Horse Sense....



Man, this Energy is loud.

And when I talk about Energy being loud, it means that I am listening to what humans are telling me verbally but it is their Energy which is screaming at me.  Which, if you're a bit dense this morning, is most definitely not saying the same thing.  

This is hard for me because you know that I only listen to Energy so I've found myself being quiet a lot.  Like, a lot.  Because I'm not your fair weather, polite conversation girl.  I'm your soul goth girl.  The one who only wants the soul words that you speak.  

Don't give me that look, I've always been this way and I'm too old to change now.  So, anyway, I've kind of been hanging out with the horses and avoiding people.  I'll just wait until it's too hard for you to keep talking your untruth.  


But anyway, all jokes aside, the horses are cool.  My big question at the moment is how are we able to communicate?  I hear the horses, they hear me.  But I can also hear when a horse calls me.  So, I'm thinking that this frequency works differently, as distance doesn't seem to make as big a difference as to what I originally thought.  I can definitely hear horses 30 minutes away from me and further if they are one of my own.  But I can't hear one in the South Island, but also my horses are not nor have any been in the South Island or Australia.  Yet.

But they don't nicker when they talk with me.  It's literally silent, as if words are just plucked from the air.  I'm just going to shelve the how part for the time being but it's good to put it to paper.  To see the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle, even though they don't fit at the moment, it's good to start seeing the pieces that we have to start with.

You know, I love this part.  The nothingness, where anything is possible and you have the fragile gossamer wings that, if handled gently, bring not just the promise but the reality, of creating magic.


How cool was this morning!  Az and I got it together.  It's messy and clumsy and totally not how I want it to look long-term but you know, we got the magic.

And then I went up and saw colty boy.  He's so cute.  I don't understand how we actually communicate though, so I found myself ticking off things as we were together.  When you do this, I know this is what you are saying to me.  This is where you hurt because it's hot...or looks wonky...or just fits into my hand in the right way or I know you are happy because your eyes are all're doing this weird purring fit into my hand in the right way.  

All of this is super cool but nothing explains the calling I hear of the horses.

And there's another little one, who's only just gone 3 months who's in with colty boy, and I have fallen head over hoof with him.  It happened because not only is he cute but he comes and fits himself into my hand.  Seriously, sometimes I think my hands were made for holding horses.  And there they both were this morning, the little one all fitted in and colty boy all snuggled in the other side.  Sometimes I think I'm the luckiest girl in the world.

Also, I realized that raising my (potential) Gypsy Vanner foal this way will not work - it's too far for me to travel on a daily basis and I always see the foals a minimum of 4 to 6 days a week. 

And before you ask, no, I do not regret Sequoia.  No matter what, Sequoia deserved better from me than being put to stud, just because she would make beautiful foals.


And I've just been ok'd to start with another 8 foals.  All of differing ages - 3 weaned (2 colts and a filly) in one paddock, 3 foals (sex unknown to me) in with 1 Mama looking after them in another and 2 foals almost weaned in a third paddock.

And I started today.  It's kind of weird because every horse is different but I'm tingling because I know what's coming.  I know how cool the journey is going to be: the fragile-ness of it and the touching and quietening of the Energy, down so far you can taste the Stillness.  

I'm so excited.  We've started the dance.

But on a similiar but different topic, this is why I hate dating.  When you work with magic like I do with the horses, then your personal relationships have to be of the same quality - to have substance and depth and a little bit of magic.  Anything less is well, Meh.  


They were waiting for me at the gate, hanging round pretending they weren't.  And they came to me.  Well, 3 of them did.  Two touched me and hung out, 1 did not but is open, maybe, to touching, in the future.  Mama and her 3 next door wanted to, but Mama wasn't having any of it unless she had checked me out first.  She's open to me, and her little ones are open but she rules the roost and I haven't passed muster as I'm writing this.  Haven't seen the other foals yet.


Mama took me by surprise as she loved being groomed today, which I was happy about considering I don't know her.  However, she's seen me round and apparently her want over rode her suspicion, of moi.   My first foal came up and was participating, but not talking, little missy is almost ready to participate but not.  She's clever and highly intune so I'm interested in how she talks.  My other colt, not particpating but he is watching.  Mama's other 3 foals, one is curious, the other two not and the other two are being weaned.  No one is talking as I'm writing this but this is not uncommon.  We have heaps of stuff to do with the horse/human door, the talking will come.  My Missy is happy but also tells me that she is number 1 and I am not to go catting around with the foals.

As if.

All jokes aside though, life's good.  I don't know where this is going with the horses however, I am making sure that I am not putting any limitations on it.  We have what we have, and I'm just going to keep playing with the magic and see what happens.

So, that's been our, luck, magic, miracles and hoof beats.

Caps, me, Spirit, Az, Ralph, Chew, Suzie Q, Buzz-the-Bl**dy-Bull, Fenny and Flash and I'm pretty sure 10,238,42 mice.


* No one talked to me today.  Mama put her hoof down and there was an invisible line drawn around me, which Mama would not allow any little one to transcend.  Impressive work.  So, there was dead air.  No words floated past that I could pluck from the air, none dropped onto my tongue and dissolved like fairy floss, not one vowel fell and clipped me on the side of the head.  Nothing.  And the funny thing is, Mama wouldn't even talk to me to say she wasn't going to talk, she just shut everything down.  

It's all good though, we've started our dance.