Horse Sense....



I got a huge surprise today with the little one.

So, first off, yesterday he was still sulking.  Mama and I just had a chat, hung out, I did not touch the little one or even look as if I was going to.  It was just Mama and me and then I left.  

Today I walked in and the little one was having a snooze in the sun.  I went and spoke to Mama and the little one still slept.  Mama and I just stood there two metres away shooting the breeze.  We stayed like that for ages and then eventually I called the little one's name, he got up and came over.  Had a scratch, had a snuggle. 

I was super happy.

At times when he was snuggling I got in the wrong position.  Which is weird.  There was nothing wrong as such but all of a sudden I knew I was standing wrong.  I was in the wrong position.  Sloooooowwwlllllyyyy I changed my position until it felt right.  

It was a really beautiful start to my day.

And Missy is in fine form at the moment.  Although, for the first time I heard the horses Energy when one was going to leave.  It was big and large and sad.  I've seen this kind of Energy before when a horse has passed and the other horses are calling but this was different.  

It was eerie and other worldly.  


And I'm finally getting my paddocks back.  With no rain and one tank and me still hand filling, we've only been using one trough.  I didn't have enough water to run all 7 troughs so my paddocks got out of the pattern of cow/horse and got lots of tuffs of grass all round the place.  Now with all the rain we're having I have been able to use two troughs and I am tentatively thinking of 3.  Although, apparently we have a big storm coming so I now have to be creative in paddocks so no one ends up standing in water to their tummy.  

Without sounding too confident, I know a whole heap more about paddocks, horses and cows than I did 18 months ago.  

Better, not perfect.


Ok, so it works out that I'm the one being taught.  The little one and Mama are teaching me how to stand.  So, there I am with them in the paddock learning to stand.  Often we are in lines, other times we are back to back, sometimes a triangle and it's gorgeous.  I never go in with a plan of how I'm going to work and this is the reason why, you ride the Energy.  

Lots of touching and cuddling and nuzzling happened and then there I was singing to the horses.  It just kind of popped out.  

Today was super cool but had a weirdly mythical Energy around it.  In fact, there's been a lot of Spirit round the last few days.  

The little ones at home are not happy but they are just carrying too much weight so have to be separated from Caps and Az until they have dropped weight.  No one is particularly happy about this new arrangement and Chew is giving me the evils everytime I pass his paddock.


Well, well, well eh?

Was at Alex tonight and it most certainly did not go as planned.  I had hoped to catch up with one of my horsey friends (literaly 4 legs, a tail and a nose kind) tonight.  I hadn't seen him in ages and we used to have a brilliant relationship.  I wanted to catch up and say, Hi! tell him what had been going on and hear his stuff.  That didn't happen.  I saw him walking with his person, went up to and spoke to his person and asked (see, I do periodically do the right thing) if I could go chat to him after.  Chat not touch.  

Probably not, he said, as he kept walking past.

Which was a bit of a p*ss off because I love catching up and hearing all the goss.  But C doesn't like D and I hang out with D so, well, you get the gist.  So, there I stood where my friend could see me.  He knows me and knows that I would never blank him but I was heartsore that we couldn't talk.  On a positive note, you know I got the best end result, I could never not have touched him.  

However, my friend is in perfect nick.  He looks beautiful, his coat is shiny, he stands tall, strong and handsome and that, ultimately, is all that matters.  I also have to say here, that I never "officially" talked with him.  We were only ever just friends.

On other tidbits, some people who knew me spoke to me, others who did, didn't, some new people did and one in particular that I had hoped to get a connection going with. I was super happy about that.  But you know what, it never fails to amaze me about timing and the difference between taking the left road or taking the right.  And that's what happened tonight.  I said to Spirit what was planned and they were like, Oh no, Miss Tania Anne Kettle that is just not going to happen.  We don't like that plan and Boom! the right things collided.  

But it's really interesting, I talk about who speaks to me and who doesn't and I'm happy when new people do, but I'm being a bit naughty here and letting you think different to the way things work in my world.  I've been doing my business for nearly 25 years now and some of my clients I have known over 20 years and still I would never voluntarily go up to them and say, Hi! if I saw them out.  Because no one in the known Universe knows they speak to me, apart from them.  And me.  And that's cool.  

However, when I got involved with the horses I made a promise that I would never lie about who I am, and the work I do with the horses.  Pretty much everyone knows what I do now, or at least has some sort of, I don't know exactly what she does but it's some sort of witchy type/talk to horses kind of thing that she's got going on. 

But back to my original point, this is why I never make the first move to say, Hi! and start a conversation with anyone.  

I'm not asking for your permission nor am I seeking your approval for how I am or what I do and the easiest way to find out who is ok with me and who is not, is making sure that the first point of contact always comes from the other person.  

It's a waiting game though, I can't force, push, pull or manipulate it and I just have to wait to see where someone stands.  On what side of the fence they put their hoof, so to speak. 

But on a separate but similiar topic, this is what I mean when I say it's hard to open the horse/human door because you can't have ego.  When I'm with the horses it's only me and one horse or me, a young stable hand and the horses.  The human and I don't talk before I've spoken with the horses and I never know what is wrong with any horse before I see it.  

The horse and I just start walking, go into the Stillness and start talking.  

I totally get why people think that the horse/human door doesn't exist though.


And to clarify things again, because either myself or my stable peeps keep getting asked, exactly what do I do...I am a Professional Clairvoyant who works with horses opening the horse/human door.  This is often termed "Horse Whisperer" but in reality is just us chatting away - the horses telling me what's wrong and me passing this onto you, the human.  

I also do not nor have I ever, worked for anyone per se but I do see other outside stable horses (ones that are not Caps, Az, Ralph, Chew, Suzie Q) on a daily and weekly basis and these are the ones I talk with you about.  

What I do with my personal stable that I am affliated with (apart from being a teensy/tiny part owner in one race horse) is this...muck out and do waters if I'm round, sweep out (again if I'm round) feed out (which I love doing because I get to have a chitchat with the horses) and generally have a catch up with both my humans and horses just generally shooting the breeze, like catching up with friends for coffee but it's feed and horses. Or coffee (peach and pineapple tea) and a snack. 

Every day.

If I am out with my stables then...I pick up sh*te, wipe the horses down, generally hang out and have a chit chat and pat, stroke or cuddle the horses depending on their wants, needs or desires.  Other than that you will find me having a drink or eating with my humans. 

I hope this has helped clear things up for you.

Wishing you much love my friends, and of course, my humans.  

Caps, me, Spirit, Az, Ralph, Chew, Suzie Q, Buzz-the-bl**dy bull, Fenny and Flash


Oh...almost forgot, little one started learning to back today.  He kept wanting to do it, so we started learning how to do it the horse/human way.  Go us!

** Chew's trolling the papers trying to find a new home with 2x regular and large, feeds a day.