Horse Sense....



I started work with the foal today.  

It was windy and looked like rain but once I know I can start with a horse I always want to start immediately.  My hands tingle and I can't sit still until I start.  LIke a humming vibration.  And then Boom! we've started and I'm ok.  

It's really interesting though that people tend to think I do things like teach when I open the horse/human door but that could not be further from the truth.  I teach nothing.  I open the door which allows free flow communication between the horse and the human and once I've opened the door the horse freely and willingly learns.  It's a beautiful process.  But it's also more than that.  Your horse doesn't get sick very much because he or she tells you before the sickness takes hold and they then communicate with you as to what is working for them and what is not.  Which is super cool.  Also, it makes training really easy because you have a willing partner.  I mean, don't get me wrong, you still have to do the hard yards.  I can't make a horse a winner, this isn't like waving a magic stick and Boom! you're a horse rock star but your horse will do the very best it is able to do so it makes being together so much more fun and the deep connection just blows your mind. 

And success always follows.

I love how fragile it is though when you start the process and how gentle you have to be to ride the Energy.  Today we started off with a cuddle and a love nip - one is perfect and one not so much.  Boundaries are really important in this process and nips, no matter how much love is involved are a no no.  So, I clapped, scared him half to death, he bolted to other end of huge paddock with Mum and the next 10 minutes was spent him showing me his bucks and kicks and rears and then coming back for a cuddle.  

There's nothing like this magic.

I'm also very happy with Missy.  She made choices today, showed her personality (which I'm not sure everyone liked so much) but also made other choices which did not involve bolting or going batsh*te crazy.  I'm really pleased.  I knew she was intelligent and today has shown that not only is she but that she also processes and is aware.  

It's been a good day.


Guess who didn't check the weather today?

Correct.  So, moi ended up talking to the foal in the pelting rain.  Without a raincoat.  

Well, it goes like this...I hear the horses and the horses hear me but I don't know how I hear the horses and I have not the foggiest clue as to how the horses hear me.  It defies all logic, so when I said yesterday, I'll see you tomorrow... then come hell or highwater I was seeing them today. I did try and wear a raincoat but that didn't work very well.  They were like, Whatcha doing? Why you hiding from us?  So, I dumped the coat and spent 10 minutes checking in so I am, at this exact moment, soaked to the bone.  

However, trials were good.  The horses are so sweet, we breathed today and hung out.  The little one was like, Can I have a jacket now, it's a bit chilly... but being with them, touching, breathing and talking with them is awesome.  I'm always learning, fine tuning and polishing and the more they see that I'm open to their well-being the more they are teaching me about their intricate and complex ways.  It's super cool.  

And I will be, within a few minutes of finishing writing this, popping myself in a very hot, very bubbly, epsomed salted, great smelling, bubble bath and putting on the stones.

It was not a huge success day but rather a tiny teacup achievement day.


So, Mama Bear got what I was doing today with her foal.

And she wasn't unhappy as such but she wasn't ecstatic if you know what I mean.  So, today was spent hanging out, making sure Mama knew I was ok, and building foundations.  I can understand Mama (because the little one is not weaned, Spirit and I are working in the paddock with both of them) because keeping the door open leads to knowing.  And Mama is old and wise enough to understand that all humans are not created equal.  So, I got where she was coming from.  But horses hearts are huge.  Their ability to want to participate, communicate and be part of over rides everything else and that's what worked in my favour today, we all wanted.  It was a really great foundation day.  Little cutie wanted to play, Mama was open to the possibility and I learnt new stuff about how to work with both Mama and foal in paddock.  How important every little hand movement, way of standing, breath I take, changes the Energy.  

I'm taking a break tomorrow though and told them that.  Mama needs time to process, little cutie needs time to understand that he wants to be with me and I have to consciously learn how to have patience.  We are getting brilliant results but our basic foundation is Poco Poco - little by little and Manana - time has no meaning.


And I ended up at Karaka today.

I know!  But I didn't go to the other 4 days, so, you know...anyway, Spirit cleared an hour for me inbetween appointments and I caught up with my little buddy, Connor.  It was brillant.  

But I was right.  I can't do everything.

So, that's been our week.  

Super f*cking cool.

May you walk in peace with Spirit.

Much love my friends, and of course, my humans.

Caps, me, Spirit, Az, Ralph, Chew, Suzie Q, Buzz, Fenny and Flash.


Be careful of Stevia, which is used in place of sugar.  I've tried it the last few days in that fizzy water stuff and I swear, hand on heart, that it is not any better than sugar.  In fact, I think it's worse.  I've put on weight just in the few days that I've used it.  It's not much and should be pretty easy to get off but it's not a miracle sugar like they are tooting it is. 

** My food's working really well.  I know within a couple of minutes whether I've made a boo boo but being smart with my food makes it sooooooooo easy to hear the horses because the frequency is so clear.  I know!  Don't worry about the calories, it's all about the frequency. 

***  Bloody Missy's got the right hump with me.  Yes, she's in season and winking all round the place but she's explaining that I am not doing what I used to do and she's unhappy.  She's right, I haven't.  And she's also right, she has shown to me that she has made some extremely positive changes.  I will make the changes tomorrow.

**** There's other outside horses I've taken on now though and it's cool.  It's always challenging when I first start because most people aren't like you.  You're my person and you understand me and my ways so you know, we're all good.  I feel safe and secure with you.  With new people it's always about finding our way.  Getting over the speed wobble of, Does she really know what she's doing or is she just odd?  So, it's challenging but I never lose sight that it's all about the horses.  And the horses are fine with me.  Better than fine.

I'm just crossing my fingers, holding my tongue a certain way and hoping like f*k that the humans catch up.

***** Oh wait...finally your little chicky babe got up her courage and did a double sulky!  I know!  How freaking cool.  I got asked years ago to do a double sulky but at the time I couldn't.  It was a damned if I did and damned if I didn't scenario.  My hands were tied and I had to say no.  I love that I have a life where I can say Yes whenever I want now. Vid and a couple of photo's up on Insta.  Super proud of myself.