Horse Sense....



Ok, so your favorite Psychic just went a** over t*t and smacked her head on the concrete.  

Not my finest hour.

And it wasn't my fault.  Well, ok, maybe it wasn't not not my fault.

Let me tell you what happened...

So, I was in a rush to feed out this arvo.  Phones were busy, the young one was texting random stuff, the weather was about to turn, Suzie Q was playing hard to get and I was expected out and about and still needed to stop off at the shops.  So, I was busy.   However, before I go any further I do need to say here that I let Caps eat out of the top bowl as I walk in, and that's all good and fine, he's my Number 1 horse.  But today Az was like, I would like to do that, too.  Which obviously in hindsight was not a good idea.

So, Caps is walking on one side having a snack, Az walked on the other and tried to eat out of bowl, too which Caps took offence to.  Caps stepped forward, Az moved his a** and moi ended up on hers, tripping over bowls, did this weird a** sideways flip thingy and ended up flat on my back, banging my head on the concrete on the way down.  

Then all the horses were standing around looking down going, What are you doing down there?  I got up and then was waving my hands and generally throwing my sh*te round everywhere.  Re-defining my boundaries and throwing my toys out of the cot.  Caps was like, Why are you growling at me, I didn't do anything!  Az was a little subdued and the mini's were all very, very quiet.  I picked up the bowls that nobody had touched, walked out of the paddock with full bowls, still growling, still throwing my toys out and somehow also waving my hands round so everyone knew moi wasn't happy.

I stomped off.

Left food buckets in another paddock and everyone as I am writing this, is very, very subdued.

So, they bl**dy should be.  

On a positive note though, nothing got hurt apart from my ego, which is a little bruised and slightly dented right now.  But I know better than this.  I know that Spirit stand with me and when things like this happen it is not to hurt me, but rather to make me stop, smell and touch.  To celebrate everything we are doing right but also to remind me not to take shortcuts.  To not rush our process.  To make sure that every brick we lay is strong and to understand and value, that we have time to do things right.  

Not most of the time, but all of it.  

And to take it slow.  When things like today happen, Spirit are telling me to slow down.  Poco Poco - little by little and Manana - time has no meaning.

So, I did.  I changed plans, spent time catching up with an old soul friend and my little young friend and we hung out, talked about stuff - some important stuff, some not so much and shared our soul sista stuff.  There was lots of laughter and lots of love. Then I came home, wrote this blog and went off and had a lavender oil and epsom salt bath.  

Ooohhh...and last but not least, on a rather proud note: 4 out of 8 foals came when called by name, today.


I've woken up sore.  I might have hurt my shoulder.


It has been mammoth here.  Horses, Spirit, love and laughter.  Spirit have literally stopped me from working and instead have made me have fun.  I tried explaining that horses are fun and aren't work but Spirit still made me take a break and play with humans.  So, that's what I did, I hung out with humans and stepped away from my outside horses.  For 36 hours, and as I explained to Spirit that is enough and I'm back tomorrow.  I need them as much as they need me.  Maybe more.

But it's been good.

And to be fair, working with the Clair-senses is hard.  No matter that the frequency is there for me and I love doing this, nothing can be consistently on.  Every single thing in the Universe needs to be recharged and this includes me.  No matter what I say.  Anyway, enough of that, I'm off for a snooze.  Hopefully, a 10 hour one.


I was back with the horses today.  Missy's sulking, mad and if it is possible for a horse to be pi**ed off, she was.  I was standing there watching her eat and she was even eating mad.  I'm not happy about this so am heading off to my Spiritual pools to check in with Spirit and rebalance my shoulder.  Foals wanted to play but I never play with horses when I'm not 100% on track so it was a brief touch.  

I obviously need to up my game with Missy though and I have a feeling I know why she's all upset.  I didn't stay with her all the time like I normally do when she was at trials, as another horse was upset, and then through circumstances beyond my control, did not see her yesterday.  And did not tell her that might happen.  And the one thing she desperately wants, I can't give her as I'm writing this.  And the foals.  I'm spending a lot of time with the foals.  First.

Actually, now I'm writing this, it makes perfect sense that she's a bit muppety.  

But if what I'm writing about is true, then it means that horses not only have feelings of love but can also have feelings of insecurity and jealousy.  They can literally have emotional relationships like you and I.  And taking that thought process a little further, it means what her and I have talked about, and me not being able to provide, has an actual basis.

However, the Spiritual pools were particularly brilliant today, and if you have a sense of humour, there was literally only myself and another person there.  Even Spirit knew I needed time alone.  It was a deeply soul connected experience though.

So, that's been our week, take what you need, leave the rest, walk away from human limitations.

May you walk in peace with Spirit

Caps, me, Spirit, Az, Ralph, Chew, Suzie Q, Buzz-The-Bl**dy-Bull, Fenny, Flash and one actually seen with my own eyes dead mouse.


When I feed out in the Welcome Paddock now, I take my little yellow stick type thing and make everyone stand back while I put food down, then count to 10 while everyone stands there waiting for me to say it's ok to eat.

** And everyone at the stables realized the other day that I didn't know how to pick out hooves.  Hoof picking 101.  And if you have a sense of humour the most common phrase with me at the stables is, Stop! Come here! Take ___ back to his/her paddock which is kind of funny but nice at the same time.  They've decided that I will become an excellent horsewoman.  

And last but not least, I'm mucking out at the stables a lot.  I'm a comfortable size 10 now and I've decided to try for one more size down.  It's not guaranteed that I can drop it considering I like my food, and always have a crunchie bar (or two) around me somewhere but it is possible, so I thought I'd up my exercise a bit and see what happens.  My stable peeps are super happy with this.