it did cross my mind that adding hormones to this intelligent little chicky babe might not have been my smartest idea.

This looks like it's going to be one crazy a** journey.


Mares made me take down the video of her with the vet.  In hindsight, I get that I was wrong.  We have a rule in this house that we never put up a photo or video that makes fun of, or makes anyone look less and even though I put the video up in good fatith, a vid of someones arm up your a** is not something that you want everyone to see.

My bad.



What a super cool day!  Mares is in her happy place again and we just hung out and talked today.  She seems good with everything.  Might be a different story come Monday though.  But anyway, I'm really pleased with the way things are going.

Actually, on a completely different note, I had a girlfriend talk to me the other day and she said, This year is a really destiny orientated year.  At the time I was like, Really? but now I'm thinking about it, I have to agree.  You know how this year has gone so far, the things that have worked and the things that have had a great big red, STOP sign on them.  But this baby making has literally fallen in our laps.  Just door after door after door has opened around it.  It's been like watching domino's fall.  I would make 1 phone call and 10 yes's would come back to me.  And as you know, I don't do much research, I only do my Spirit work around any new venture, so if you have a sense of humour, I would commit, then information would come to me.  I would be like, Hmmm... then I'd get another Yes, so would continue forward, then I would get more information and go, Ohhhh... then another Yes would come banging on my door and well, you get the gist.  

Now, I'm just trying to let go of all human limitations and boundaries, and just let Spirit guide this fabulous new journey.  

I also saw cutie pie today for a few minutes.  She didn't burn today, but she was already hot as she'd just come off the track, so instead we played with Energy by cooling down. It is what it is, and I am just grateful for what we can get.  

And talking about stepping outside of limitations, Suzie Q and I hung out today.  I'm still refusing to let her out unless she has a halter on and she is still insisting she doesn't want one.  So, we have a Mexican Stand-off.  But she looked so sad today that I just sat down a few metres away from her.  She made her way over but then I got to thinking, She likes banana's, I should go get her a banana and we can just hang out.  So, I did.  And she did.  I have found that she has two growths on her leg though which will need to be checked out, but don't seem to be causing her any harm or pain at this point.  But anyway, we spent the best part of an hour snuggling, snuzzling and generally touching and being touched.  It was a super cool time.

Ralph did cause a little chaos and mayhem after though, I brought him in on the lead to show Suzie it's all good but did not lock the gate behind me, because, well, it was Ralph.   Unfortunately, for me, Ralph pushed against gate, opened it and then him and Suzie Q went for a wander.

I ended up just setting out dinner and everyone came trotting back very freaking smartly.  

Good on me.

Good on us.

So, that's been our week:  Take what you need, leave the rest.

Wishing you much love my friends, and of course, my humans.

Caps, me, Spirit, Az, Ralph, Chew, Suzie Q, Buzz-the-Bl**dy-Bull (and proud bl**dy Father), Fenny (preggers 1) and Flash (preggers 2)


So I was all excited about moving forward with Suzie today, but after I fed out brekkie everyone wandered off to the furthest away paddock! This is my horsey's way of saying, Thank you, Tania but we wish to hang out and be horses today.  

That's cool.  We did good work yesterday and some days are just there to enjoy.

 ** Found out that the growths which I was freaking out about with Suzie were just those skin thingymajiggys that have grown out.  Big time out, but apparently this can happen.  The things you didn't realize you didn't know, eh?

*** And today was baby making day.  Went out to the airport this morning with Phillipa because directions were made with the best intent but, you know, in the end it was easier to take someone with me.  Just as well because we found it ok, but then they wouldn't give the semen to me because I wasn't the name on the box.  Or had Kara's phone number, whose name was on the box.  Lucky Phillipa was with me and we got it all sorted.  Home quick smart with semen with strict instructions not to play, look at, or generally touch it in any way, shape or form.  Jeez...

Got home and hung out with Mares.  I do have to say it's a bit embarrassing because I wouldn't bring her up by myself but to be fair, she is a bit scary when she rears up.  And then there we were, making babies.  She got drugs because Kara was like, Sometimes it can pinch a bit so if we give her drugs it makes her first time, a really good experience.  

I think I love Kara.  

Anyway, Mares was happy.  A little woozy afterwards so when I took her back to her paddock she was walking a little drunk.  I hung round with her a bit because this is now our connection time, how we treat her will make a huge difference to how she feels about this experience, and I want her to feel amazing about it.  Loved, wanted, safe and secure, warm and well fed.  Went back later to feed her and am back to two bucket feeds.  One is her normal bucket and the second one has Broodmix in it.  I know it's early, but I want this experience to be great for her.  And she loves Broodmix.  

In fact, she ate Brood first and was like, Num, num...

She has her hormone injections tomorrow and everyone's like, No, no you take her up... everyone's worried that she may be a bit p*ssed off, which I can understand, Mares p*ssed off is not fun.  

However, I believe we're on the right path and I think we're going to be ok.

As I am writing this though our conception date was today, 8th Otober, 2018 and in 11 months and 1 week our new baby will arrive. 

Or 11 months and 11 days.

Maybe 13 months.

No matter what, missy is preggers.

**** She had her injection like a little angel today...