Horse Sense....



So, D our new farrier rocked over today.  

I've actually known him a fair few years now, but you know, farriers are like hairdressers - you don't step out on the one you have, so you know, we were on talking terms but not hoof terms, if you get my gist.

But it was cool seeing him again.  And the horses loved it.  Caps was his normal chilled-out self, Az was super cool lifting up hoofs as and when required and since he was first finished, I let him off the lead and then he hung round checking out what D was doing and nipping Chew. Apparently, it was too good an opportunity to miss with him being tied to the fence waiting his turn.  But apart from that, Az just hung round poking his snout into what we were doing.  He's super cute.  And as each horse finished, they all hung round us.  That's always a really great way to tell you have an awesome farrier.  The horses hang round when they're finished.

Suzie Q did not have her hooves done but she hovered round checking D out, so it was a sort of good result.

And Mares is super happy.  Just mucking round finalizing the last of her herbs/oil etc but I'm really happy with how it's going and Mares seems to be happy.  In fact, we're down to brands she likes and those she doesn't.  That's really good.  

And we're waiting for foals to be born at the stables.

Life is good.


Good night at the races again tonight but an odd thing happened.  There we all were having a chat upstairs and someone that I had been introduced to ages ago to do business with, came over and started chatting.  All good, right?  Well, it would have been if he hadn't blanked me.  And not just a little bit.  He went out of his way to pretend that not only did he not see me but he had never, ever met me before in his entire life.  Which was weird considering that we had had a business meeting together, just the two of us, emails and had met on more than one occasion at the horses.  However, when I thought back on it, the last six (6) times I had seen him, he hadn't acknowledged me.  Which should have been a warning sign but when I'm with the horses and I see other people's horses not doing so well, I give them leeway.  I assume they're a little embarrassed.  

But you know, I won't be doing business with him, he's not the only rodeo in town, and in the 25 years that I've been in business, this has been a strong rule of mine, Never do business with someone who blanks you, to talk to other people who have more money or are more well known in the industry than you.  It's a great rule and shown itself to be true, time and time and time again and has never ever let me down.  And seriously, a quick Hi!, smile or hand wave would have sufficed.  Anyway, he chose not to.  And the funny thing is the guys he was schmoozing up to, from the very first time they met me, have always, no matter where, when or how they've met me have always acknowledged me.  They are secure, confident horse men who are at peace with who they are.  

But this is the second, possibly third conversation in the same realm of this, that I've have this week.  The first one included the phrase, Nothing bad ever happens to you of which case I laughed, because that's just ridiculous, and the second time was a dig at me living by myself on a lifestyle property, knowing nothing about lifestyles or horses and how I never seem to work.  

Honestly, I've been an unwilling participant in some very stupid conversations this week.

Anyway, I'm letting one insignificant guy take up too much room here, so let me talk about other cool guys I know, the ones who I'm getting to know who do say Hi! give a little wave of acknowledgement or chat away to me.  They're full of passion and fun and have a great sense of humour.  They are quick paced and gentle, full of laughter and fun and super great with the horses. 

They're awesome peeps.


My outside horse is doing great.  It's a bit weird now because we're travelling with the healing and I'm consistently changing stuff.  But Energy is not stagnant and especially Healing Energy.  It moves quickly and rapidly and can change in a heartbeat so you have to change with it.  And when you are riding Energy you feel it change before you see it, so you're changing too.  It's not so challenging for me, but it can be for other people.  I'm lucky these owners know my work though and are going with the changes, because from the outside looking in there's no reason to change, he is healing.  But they are open when I speak about you don't walk behind the healing, you're riding the Energy, running with the healing.  He's one lucky horse to have owners who are committed to him and his well being though.  

And doing this has actually strengthened how I work.  I've been caught before with surface success because I didn't know how to verbalize how I work.  However, I have re-committed to my philosophy of working with a horse until we have the original sin fixed, which means I rock up to your place every two or three days until he or she is fixed.  I am not the girl you pay for one 30 minute or hour Consult and then don't see until the next problem arises.  I'm there 10-15 minutes then I'm gone.  But I also get results so you know, it's just a different way of working.  And to be fair, I've always been extremely specialized.  


Caps bit me today!  By mistake, but even so...and yes, before you ask Az was involved.  And food.

So, I had someone over, and during our conversation we stopped and went and hung out with the horses.  My friend was very upset and Caps loves upset people.  He was like, Come here and see your Caps... head down, snuzzling her and generally doing his thing while she fed him banana.  In the paddock.  And Az was like, I'm here!  Me too! And squished himself in, but wait, we also had Ralph and Chew inbetween as well.  

Yes, yes, I know, in hindsight this was not perfect.

And then, while my friend was being loved up, she passed me a banana, Caps saw the banana being passed by him, Az saw the banana coming to him (it wasn't) and Caps took a fairly large banana, and got me.  

Everyone got growled at, Caps was like, Sorry and immediately went back to snuzzling his person, everyone else sulked. 

Yes, a bite was naughty and shouldn't have happened but I also saw the grief and how it was dealt with between Caps and my human.  It was deep and raw and intense and both Caps and my human were better because of this experience.  

I will have to learn how to work smarter, harder and get better boundaries, without losing the awesome.  


And Suzie Q is talking.

Not just to me but literally talking.  She stands there and she does this weird a** noise.  Like a dolphin.  She's done it 6 maybe 8 times in the last day or so.  

Guess we're on the borderline of a break through somewhere.

So, that's been our week:  It's been really great in some respects while I got hit from left field in a couple of others, so you know, it was a mixed bag.  However, the ground work I did this week will have long term consequences.  Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on which way you look at it, it will take a few more months before I can say whether this has been a highly successful time.

Take what you need, leave the rest.

Wishing you much love my friends and of course, my humans.

Caps, me, Spirit, Ralph, Chew, Suzie Q, Buzz-the-Bl**dy-Bull, Fenny and Flash.


Weather's been crap so I've changed things round a bit, and apart from Mares having a dose of worming paste she didn't come up today.  However, I did drive my first tractor today, I liked it fine on the flat, not so much going down hills.  

And I used my Healing Stones today.  The stones are really hot when they come out of the oven, so there I was fluffing round making sure that the stones didn't fall out of the towel and got asked, Why don't you have a pouch type thing for them?

Because it's the first time I've ever used them on the horses...